101+ Positive Affirmations to Quit Drugs

Psychology Affirmations 101+ Positive Affirmations to Quit Drugs

101+ Positive Affirmations to Quit Drugs

We all are well aware of the effects drugs leaves on our body, but many somehow get themselves trapped with the consumption of drugs. Quitting is not an easy journey but not an impossible task as well, so all you have to do is begin.

Some positive affirmations that will help you quit drugs are:

-I do not need this!

-I am going away with this.

-I will not let this addiction destroy me.

-I am changing.

-I am strong enough to undergo this.

-I will have to do this.

-This is nothing but an addiction that I need to do away with!

-My body is strong.

-I am maintaining distance from all kinds of drugs.

-If it is ruining my health, I will not take that.

-I am doing just fine.

-I have started to feel better without them.

-I am not that fragile.

-I will restart my life.

-I am not a drug addict.

-I have the willpower to do this.

-I am committing the good thing by quitting this.

-I am not damaging myself anymore.

-I will get this done as quickly as possible.

-My future is in my hands.

-This is an inevitable process.

-I will survive this.

-This is just a phase.

-I am devoted to living a healthful life.

-I will have my satisfaction very shortly.

-I am not weak to be hanging on this.

-I will not flex over such a small thing.

-I will not surround myself with the group who are injurious to my health.

-I am giving myself another chance.

-I do not need drugs to feel happy.

-I do not need escapism.

-I love my solidarity.

-I am having a peaceful life without drugs.

-I am pushing through a significant stage of my life.

-I can do good in life only when I am fine.

-I will prioritize my health!

-I am recovering.

-This will take longer but I will not quit.

-I am not scared to go through this phase.

-All this will bring about a generous soul within me for sure.

-I have come this far, I will keep going till I overcome this completely.

-I’ll protect my health.

-I have to take care of my mental stability.

-I am doing the right thing.

-I am a fighter and a survivor.

-Things will change for me once I quit taking drugs.

-I will fight against this at any cost.

-I am not giving up till I am certain about my condition.

-I will not divert from my goal – to won’t drugs.

-Happiness and peace are waiting for me.

-This will be a difficult journey but in the climax, I will arise as a hero.

-I will not back out of my decision.

-I will start meditating!

-I will do this part with honesty and sincerity.

-I know only I can help myself.

-I will get myself admitted to a rehabilitation center.

-I have decided to be a drug-free person.

-I do not want my parents to see it as drug abuse.

-This is hard but I can achieve it.

-I will shine brightly once I get this done.

-My career needs my focus and my addiction will not help me to get what I want, so, I am going to quit this.

-I learn I will be a decent individual once I quit taking drugs.

-I will not leave my family in distress anymore.

-If not for me, I’ll do this for my house and companions who are fearful of me.

-I will not waste my money on something that is not providing me even the slightest of benefits.

-Nothing can influence me anymore.

-I have dreams and goals for life and so I will quit this habit of mine.

-I am a good person without drugs.

-I do not need drugs to avoid pain and agony.

-I will have to deal with things by myself.

-I am performing the good things and I know it.

-I will not only help myself but I will also be able to save my money.

-I will avoid those people who influence me to take those drugs.

-It is illegal and injurious to me so I will maintain distance from it.

-I have the guts to face this issue.

-I cannot make a joke of myself.

-I am entitled to every happiness and comfort of life.

-My talents and qualities are being ignored because of these drugs and so I have decided to quit.

-I will face this problem and solve them immediately!

-I cannot let these packets play with my health and future.

-My family has high hopes for me and I cannot do this to them.

-This year will be great without this drug habit of mine.

-I will fight the reality with my conscious mind.

-I am not a coward who needs drugs to deal with reality.

-I will face this and overcome it too.

-By the next two months I will be a drug-free person.

-My things will not be spoiled because of this habit.

-When this is pushing every close person far from me then what is the use of it? I will quit it!

-I will start doing fine within two months.

-I will admit myself to the rehabilitation center for my betterment.

-I have faith in what I am doing.

-I will not let my family be in pain and constant worries because of me.

-I am a strong will person.

-I will do this anyway.

-I have the spirit to deal with this.

-I am not riding away from this crisis of mine.

-I will no longer be a douche do anybody!

-I am doing great and I know.

-Slowly things will be okay and fine for me.

-I will not be mean towards me.

-I will try to stay healthy and very far from drug abuse.

-I dare to do this.

-I love challenges and so I will take this as a challenge.

-I am doing it!

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