21 Amazing Online Marketing Ideas for Event Planning Business

If you’re really looking to bump up your selling Figures, you can’t be afraid to be a bit shameless. you need to be more Confident and share your service with peoples to get their views. through this you will engage more customers and service will be updated as per Customers.

Online marketing is a service to provide marketing services for the company’s brand, products or services by using online portals or leveraging web-based channels. Online marketing has lots of methods and techniques which are used to promote the services of any business. Some of them are social media, emails, content, search engine marketing, SEO, website, videos and many more. The main object of the online marketing is to reach potential customers globally. Online marketing covers the vast area than traditional marketing.

Here we are giving you Amazing Online Marketing Ideas for Event Planning Business. Event planning is right for you if you are better suited to working behind a desk with little customer engagement. An outgoing, social, and creative personality suits to be an event planner.


1.  Have your Own Website

First, you just go with Your Own Website. It will be your presence on the web. Add enough details on your website so the reader can inspire to take your Services. For more and Quick Enquiries you can Put your Contact number on Top of the Frontpage.

2. Choose Best Domain

Use your event business name as your website domain if possible. There are so many website services offered for free or with some low monthly charges. Add your business card and social media profiles in your website to get more customers.

event business online ideas

3. Create a Business profile on Social Media

You can make your Presence on Different Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or pinterest.  For this, you must have your event business social media profiles on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. You can create a Facebook page, Facebook group or can post your event’s videos or images on your Facebook wall and your connections which is known as friends on Facebook will like or comment if they will have any query.

event business online ideas

4. Suprise with Visuals 

By using Instagram and Pinterest you can promote the services via visuals only. These are the ways to engage your customers with your business’s services. you can also share a short video on IG Tv to get noticed.

event business online ideas

5. Let’s Blogging 

Blogging is one of the parts of online marketing. If you have creative thoughts in mind then you must use it. Blogging gives your services advance popularity and by using it you can easily reach more and more customers to tell about your products and services. Through Blogging, you can Write a different post about event Business and in between you can write your service for the same.


6. Showcase on Vine 

You can use the Vine Platform to showcase your Events Arrangement. here you can make quick 6-second video clips, of your little work and some fun content, you could become a big fish in a small pond on Vine


7. Email marketing

It is one of the Lucrative Platform to get attention towards your Business, by Gathering prospect emails through Blogging or any other means. You can share alerts, reminders or promotions between people or an audience is the best user-friendly way of marketing.


8. Delight them with Offers

You can use Email to be connected with your clients and give them, special offers, wishes on occasions, their birthdays etc. This is the effective marketing strategy which is used in online marketing.

event business online ideas

9. Create a Catalogue of your Services

Create a PDF File of your services in the Attractive Catalogue. This is a very Practical and Quick way to share your Service with others. You can put the link on the Signature of Email or Directly mail Someone,so he will get more ideas about your services


10. Allow them Chat

You can put the Chat Feature on your Website. This additionally incorporates for client relationship management, encouraging organizations to stay associated with their clients, specialists or distributors and reply them instantly.


11. Go Broad with SEO and Map

SEO is the most important part of online marketing. SEO techniques are used to increase the quality and quantity of traffic on your website through organic search results. you can listing your business on Google Map so they can easily review your Business and Contact you for your Service

event business online ideas


12. Plan your Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing which is also abbreviated as SMM is the fastest growing way of digital marketing. As the large number of people are addicted to mobile phones and social media apps. Therefore consumers more likely to purchase from those brands that are transparent on social media.

Social media marketing is the part of internet marketing which uses the social media sites to get the traffic for websites and business promotions.

The steps we follow in our social media marketing strategy:

  1. Set social media marketing goals.
  2. Target the specific audience.
  3. Research about the competition.
  4. Social media audit to evaluate current efforts.
  5. Set up accounts and optimize them.
  6. Create a Social media calendar to monitor the work flow.
  7. Track, evaluate and adjust strategy according to the goal.



13. Share your Service through video

There are many video Sharing platforms buy we think that you sould make an introduction video of your site and then upload on the Youtube. you can also share different content related to this business on youtube.



14. Announce Services with Video

Video content can be an announcement or information about your new product or service launch. You can make a video of your business and post it to your website and other social media channels to reach your customers globally. Customers get attracted more by visual contents.


15. Start Campaign on Google Adword

Google Adword is also the very lucrative way to grab the Customers. Through Perfect keyword or related Keyword of your Business. You can attract more Visitors and later convert them into the Customers.Pay per click is the paid search technique which helps you to reach your targeted audience.


16. Make Attractive Infographic

if you have good budget then you can go and hire any graphic designer and make one attractive infographic related to your business. Creative and engaging graphics with useful related will be shared across the different platforms and through that you will succeed to create your Awareness.


17. Start a Contest and get them Play

Start a Contest on the Facebook, Twitter or on your Website. Voting contests get a ton of entries because they’re so easy to participate in and you will get reviews of your products or service easily.


18. Give deal for more Feel

if you want to make more buzz then start posting a wonderful deal of your service on deal site or Forum Site. People love free stuff, some more than others. The people who really love a good deal tend to frequent deal sites and forums.


19. Share and Win Game

You can start a Campaign like share your product and win Bonus points.  Through that more People share your Voice and in reward, they can get some bonus points.


20. Compare yourself with Competitors

You can make Product comparison guide. Through this you can compare your Services or Products with other Existing Competitors and grab their Attention. it best way to with beneficial segmentation of your Products.


21. Mark your Presence on Slideshare

Slideshare is also the Powerful media where you can share useful powerpoint slide about your business and at last you can put your Company address and contact number to get more attraction towards your event planning Services.

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