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69+ Best Aaliyan Dana Haughton Quotes and Sayings

Aaliyah Dana Haughton was originally the renowned as well as the popular American singer, also she was an actress, and a model too. She was actually born in Brooklyn and then further raised in Detroit, it was at the age of 10 when for the first time she originally gained fame and

recognition then for the first time she appeared on one of the television shows which was known as Star Search and it was actually the one which was performed in concert along with Gladys Knight. Mentioned below are some of the quotes and the sayings of Aaliyah. 

Aaliyan Dana Haughton Quotes and Sayings

  • Every one in their lives face such times when they just want to be only the way they are.  
  • Always keep in your minds that in your life you will some day or another will come across such times when you will only wish and would only want to be the way you are you will be actually yourself at such times. 
  • In my life there are some things that I really wish for them to come true. I always wish that all the people all around the world should always remember me and keep me in their hearts one as the full on and the best entertainer. 
  • I always wish that every one in this very world should always remember me as a good person. I really wish to be an unforgettable one for all in this world leaving behind good memories of me in them. 
  • There is nothing in my hands and I have nothing to do from my end because it is god in whom I have my full faith and so every thing is in his hands only, though I really feel that all my fans should actually feel this that from where I come but the actual fulfilment of this dream is only in God’s hands. 

_ I still remember that it was all only because I came out as the singer and this was the only reason for when I took a lot more of time to get a proper and learned acting coach. 

_ Always remember about me that some times you will feel that need and you will have to take that break in your life. 

_ I am the kind of person who actually believes that there are times to take some breaks all from those public eyes and then let them feel your importance and let them to miss you actually. 

_ I am a person who always wants and always looks for the longevity 

_ Always keep in your minds that I am not the person who actually wants to or wishes to get out to every one 

_ I do not like or I have never been a kind of person who ever wants to just run herself ragged or even the person who wishes to spread herself to be thin

_ Always keep in your mind that you are no one to decide or you can never anticipate or can never predict that what your legacy might be in future when you will not be here or when you are long gone no matter even if you want your legacy to continue but remember it is not in your hands  

_ I always wish for my legacy to continue even after I am gone from this very world   

_ I am like an interpreter every time and in every situation 

_ Always remember that I am a very different kind of person, I am a person who would always take your words seriously and never casually, I am the one who always make efforts to actually bring your words to my life.           

_ Remember that my life just not me the three things and only these three things are does does the ones in which I am actually very well trained and these three things are first singing then second dancing and the most important one is laughing.

_ I am the person who actually never feels that I ever made any sacrifices in my life at all

_ Always remember that whenever people ask me about my sacrifices to them I have only one answer which is that I am already giving all my best to do this juggling   

_ Always remember that I’m not a kind of person who just keep thinking and wondering of her past or previous experiences and success.  

_ Always remember that I am a kind of person who just does not keep thinking about her past successes brother always put full of  her efforts in giving all the best that she can and in completing all her work successfully

_ One should always give all his efforts in doing and achieving his work and his objectives and then he would definitely come out of it with the success

_ When someone ask that how I started so I would like to share with them that I started with my work on the stage first and made all the efforts to get more and more audience into it

aaliyan dana haughton quotes sayings

_ I was the one who not only started working and started on the stage just like that but I was the one who always learned how to enjoy my work and how to have fun even when I am working

_ I always remember that how I started my work and it is something that I can never sleep forget throughout my life Time

_ One should always remember the very beginning that how you actually started working because if you can still feel your starting and your struggling days then you will find yourself equally enthusiastic as you are in the beginning of your work

_ I very well know that I am also aware of the fact that people see me they all find me sexy and they all think of me like that. But to be very honest I find this very cool thing with me  

_ Always remember that it is amazing I am always wonderful to have that sexy appealing personality it is just that you need to embrace yourself you need to start loving yourself and that is when you yourself will find that how beautiful thing you are 

_ Yes , I am very happy that I am sexy I am also appealing in the eyes of my audience and as I know well that how I should embrace myself I really love how I am and I even love the beauty with which God has blessed me on this planet earth 

_ Always keep in your mind that I am a complete as well as a total performer. 

_ I always have the time which is actually needed to support or to help the very album and the very tour of mine 

_ I would just like to say that if you try and become comfortable with my sexy and appealing personality then you will definitely find it even more classy 

_ I am always the one who stays true to my own self and also to my very style the one that I own as well as I carry and it is then I keep pushing myself every time in order to actually be aware of that and also to remember that I have to be original one always  

_ Always keep in your mind that as I am never ever thinking about that particular thing then it is sure that it would never ever be able to drive me crazy in any sense

_ I would just like to say that everyone should always remember and also keep in their minds that the person you see in the film is actually a totally different person that you see in the video

_ Always know that it was the very fact of my plan that I have to move in to acting since my very beginning or since a long time

_ As per my experience that I have had so far I would like to say that every time you wish to or you actually want to go to the mall then in this case every time you have to take security with yourself but to be very Honest I actually find this very cool just like I find the kids to be wonderful as well as the amazing ones  

_ This is something which I keep telling everyone every time that if you keep working continuously hard and harder then you can definitely and will ultimately achieve anything or everything whatever you may want always do whatever you may wish for

_ Always keep in your mind that there are certain things in your life that you should actually not discuss it with with others and rather you should keep them only with you 

_ If you know me well then you would definitely know that I am a kind of person who never ever discusses her life rather my  private life with anyone and just keep it with my own self    

_ One should always keep in mind that if you really have to do your work every day in a continuous manner then you actually need to fall in love with your work

_ I would like to say that the Matrix is actually the top secret about which nothing can be said at this moment  

_ Here I would like to share that it’s not only you but even I face or come across such times when I actually cannot even figure my own self out

_ I actually found that story a sad one when I first heard it as it was about the relationships  

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