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12 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Small Business

Today we live in the internet era. Though countries have boundaries, markets have no boundaries. Whether you have a small business or a large one, your product might be traded throughout the world. Therefore small business has to struggle more due to a small amount of budgets. But digital marketing tools are blessings for small businesses. Almost all the digital marketing tools are free to use or there are lots of marketing tools that are free and that can be used by small business.


To stay in the market small business ought to use digital marketing tools. Small business now makes plans to visible to the virtual place where customer and consumer can easily find their products or inspire to buy the products. It is now becoming the key success factor for business to be visible everywhere and compete within the global market. The importance of using digital marketing tools is countless. The more a small business use digital marketing tools the more it ensures its existence in the markets.


There are several ways digital marketing helps small business to stay in the global market. Such ways are discussed below:


Equal opportunities: Small business gets the equal opportunity to reach to the customer by using digital marketing tools. Now a small business can compete with the industry leader. They can tell or describe their products to the customer throughout the world without using a call center or branch.

Affordable: Small business has always thought about the budget they can spend to do business. Therefore they cannot hire the top model or make any commercial that can be forecasted in the television show. Now most of the people using social media and small business can spend less amount of money or sometimes its free to use digital marketing tools.

Real time results: By using digital marketing tools a small business can easily see their customers’ transaction process or new customers’ arrival or customers’ reaction to their site. Therefore digital marketing tools give the real time results.

Direct Interaction: Small business gets the facility to directly communicate with the customer through using various digital devices. This also leads to produce a customized product for the customer that will help the small business customer retention.


Besides these outputs, digital marketing tools help to grow the small business to the big one. In this regard, small business has lots of options to make a choice for using digital marketing strategy or they can use several tools at a time. Though there is no free meal in the world, free digital marketing tools primarily help small business to explore and to adapt the modern marketing strategy to cope with the world business.


Now we are telling some of the digital marketing tools for the convenient of small business entrepreneurs.


› Facebook: Definitely it is hard to find anyone without Facebook in today’s world. A small business entrepreneur can create a profile for their products or services and can disclose all the details of getting the products or services. In these tools, the customer can directly communicate with the entrepreneur as well. By using Facebook, one can actually reach to a vast number of customers and can inspire or motivate the new customer to buy their products or digital marketing tools


› Linkedln:
It is like facebook but with more professional personality. By using LinkedIn profile small business can sell their products by giving details, pictures and can share updates of their business to the social digital marketing tools


› Google My Business:
These tools help business by increasing their visibility in Google search or Maps. By using it a small business can place themselves on the front page of Google Search digital marketing tools



› Twitter: It is also a major marketing tool to interact with the customers, pioneers or business trends. By using Twitter account entrepreneur can directly describe their products and increase their network and sell the products/ digital marketing tools



› Buffer: It is a social media management tools that help small business schedule their post on social media network. This tool is free up to 10 posts. It also gives extra services such as analytics of the business.



› TweetDeck: It is one of the free Twitter Business profile management tools that help small business to customized their Tweet account and thus directly interact with the digital marketing tools



› WordPress: It is the more powerful content marketing tools in the world. Small business can make a website of their own and inform the world about their digital marketing tools



› Youtube: It is another strong content management platform. By creating a video in the Youtube channel, a small business can directly give the real time use of their product. People rely on the Youtube channel more than other social digital marketing tools


› Sumo:
It is basically software that can be used for optimizing the business website traffic. This also collects the email address of potential customers that already visit the business websites.


› Mailjet: It is the simple email marketing tools for small business. It is a free tool with no contact limit with the free digital marketing tools


› Google Analytics: It is also a free tool that tells the recorded data of the visitors of the website of the business. It also assesses and monitors other SEO initiatives of the small digital marketing tools


› Google Webmasters: It is also a strong tool that helps the business website to present in the front page of Google digital marketing tools


These tools are a drop of digital marketing tools in the world that can be used by small business with free of cost or least costing. Some of the tools have a limited version for free and small business can use the tools to increase their presence in the virtual highly competing for a global market where your presence would be a vital factor of doing business.

There are some tools that are used to make the business own personality and there are some tools that are used to increase your presence in the virtual markets and some tools can be used to directly communicate with the potential customers.

An entrepreneur can use any of the digital marketing tools or can use different tools simultaneously. These tools are not excludable tools. Rather using more than one, a business can be efficiently using their marketing strategy. In a small business, there is no marketing manager usually, so it depends on the entrepreneur. But it is obviously not necessary that have the knowledge of using the tools for marketing purpose. So what will do small business?

Either entrepreneur can do by him/herself or can outsource the marketing task that will be less costly for the small business. Most of the tools have a free version but if a small business wants to get all the marketing facilities from the digital marketing tools, they sometimes need to buy the premium version of the tools and that for sure not so much money.


Therefore it can be said that digital marketing tools help the small business to do in the global market. It is less costly at almost no cost and by using the tools a small business can grow to a larger one.


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