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5 Main Reason Why Customer Leave the Company

The Customer is a king for every business.If you are not satisfying your king then he will leave you.There are many things which we can say that highly impact on any brands reputation is bad Review from the unhappy Customers. How you behave and respond on their complaints which make your customers unhappy.

Customer service has always been an important part of developing brand loyalty.if we invest a small fortune attracting new customers, but how should we keep customers coming back for more and ideally.

There are many reasons of loosing any customers.we should notice on thing that customers never tell you about their problem. They wait for you to approach them if not satisfied then they will silently go away.

Here is some important reason why company loses their loving customers.

1.  Not Treated well 

Well Treatment with Customer is the basic thing for any company.Well begun is half done.If you have handled the each and every question asked by the Customers will lead to success.

The treatment they receive at the point of sale, the way a service is delivered or during the after-sales support. For customers who don’t make contact, the company gets no opportunity to sort out their problems and recover their loyalty.

2. Not satisfied with Product or Service

Product or service is an ultimate thing to attract the Customer and win the heart of it. Customer service is not just about resolving complaints and fixing problems. It has a much deeper impact on your relationship with the clients.

It shows that the customer has hope in your company and wants you to sort out things for him. But when the complaining gets too frequent, it signals towards the customer’s increasing frustration.

3. Started Business with Your Competitors

many ways clients give us the single of leaving us by giving an example of your Competitors.we should learn the hidden meaning of it.

when a client repeatedly cites examples of how the other companies are doing a better job, alarm bells should start ringing. Loyal customers keep you on your toes in terms of your product or service standards, but they never give you the impression that they’re leaving.

4. Seek alternatives

Clients need are uncountable.we have to fit our products with its need for proper discussion. some time Client demand a product which is not in our catalogue then assume that the client has lost interest in your product or services and believes that they are not worth using even at a discounted rate.

This usually happens when a client remains disengaged from your services for a long time, either because of poor product performance or a bad service experience.

5. Move Away

sometimes the customers moving another area or such area where the particlular product’s market is good. This way client will move away from you.

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