This post is for everyone who loves blogging and its content to be opened speedily because they are superstar but speed leaving them behind! Let’s Check what affect you

Speed kills But in Blogging it builts!

Speed kills many time on Road But in the case of websites, speed is essential for success—If you are not up to the mark in term of opening of your site then you are killing your projects.The faster your site loads, the greater is the probability that you will be able to attract and engage more users. For a blog, speed will also determine whether users will stay on to read more, or if they will simply navigate elsewhere.

This dynamic generation want speed in terms of every transaction.They want  to see more products,compare and choose the best from their choice. Speed is critical and crucial. Everyone likes things fast. Why the wait? Speed optimizing any website will give it an extra edge over its competition and a boost in rankings. I always implement speed optimization to all my clients regardless if they pay for it or not. I thing speed optimizing a website is essential.

Slowness seems to make a special contribution to this picture in our heads. Time is especially valuable. So as we learn that a task is slow, an especial cost accrues to it. Remember that for every second you shave off of load time, you’ll tend to boost customer confidence and trust in your site, and sow the seeds that will make them way to tell others about you. In those cases, a few seconds can make all the difference!

Here is the some ideas that will help the every blogger to make its website like feather

1)Compress or optimized the Images:

In Photoshop or Fireworks, you can use the “Save for Web” option to drastically reduce image size. An image quality slider lets you see the visual trade-offs between graphic file size and crispness.

2) Use cached Plugin:

Content management systems like WordPress have plugins that will cache the latest version of your pages and display it to your users so that the browser isn’t forced to go dynamically generate that page every single time

3)Be Away from the Redirects :

A 301 Redirect is the preferred way to change your site structure without losing any of that valuable search engine juice, but lots of 301 redirects piled together just confuse the browser and slow it down.

Tech giant google have already launched the service to check the speed of website.Click on the image to check your website’s exact opening speed.

check speed of your blog by google

Lets check this infographic will gives you the pro ideas to increase speed of your site

tips to increase speed of website infographic

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