51+ Best Age Puns and Funny Quotes

Business Communication Funny Puns 51+ Best Age Puns and Funny Quotes

51+ Best Age Puns and Funny Quotes

Everyone wants to stay young hence, aging is a very difficult process for some people. But it is something that cannot be avoided by any means. For some such inevitable and serious process, we can try and add some humor to it. We can use the word age as pun and make funny conversations out of it. Here are some age puns. 

Age Puns and Funny Quotes

  • When I asked him to step back, he was standing on the age. He might have fallen down in no time and have had some major injury. 
  • The relationship was on such an age that we feared every day that things might fall apart and we may end up hating each other. 
  • The knife was a bit rough around the ages but still you need to be careful else you might end up hurting yourself. 

_ I should have known that he was a secret age-nt when he denied giving his bag for checking. We should have been more careful. 

_ He was a policy age-nt who came home to get the paperwork done. My dog went all crazy looking at him. 

_ Due to some  work, the age-ency was shut for some time. You will have to visit again in like a day or two to get your work done. 

_ I called the age-ency twice to get the information but all they could provide me was with the name and date which was of no use. 

_ They fixed the age-nda that very day on the first meeting itself. But rules were not being through out and we were left with nothing. 

_ The age-nda was to finish the whole task today itself. But they all got their own ways and we stayed stuck at that. 

_ He was so age-ile that it was not easy for anyone to keep up with him so we put him in another team without asking him. 

_ We needed someone age-ile for the job. That is the job profile we are looking for. If you have such skill you can wait or you can leave. 

_ My dog was so age-itated after we got him a vaccine that we had to keep him out of the house in order to prevent him from hurting anyone.

_ He got so age-itated that it became very difficult for us to keep the meeting going. We simply apologized and left. 

_ Life is m-age-ic till they time you are young. As youth leaves and reality comes in, you might not be very happy. 

_ It was a m-age-ical experience for us. They way everything was arranged got us awestruck and I had no idea what was coming next. 

_ I am not sure it was m-age-ic or delusion. But all I know that I was happy and would want to experience it again. 

_ She was very fr-age-ile to handle it. So we did not tell her what exactly happened and kept her out of it.

_ The box was fr-age-ile. It was written that it needed to be handled with care. Still he dropped it and broke what was in it. 

_ It us your privil-age that you can go out at night and not feel scared of what might happen to you. Bot every one is that lucky. 

_ He belongs to a privil-aged society. He might not understand the daily chaos and challenges that we face to live and breathe. 

_ The coll-age was shut until further notice due to riots. Anyone seen near that area was beaten badly by the police. 

_ She has studied in one of the most prestigious coll-age of the country. I do not understand how is it so that she is so stupid and dumb. 

_ He was such a le-age-nd that it was my pleasure to work with him on such a prestigious project. I got to learn so much from him. 

_ She made a collage for the classroom. It was one of the best one I had ever seen. 

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