15 Most Unusual Interview Questions (Infographic)

15 Most Unusual Interview Questions (Infographic)

The unusual Question has different meanings, they just want to know your response to specific Questions.

Many giants Companies are using different types of techniques to identify the qualified person for their company. Sometimes they surprised the candidate with role playing or going more realistic and request you to demonstrate something related to your hobby. It’s always an essential thing for every candidates who going for a interview should aware about the company’s need, problem and goals to better convince them.It is always advisable to memorize a few past experience faced by the company. Every candidate should first check out the company’s website before going for to face interview. By checking the site, every candidate gets enough confidence and some basic information which helps him to present himself better and seems that you are aware of the company.

There are many twisting questions they used to ask to understand your intelligence or emotional quotient.Compared to Behavioral Questions that deal with your situation-handling in a past scenario, Traditional or General Interview Questions tend to be more hypothetical. They can be asked in any interview and they don’t specifically cater to any particular job responsibility.

Every Candidate must focus on the company’s annual reports, the corporate newsletters, business contacts, partners, suppliers, advertisements and articles about the company in the trade press, the better chance you have at answering the question of that company satisfactorily.

Here are some usual sample Questions asked during every interview. By knowing the answers of this question you can create a good repo on it which is below.

Q1 − Tell me about yourself.

Q2 − What are your greatest strengths or weakness?

Q3 − Why should I hire you?

Q4 − Why do you want to work at our company?


Here is the infographic which shows the unusual Questions to be asked during an interview at many giants Firms like APPLE, GOOGLE etc.

unusual interview questions infographic

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