6 Healthy Benefits of a Having Cup of Coffee Every Day

6 Healthy Benefits of a Having Cup of Coffee Every Day

Your daily dose of coffee is not just a cup of milk and caffeine, it’s a catalyst that helps keep you energized all day long. The advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee have been a hot topic all over the internet space. While some of us are obsessed with our daily cup of McDonald’s hot coffee, there are many who oppose its consumption altogether. To our defense, the incredible health benefits of this magical drink are beyond all the speculations and allegations.

benefits of a cup of coffee

Many pieces of research and surveys have brought to surface a wealth of good news for us, coffee lovers.

Here are 10 reasons why drinking a cup of coffee can keep you fit and healthier than you actually thought.

1) A Source of Healthy Antioxidants –

As a matter of fact, coffee has more antioxidants than cocoa and green tea together. It has about a thousand varieties of antioxidants that fight inflammation, keep many chronic conditions such as arthritis, atherosclerosis, and cancer at bay. They also help in neutralizing the effect of free radicals which originate as a result of body’s everyday metabolic activities.

2) Enhances Metabolism Rate –

The special ingredients of coffee make it a classic drink which aids in improving the body’s metabolism rate. It also promotes weight loss by stimulating the nervous system, causing it to signal the fat cells of the body to break down.Having a cup of coffee everyday furthermore, improves your athletic performance and endurance during a workout session.

3) Prevents Diabetes –

Diabetes stands amid the top 5 most common lifestyle disease in today’s day and age. About a million people acquire diabetes every year. Having a cup of coffee significantly reduces the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. It has been seen that people who consume about 3 cups of coffee every day reduce their risk of developing diabetes by about 42%. All the more reasons to have your McDonald’s hot coffee every day!

4) It Sharpens Mind –

Caffeine, an essential component of coffee directly stimulates the central nervous system. When you drink coffee, the caffeine present in here travels to your brain, fires up the neurons and increases energy metabolism throughout the brain. So, the next time you need to sit and prepare a strategy for pitching a client, try drinking a cup of coffee beforehand.

5) Prevents Heart Diseases and Strokes –

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits of drinking coffee, there’s another one which apparently cannot be ignored at all. Studies have shown that coffee drinking lowers the risk of developing and suffering from cardiovascular diseases and strokes. So, you’re not a coffee fan, think of these benefits. You may want to change your mind!

6) Kills Depression –

Depression is a chronic mood disorder that causes the body to stoop down and set the onset of many related problems. It causes severe symptoms that affect the way you think, feel and deal with your day-to-day work.Having a cup of coffee every day reduces your chances of depression. Coffee technically triggers the release of good mood hormones in the body which keep you from feeling sad and depressed.


Drinking coffee every day will not hurt your health. It will all the more enhance your chances of leading fit and healthy lifestyle and keep you from falling sick. At the same time, an overdose of caffeine can reverse everything and cause many problems to surface. Limit your intake to a maximum of three cups of coffee and you’ll be a healthy, happy soul for life!

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