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Accounting Day: 77+ Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

The accounting day is celebrated on May 20th every year. This day all accountants celebrate and review the accounting importance of life. The day commemorates the publication of the first book about double-entry bookkeeping by Luca Pacioli and hence the accounting day started.

The account profession is a great help for businesses as well as individuals to bookkeep the balance and the taxes. Most of the company’s goals are exclusively depend upon an accountant these days. On this day we pay tribute to the father of modern accounting, Luca Pacioli and honor all those who took their profession as accounting.

These days, the companies expect not only accounting from the accountants but much more than that. The accountants should be good with all the computer accounting systems.

If you wish to honor Luca Pacioli and all the accountants in your company, family, and friends, here we present you some valuable quotes and greetings to wish them and celebrate the day meaningfully

Accounting Day Best Messages, Quotes, and Greetings

Today is Accounting Day! If accounting is something you would like to pursue, your future will be busy counting!

Spend your day learning about what it’s like to be an accountant because it is Accounting Day!

Just do the damn thing of calculating the stuff. It is Accounting Day and needs to be finished by the end of the day.

The business runs on Accounts. proud to be an accountant! Happy Accounting Day.

It is the hard work of accountants that saves the company name and make it more successful. Happy accounting.

Do not give up, you might find it hard in the beginning. Happy Accounting Day.

We, accountants, are simple in nature but complex in working. Accounting Day.

Welcome to the world of accounts where everyone, everything counts!

Do not consider accounting as boring. It is the most wonderful and amazing job ever!

Tough people always win the CA. Happy Accounting Day.

You can do more than what you think. Count your blessings on Accounting Day!

What is so magic about accounts? Do it yourself! Happy accounting day.

There are emotional bills which you need to balance by giving an account of life!

Do not worry, all your happiness add up at the end for a joyous life.

Do the accounting with passion or else do not go for it. Happy Accounting Day.

In your account, there might be sadness, but minus it from the happiness you have.

Peace and love begin with accounting. Happy Accounting Day.

You are not great, to begin with, but you will be great after you reach the goal.

When debt equals the credit, you will feel happiness. Wishing you all a happy accounting day.

Balancing life isn’t easy they said. But for an accountant, it is easy to deal with.

Accounting is not complicated but the life with it is!

A better place to sleep is on an accountant chair!

Do not allow people to withdraw anything from your life, you might lose your life balance!

Income tax is a hard thing to understand just like a woman! Happy accounting day!

The boring, as well as the most confusing accounting, is the necessity of this world!

Use your accounting power for good! Happy accounting!

As an accountant, I process the debt and you take the credit!

Who will keep the account of mankind sins?

You should be nice to me because I’m an accountant! Happy accounting day!

All mankind is equally created but the finest are the accountants!

The superpower of accountants can be shown under office roofs!

Pay your taxes with cash, not with your smile!

Know your numbers before getting into the business. Happy accounting day!

Accounting keeps you going in life as well as in work.

The best things are always expensive and you need to make an invoice for the same.

An empty bank account is an inspiration to the future plans!

If you have the things money cannot buy then you are the richest person ever!

Life is expensive when you do not know the accounting! Happy accounting!

Motivate someone to open an account in your heart to count your blessing!

The root of evil is lack of money in hand.  Be an accountant and be good!

If the plan fails, keep the goal and change the plan.

Yes, I shine because I’m an accountant! Happy accounting day.

The refund takes 5-7 days but to take money from my account it took only 5-7 minutes!

As an accountant, I have my own commitments! Give a thought on Accounting Day!

I may not be happy with accounting, but I can make people happy when they withdraw the money!

A person feels happy to count his blessings, not the cash! Accounting day special!

Spend more time with kids than spending more money on them!

Time and money are the basic needs of accounting. Happy accounting day!

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