Which are content which are highly retweeting and consumer love to share such Content?

Twitter is a free social networking micro-blogging service that allows registered members to broadcast short posts called tweets.Now a days Tweets got huge popularily and highly used by top celebrities.Tweet may include hyperlinks, are limited to 140 characters, due to the constraints of Twitter’s Short Message Service. Retweet is also the best way to get engage with users in twitter.Twitter is much more effective when integrated with your other marketing activities.Twitter is the perfect platform for real time marketing.

The use of social media channels like Twitter to promote products and services has become a necessity because of the mass popularity.Twitter had more than 232 million active monthly users, 53 million of which were in the United States. That makes Twitter a potentially powerful marketing tool.

Due to such level of expands of this social Media,Marketing and business leaders who have used Twitter to market their brands, products and services we have collected this types of contents that are highly retweeted to successfully market your business .

Many people don’t know about favoriting tweets, but it can get someone’s attention more than a retweet or a mention.Hashtags can make a big difference to whether your Tweet is discovered by people outside your community or not. But if it’s not a topic that’s trending, it can be tough to know precisely which hashtags to include in your Tweet.

Here is the Types of contents which are retweeting mostly in the Twitter:


Infographics is image which contains the information regarding particular subject .Its easy to read and  digest.Any information or data that you want to share can be turned into an infographic that can be read with ease and people interest it well.

2.Quote on Image

It is believed that a person is three times more likely to engage with a tweet that uses visual media with Positive approach. Most people will engage with a picture first then read the content so we can say its grab the attention of Peoples.Quote images are very shareable and can be connected to your business.


Twitter polls to get more quantitative data about the customer like and dislikes. This can give you valuable explicit feedback if you’re trying to find a better product market fit.You can directly connect with the customers and get their like and dislike instantly.


This is a fresh trend and its gets huge attention of the peoples.Its easy to tweet and consume the less size.so we can say its move rapidly from the one hand to another like Hot chocolate.It can be used to create good quality content tweets that will help you engage users on Twitter.

Check this Infographics which have many takeaways which will definitely help you to be master in content marketing in Twitter.

types of content that mostly retweeted

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