10 Top Best Social Media Trends in 2018

Everyone is on Any Social Media. People love to share, chat and meet with their friends on Social Media. We are a witness of the Continuous Changes in Services of the Different Social Media. Businesses are well aware that this is the best, Competitive and dynamic Medium to meet and Connect with their Potential Customers.Facebook and Twitter added a hundred million users in a quarter? What else is new? Another digital and social media innovation has been on track and we will see the big changes soon. The technology behind it has been slowly improving.The next big thing in social media is small but Meaningful.

Apart, from all Trends, Mobile was a huge buzzword a few years ago, but recently it seems like many marketers have forgotten that we’re still in the midst of a massive transition away from desktop devices.The Mobile revolution has made a dramatic change that everyone can be live .Social media is getting smaller, more organized and less algorithmic, more people-focused and less startup-focused.

However, so many Changes are on the way. Here is the Trends in Social media.

  1. Videos the Preferred Vehicle. Videos are more engaging and interesting.More and more sharing is going toward video, as phones take better videos and people get better at shooting them.
  2. Augmented Reality: Facebook already announced a new suite of augmented reality tools for Messenger. It’s so much creative and engaging and The idea is to make Facebook Messenger as playful and multifaceted as possible, so it can stay competitive with Snapchat.
  3. Chatbot: In the Digital Era, Every Business wants to sell their Product 24x 7 and engage and answer their Customers Query at instanly.Chat-bots are basically automated messaging/engagement tools. You can find them on some websites where predefine bot solves the Query of their Clients.
  4. Smart Phone Usage: The Mobile becomes an Easy-medium to surf the Internet.Social media networks have gained quite a lot of attention from the Mobile users and Mobile ready contents have been able to give thousands of businesses an opportunity to get the potential inquiry for their business without spending any marketing budget.


Here is the Top Social Media Trends in 2018

top social media trends

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