201+ Positive Affirmation for Anxiety

Psychology Affirmations 201+ Positive Affirmation for Anxiety

201+ Positive Affirmation for Anxiety

It is important to put ourselves together during rough times like anxiety, especially when none but just ourselves have to hold together! Humans have a series of thoughts in a day, similarly, if we have positive affirmations for ourselves then the battle against anxiety becomes easier!

Some such positive affirmations for anxiety are as follows:-

-This too shall pass!

-Its okay to be sad!

-I am okay!

-I will overcome this!

-I am enough for myself!

-This is just a phase!

-Don’t worry!

-Things will be okay, okay?

-You are fine!


-Better days are not far!

-Keep yourself together!

-Hold on!

-Things are getting better!

-Take a deep breath!

-Let go things!

-Be patience!

-Be hopeful!

-Don’t panic!

-You have to be with yourself!

-Take it easy!

-Don’t be harsh on yourself!

-Worry less!

-Things are tough and so am I!

-I will overcome this too!

-I am stronger than these difficult times!

-I need to be strong!

-Patience and strong will can overcome anything!

-Nothing is permanent, not even pain!

-I will not give up!

-Rage, rage against the darkness!

-It’s me who can bring changes!

-I need to work on myself for a better future!

-I am not meek!

-People think I am weak, it’s time to prove them wrong!

-Sadness is a part of life!

-It’s okay to not feel good all the time!

-Stay positive!

-I need to get myself together!

-These are just bad days!

-I will emerge stronger!

-I know I can go through this!

-Being anxious is not wrong!

-Life tests everyone, I am no exception!

-God has a better plan for me!

-It’s okay if I cannot make it, I will try again!

-I will not surrender to these times!

-I know I am strong!

-At the end what matters is how I dealt with these rough times!

-I will be an example for others one day!

-My experiences will one day become a lesson for others!

-I am good!

-See the positive sides of everything!

-Every setback is backed with a lesson, learn those lessons!

-I need to try to treat myself better!

-How can anything break me when I am strong inside!

-Be optimistic!

-Hopeful for better days!

-Nothing can break me!

-I refuse to abdicate!

-I need to stop the war within myself!

-I need to accept that not all questions have answers!

-I will try before giving up!

-Babe you can make it!

-Nothing can defeat a strong will!

-I might have failed in the past but that should not discourage me!

-I am broken but still hopeful!

-I deserve better and I am going to make it better!

-If life is a teacher I will be a good student!

-After dark nights bright days come!

-What matters is how you can put yourself together during tough times!

-I am a fighter!

-I have been brave throughout!

-I will cry but never give up on trying!

-I need to pave a way for myself!

-There is nothing that I can’t do once I am determined to do it!

-I can’t be a disappointment to myself!

-I have the potential to do wonders!

-Every time you fall make sure you stand up stronger!

-Feeling low is okay!

-If something is not letting you sleep, making you anxious, you gotta work to change it!

-Preserve your inner peace!

-You just have to be with yourself, all the time!

-A little push and you can achieve what is making you anxious!

-None but you can help yourself from falling!

-Who said failing is a setback? It’s an opportunity to do better!

-Accept what you can’t change!

-Love yourself the way you want others to love you!

-Not being able to be there for others is okay but not being able to be there for yourself is not!

-All these hard times will help you become a better person!

-Difficult times are sure to shape your personality!

-It’s on me how I take setbacks!

-I will love myself before anything else!

-If I want I can do it!

-I am gonna take extra care of myself today!

-I will make it one day!

-One day I will smile on things that are making me anxious today!

-One day everything will fall back to its places!

-You know you are not vulnerable!

-Why to listen to what others have to say?

-I will try to smile on my sufferings!

-I will be okay!

-All these complaints and grudges will fade away with time!

-I will let time take its turns!

-I can wait!

-Throw those things away that are distorting your inner peace!

-The world is not that bad!

-I want to see kindness so I will become one!

-Enough of negative thoughts it’s time for some fresh start!

-I will fail and learn only then I can succeed!

-I have got my back, I am not dependent on others, duh!

-It’s alright!

-This is how it is, let it be!

-I will leave destiny to play its game from now on!

-Just go with the flow!

-Try to reach out to people!

-If you feel it’s wrong, change it!

-Know your worth!

-You deserve much more than this!

-You cannot just be a miserable person, get up and take hold on your life!

-Self-love should be the priority!

-Why to care for someone who does not care for us?

-It is love if the efforts are from both sides! 

-Search for a ray of hope!

-Don’t let yourself break!

-You just have yourself with you!

-I know it sucks being a lonely person, but it’s okay to be this way!

-Stand for your dreams!

-Just crying won’t help; you got to take the first step to make things okay for you!

-Be cheerful and satisfied with whatever you have!

-Be grateful for the things you already possess!

-Stop being a victim!

-I need to stop pitying with myself!

-I am not the only person who is going through tough times!

-All those who are successful in their life have gone through rough days!

-I can’t give up on myself and my dreams!

-I know I can make the difference!

-No one but only I know my worth!

-I deserve to be happy and treated well!

-Why would I let someone else hamper my sanity?

-I will try to change things!

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