151+ Top Positive Affirmations for Anger Management

Psychology Affirmations 151+ Top Positive Affirmations for Anger Management

151+ Top Positive Affirmations for Anger Management

Keeping a keen check on our anger can help us restore and maintain a healthy relationship, isn’t it? Many times because of our anger we end up messing our relations, work and hurt those people who matter the most! In fact, due to a lack of anger management, we even distort our peace of mind!

Some such positive affirmations for anger management are:-

-Cool down!

-Everything is okay!

-I can’t lose my control!

-How can I be so unreasonable?


-I am a kind-hearted person!

-I love myself and the people around me!

-I can’t hurt those whom I love!

-I can be good!

-Nothing can take away my calmness!

-I am a logical person!

-I am not getting influenced!

-They cannot provoke me!

-I know they know my weakness but this time I am gonna surprise them!

-This small aspect can’t change me!

-I choose now to discharge bitterness and redeem my joy.

-I will not react!

-They are waiting for my reaction but I won’t give them any!

-No one can play with my instincts!

-I can’t get angry about anything!

-No one can use me if I don’t lose my control on myself!

-I am a loving and letting off individual!

-I forgive them!

-I have nothing against anyone!

-I am good!

-I can’t let my anger make me a villain of my life!

-No matter what! I am not reacting this time!

-Why to respond with anger when I can deal with affection!

-I am an affectionate person!

-I love myself!

-I am making sure that no one gets hurt because of my anger!

-Nothing can harm me but my anger!

-I can be a nice person if I can keep a check on this toxic trait!

-By bye anger!

-I bring peace and calm not anger!

-I am no more that outrageous person!

-People will see and appreciate my calmness!

-No one can beat me once I have control over myself!

-Farewell toxic trait!

-Goodbye anger, welcome peace!

-Haha, I am not reacting over this at least!

-I will work on my anger issue!

-Why would I let one toxic trait ruin my image?

-No hatred and anger just love and calmness!

-I love myself!

-I won’t be a disappointment to myself!

-Not this time dear anger, not this time!

-I am doing good!

-People will know me as a loving creature, not as a terrible creature!

-I can’t my anger make me weak!

-Calm, calm, calm!

-Repeat after me, I am a calm person!

-I got this!

-I am going to let things go!

-Each moment I discharge the wrath in my gut, I recover room for stability.

-No grudges, just respect!

-I am a sensible and responsible person!

-Oh, you think you can outrage me? No!

-I have suffered enough due to anger now no more!

-I will make my weakness my strength!

-New me don’t react!

-I have updated myself and removed the anger feature from myself!

-I will offer kindness!

-The world needs my compassion, not anger!

-I am done being a sick person!

-Each second ruined being irritated is an instant of being delighted that is forfeited.

-I am not mad anymore!

-I have forgiven those who brought sufferings in my life!

-Letting go off things which I can’t change is a sensible deed!

-My anger made me a miserable person, now no more!

-Look around dear you, there is love and kindness all around!

-How can I be so harsh on myself?

-Anger doesn’t solve anything but makes it more complicated!

-I am happy!

-I will make my people feel safe around me!

-I will make sure no one is scared of me!

-I prefer an existence of unity, affection, and happiness and will definitely not spend a single minute being furious for no motive.

-I was insane who let people play with my weakness!

-I am a fun and calm person!

-I have Burch more to offer than anger!

-Calmness over anything!

-Stop losing your peace for trivial things!

-Deal with logical not anger!

-Show up your best side to people!

-Stop ruining yourself!

-Choosing peace over anger has solved many problems!

-I am sick of being a sick person!

-Everything is under control!

-Relax! Everything is fine!


-Taking a vow of not losing my control this easily!

-I can be a tough person without being furious!

-New journey without anger!

-Life is better without hatred!

-I can’t let my anger control me!

-People have built a wrong conception about me because of my anger issues!

-Living life peacefully is more important!

-Of course, I can explain my things without being furious!

-I have had enough because of my anger issues!

-How can I forsake my relations for my anger?

-I have to stop mistreating people whom I love the most!

-Where there is love there is no anger!

-Love and anger cannot exist side by side!

-I am happier this way than with anger!

-I think I can be a good person!

-Why can’t I keep a tab on my anger!

-Now I will control my anger and not let anger control me!

-Peace over hatred!

-I have overcome my toxic trait successfully!

-More positivity less negativity!

-I can be more productive without anger!

-I just need to accept those things that I can’t change!

-Liberating my soul from all the negativity!

-I am a humble person!

-I won’t let people test my patience!

-Enough of being frantic!

-Nothing can destroy me, not even my anger issues!

-Self-control is so important!

-People think I am an unhappy person, I will have to change their opinion!

-I will make myself an adjustable person!

-Damn, I have really let anger control me all this time!

-I will protect my relations from my toxicity!

-I deserve a better life than this!

-I am gonna do whatever it takes to manage my anger!

-I can see life from a different view once I am over this bitterness!

-I didn’t realize that my anger made me a bitter person!

-Why would anyone love a bitter person?

-I will work on myself and be a good person!

-I will make myself worthy of love and kindness!

-I will spread kindness to receive it back!

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