11 Bad Leadership Habits should be Eliminate

Psychology 11 Bad Leadership Habits should be Eliminate

11 Bad Leadership Habits should be Eliminate

bad leadership habits infographic


11 Bad Leadership habits should be Eliminate 

Always do your best and you will have no regrets. Success doesn’t come to those who sit and wait, it is necessary to work towards your vision.

There are many effective and proven leadership styles which give Manager a success lift on every Move.Its gives satisfaction in terms of employee Managing. on every activity. I think every Manager should remove the Manager Word from his Title.It indirectly benefits to the Manager to come closure of all Factory employee. Consider you are also the one of your team, Everyone is a leader of their own work.This Teamwork thinking helps to step up to be an effective leader in every business.

Smart Thinking, which examines the gap between innate intelligence and acquired mental skills.The leader should be aware and update their thinking to smart.Have to learn on how to acquire high-quality knowledge, and how to use that knowledge when it’s needed.

As per Stephen Covey , He used to say Forget “someday.” This Someday does not have a place on the calendar and never arrives. It simply doesn’t exist.Leadership and Productivity are very closely linked. Productivity is synonymous with getting things done on certain time bound. and these two elements are essential for effective Leadership.If you seek to recognize the differences, no one will be difficult. They will just be different. And that’s certainly acceptable.

The leader is who understand their subordinates very well before taking any decision.I Think this is the first habit should be implemented by every leader or manager.You will also find that if you listen well it can make you more productive by eliminating duplication of work or misunderstandings that can lead to unessential work being completed.

Let’s understand some important ideas on the following Infographic.

  • Micro Managing- Understand “How much

The manager should be efficient in every work possible. The manager should realize the exact situation of decision making for better management.The manager should well understand and implement the Word “How much ” in the way of Help to the employee, Decision independence, relationship etc.There are some kinds of level should be maintained to make every employee motivated and more satisfied.Give take a chance to take an independent decision on their own work up to some extent. Discipline and respect are core things to make your employee more happy and productive.

  • Listen to your staff

Never underestimate the suggestions given by your staff.I can say its best way to realize the employee that they are one of the members of our organization .The leader should be autocratic in terms of the important decision.If all the employee takes the independent decision then the synergy will be diverted into the poor decisions.It can be a severe impact on the performance of the Overall company. Proper and enough communication with their employee lead toward the success of your organization.

  • Be Flexible, Use Seagull management 

Leaders can also be too consistent, in terms of their decision management style. Too consistent tends the inflexibility in productivity of an employee.Its overall decrease the satisfaction and self-growing feeling to every employee.Managers who only appear when there is a problem whch is diffuclt and not managed by the staff.Exact in this situation , Manager enter nad help them to resolve this thing at earliest.


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