101+ Positive Affirmations for Social Media

Psychology Affirmations 101+ Positive Affirmations for Social Media

101+ Positive Affirmations for Social Media

There is no second thought that social media has helped mankind in great ways, isn’t it? Being a social media influencer is not an easy job, amidst all the handling you need to get yourself together too, to keep trying and providing with the much-needed content.

Some affirmations that to help social media users:

-Social media gives an abundance of opportunities.

-I share content that is simple and engaging!  

-Every day, my follower total is increasing  

-Traffic is going just where I expect it to reach.  

-My followers engage with me on social media because they love what I post.

-There is no barrier to the creativeness I possess and show when it comes to social media. 

-I enjoy sharing updates with others.  

-I enjoy connecting in chats on social media  

-I make others believe good about themselves when they visit my page and go through my posts.  

-The contents I post are not irrelevant!

-I feel it is my duty to keep my followers updated!

-I do not promote hatred on my social media platforms.

-I am very much committed to my sphere.

-I post genuine and authentic posts.

-I do not have to fake on social media!

-I can be successful in social media.

-Social media has made me who I am today!

-My followers are my growing strength.

-It is just a start, I will be more active from today onwards.

-I will do my job with sincerity and dedication.

-I do not go for random hashtags and tags!

-I do proper research before posting any content.

-Social media marketing is not my hobby, I am very passionate about it!

-Traffic will increase!

-I do not spam my follower’s feed with spam content!

-People want me to post more and more!

-I am very committed to my job!

-I share, comment, and like only those posts that are genuine and engaging!

-I follow good influencers to get a good catch about the handles.

-I am not misguiding or spreading hate for any particular community, religion, gender, or individual through my posts!

-I do not promote vulgarity and trolls!

-My motive is to spread awareness and necessary information through my handles.

-I am not here to compete with anyone!

-I consider myself accountable for every post!

-My followers are from all over the world.

-Likes and comments from my followers make me feel happy and also motivates me to keep doing the good thing!

-My blogs and contents are getting shared by people!

-I find social media interactive and a means of making new friends!

-I am able to put a smile through my post – that is the best thing I can do to anyone!

-I will not quit working to make it the best!

-I will cross the mark one day!

-My hard work is getting paid!

-I do not make it one man’s show- I keep it interactive.

-Social media platforms are the best source of spreading love and joy.

-I will not change my motive!

-I am getting recognized by people!

-I go for quality, not quantity!

-Social media helps good media go viral on various platforms!

-I am glad I am able to help people through my posts!

-I can express my thought on social media effortlessly!

-I feel like people have started to listen to me!

-I am being observed!

-I have not received single spam!

-I do not promote obscene and nudity!

-My career is reaching the desired height!

-I can try various things on social media!

-For me, social media brings inclusiveness and variety to life!

-I am glad I am a part of this community that is trying to spread joy and awareness at the same time.

-Social media has helped me build confidence in myself.

-I can see the changes in my social media handles from the day I started until today- I see I have been doing good.

-I will not post inappropriate or fake posts on my handles just to get the traffic.

-My work is to bring people together not incite hatred among them.

-Social media is therapeutic to me.

-I have built a strong network with the help of my social media.

-I do not feel alone anymore, it is like my followers are my family.

-Social media has steered me toward opportunities that I can never forget.

-I will be a good social media influencer.

-I have been helping people through my social media and hence saving humanity.

-I needed a platform to showcase my talent and I got that!

-I consider social media as the best invasion of mankind.

-I am not exclusively addicted to it.

-I have got good leads from the accounts I follow.

-Making one person laugh is equal to pleasing God for me.

-Amidst all this chaos and pandemic I got something I can operate and earn without going out- I am grateful!

-People can find leads and opportunities via my handles!

-Who would not love to do something that makes them happy?

-I am not desperate for fame, I am just following my passion!

-My posts reflect my personality!

-I just don’t consume content but I also make sure that I provide content on social media.

-Growth and traffic are second, sticking to the guidelines of social media is the primary thing I follow.

-I am among the handful of people who take efforts in creating authentic and engaging content on various social media platforms.

-There is no such law as there is only one brand, which encourages me to keep working.

-I am actively posting on social media.

-My traffic will increase once my page starts reaching a large number of people!

-I post content with good readability scores.

-I endorse local brands and help them get the reach they want.

-I have been promoting the motto of unity through my handles!

-The fact that there are various means to present my views makes me love my job even more.

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