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Administrative Professionals Day: 55+ Messages, Quotes, Greetings

Where would we the wold without the secretaries of the world? Spare a single thought to all of the paperwork that would never be done, the phone calls that would never be taken and the secretary jokes that would never have always been invented and raise a glass to Administrative Professionals Day, the day when administrative professionals the world over can be celebrated in just one day for all the hard work, they do all year!

This day mainly originated in 1952, Administrative Professionals Day is basically observed in a number of countries worldwide and is one of the most celebrated workplace holidays, especially amongst support staff.

What are you waiting for treat your Administrative Professionals to traditional gifts such as flowers, chocolates or gift cards, or, if you are feeling particularly appreciated, perhaps an annual bonus or extra time off? One thing is always for sure, if the boss forgets this holiday it’ll be at his peril!

So, what are you waiting for? Pick up flowers, chocolates, cards and greet your administrative professionals with the following graceful wishes and quotes on Administrative Professionals Day!

Administrative Professionals Day Best Messages, Quotes, Greetings

  • Healthy and warm wishes on Administrative Professionals Day to you. Our company is always incomplete without you and you are an important part of our family.
  • You are always our strongest pillar and support system…. We are always happy to have you as our team of professionals…. Wishing you a very cheerful Happy Administrative Professionals Day.
  • The main credit of our growth goes to our administrative professionals who make every plan a success…. Cheers to all of them on the occasion of Administrative Professionals Day.
  • All challenges can only be converted into an opportunity with professionals like you. Sending you best wishes on Administrative Professionals Day…. You are our strength!!!
  • Remember that organizations with a strong team of administrative professionals always achieve new heights like Our Company…. Happy Administrative Professionals Day.
  • You are basically a valuable gemstone of our team and we are so fortunate to have you…. Wishing you a very Happy Administrative Professionals Day.
  • People with the good sense power to brighten the lives of others around them are very precious…. Special warm wishes on Administrative Professionals Day to a precious person of our team.
  • You have taken each day as a new opportunity is the best mantra to grow in life…. Warm and healthy wishes on Administrative Professionals Day!
  • Let us make the world show of impossible possible with our synergy…. Let us grow together to new heights…. Best wishes on Administrative Professionals Day to you!!!
  • A very Happy Administrative Professionals Day…. I wish to god that you grow each day and write new success stories in times to come.
  • No words can be enough to thank you for your support and services to our organization…. Happy Administrative Professionals Day.
  • We are very much blessed to have professionals like you who gave all their life to their company…. Best wishes on Administrative Professionals Day to the most amazing part of our team.
  • You are a blessing to our team and gemstone to the company…. We are lucky enough to have you with us in this journey. Wishing you a very Happy Administrative Professionals Day.
  • Happy Administrative Professionals Day…. Thanks for keeping all of us together and helping us grow together…. You are our inspiration!!!
  • Best and prosperous wishes to the most wonderful person in our office on the occasion of Administrative Professionals Day….
  • You are the only one who do so much to keep this place going — and somehow, you do it with a smile on your face. Your positivity is a breath of fresh air. Thank you!
  • I know I don’t tell you much enough (name), but your contribution to this team is tremendous. I hope you have a wonderful day!
  • You’ve made my life happier and easier more times than I could ever count, and I’m especially grateful for all the times you’ve helped me rearrange my schedule to accommodate meetings. I’d be lost without you. Thanks for being such an amazing administrative professional!
  • Gift your administrative professional a handmade card and let him know how special he is on Administrative professionals’ day!
  • Happy Administrative Professional Day – I am so much grateful to you for all work you’ve done for me. Thank you
  • You have been an amazing employee- happy administrative professionals’ day!
  • Your work is top-notch and ranks #1 in our eyes! Thank you for all of you do for the company! – happy Administrative professionals’ day
  • Our success is a reflection of your hard work and I am very grateful that you are a part of our team.
  • We really appreciate your effort- happy administrative professionals’ day!
  • You have worked really hard for making the growth of this company. We would like to thank you for all of this on Administrative professionals’ day!
  • Thanks to this day which have made us realised the actual importance of administrative professionals! Happy administrative professionals’ day.
  • I am sending you warm wishes on the occasion of Administrative Professionals Day.
  • May you always achieve new heights and make new records for us to follow!!! Happy Administrative professionals’ day
  • With healthies wishes for everything that can make this day special for you. Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
  • A special thanks to you for all the big and little behind-the-scene things you do that make our lives a lot easier. Happy Administrative Professionals Day!
  • Your hard work and sincerity are an inspiration to everyone, and indispensable to me. Thanks for being on my team!
  • Today is the very perfect chance to say what we don’t say often enough — Thanks for all your hard work and thoughtful ways. Happy administrative professionals’ day!
  • You’re Great to Work With. Kind, considerate, wonderful, helpful, smart, efficient, fun. It’s no wonder you make the rest of us look so good. Thanks for Everything!
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