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17 Checklist of A Good Marketing Email Elements

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Email marketing campaigns are essential elements of any marketing strategy. This campaign helps to boost the Marketing funnel of your business. The Marketers and entrepreneur should always use email marketing to stay connected with their target audience and get business from them. Regardless of the different strategies open to marketers today, you’ll find email marketing to be integral to your marketing campaign. There are many kinds of Internet based email marketing has a higher return on investment than unsolicited email, direct mail or traditional advertising and has revolutionized the way we do business.

“67% of marketers say that delivering highly relevant content is a strategic goal their organization wants to achieve through email marketing.”
– MarketingSherpa, Email Benchmark Survey, 2013

The customer journey is becoming more important within the field of marketing. Mapping out the customer journey is about charting the various touch points you’ll come up against. THe best thing to make your Email Good, you should have to be a customized as per the Customer interest. The customization in Email Marketing will help you take get behave on your Campaign.Your website visitors, email, and mobile subscribers, and those who have connected with you on social media will appreciate your messages even more if they’re personalized.

  • Subject

Before you can create the right message, you first need to develop a marketing
strategy that addresses your goals and objectives. State a clear benefit that makes the recipient open your message.As per your campaign you can write your subject which matters most.The subject line should be short, matching with interest and Actionable

  • Email Layout

The length and width of Email should be standard means of one page. The email native should guide the Customer in right way. Proper use of Bullet, space and size of detail boost the interest of the reader.

  • Texts, Images, and Videos

HTML and rich-media messages that include audio, video and animation generate high
response rates.Keep the message personal and casual with adding images and videos. Think like a customer and write in a conversational tone. People want to see a little humanity behind the corporate mask.YOu can add humanity and genuinely in the sense of images and video of your business that attract them to read more.

  • Web fonts and Colour

The Fonts and color you have used should be matching with the branding of your business.Such relevancy in elements increase the brand image and help us to identify the brand.

  • Call to Action

An interesting message that offers value is critical to the success of any email campaign.You have to put a call to action button to your email to pull them to our desired link.

  • Contact detail in Footer

This is must detail section for the Marketer. Those customers are really interested in your products or campaign will search for more authentical data of your Business. sometimes they became more eager to find more detail about to contact.

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