51 Annoying Phrase You should avoid in Office

When language fails us at work, we can always rely on common phrases to fill the silence. Language in the workplace is becoming a major concern for many employers given the increasing diversity in the Many Multinational Companies.There are many words which directly or indirectly confuse your mentor into thinking work is being done.

They lack clarity and make it easy to say something whilst also saying nothing at all.Most cliches were once a fresh, creative way of expressing a popular thought or common idea.In order to avoid the phrases in this infographic, you need to say exactly what you mean, which requires actual knowledge about your chosen topic or work task. If you don’t have this knowledge, perhaps it’s best to say very little and ask for help from someone who does know what they’re doing.

Ideally, do not pick the person who uses phrases like “drill down”, “no brainer” or “low hanging fruit”. It is unlikely that this person will be able to help you. You should be aware of hearing from readers about any issues they’ve encountered with language in the workplace if wrongly reverted by you.

Here is the Infographic for your Inspiration to avoid Language Confusion.

annoying work phrases

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