71+ Great Animal Birthday Invitation Wordings Ideas

For many of us, animals are a part of our life as we keep animals for a pet but see them as our own child as well. Hence we celebrate the birthday of our pets as we do for our children and having a pet gives us our inner peace 

since when we are with the animals we can quit from this busy world full of responsibilities and stress.

Animals really love us upon being loved by us so we always feel so happy and cherished while spending time with our pet.

Animal Birthday Invitation Wordings Ideas

  • Don’t go away, listen what man’s best friend  has to say, lets all cheer for him, happy birthday 
  • Sometimes cute, sometimes a naughty brat. Let’s come and sing happy birthday, for our lovely  cat 
  • famous through  the ads, Tommy’s(name of the pug)turning 5 Come, celebrate  its birthday with a high five
  • hear it repeat whatever you say,  its the birthday of our parrot, come spend a lovely day
  • Don’t  be afraid, all dogs are not bad, come visit us as our Tommy(dog) becomes a dad
  • come and enjoy like there’s  no tomorrow, Its the birthday of our pet sparrow
  • with a pet dog we do live happily Let’s celebrate the birthday of our beloved Mili(name of the dog)

_A bit to small, but pretty smart Come and sing happy birthday for our pet Stuart (rat)

_our pet is a sloth who sleeps all the day We wish your presence on his/her first birthday 

_ Its body is small but heart is big.Lets celebrate the birthday of our pet guinniepig

_our Nightingale Sings so well that your heart will melt, Come,  wish him/her happy birthday so the  joy is felt 

_in life there’s both happiness and sorrow, So lets come and spend happily our dog’s birthday, who’s turning 5 tomorrow

_ It’s a blessing to have a dog as a pet, so lets gather together and wish  happy birthday, and make it as lovely as it gets

_You’ll get rid of snakes, if you  set him loose, lets wish happy birthday to our dear pet mongoose

_having a singing bird is surely a lucky thing. Lets celebrate its birthday and listen how it sings

_Always by your side, never leaving you alone. Lets  give our tommy a nice birthday party Like never before

_come lets get wild as our pet monkey  turns 11 And wish him/her happy birthday

_There’s no happiness more than spending time with our pet, so I hope you all come to celebrate our dogs 10th birthday 

_All it does all the day is “mooo” come join us to wish our cow happy birthday to you

_enough of the city life, lets come to the wild to play ,Wish happy  birthday to blackie who turns 5 today

_no matter happy or sad , lets together  spend some time with our pet rupert(name of the dog) As its his/her birthday

_There’s no limit of love or joy, lets give our little Sammy(dog) both of it by celebrating its 7th birthday 

_dogs are loyal like the knights ,and are man’s best friend, come and lets wish our pet dog a happy birthday

_we will be blessed by your golden presence on the birthday of our golden retriever so please come  to celebrate together

_lets take a step to appreciate animals, and spend this auspicious birthday pf our pet dog (dog name)

_Without  your presence the celebration  will be incomplete. We wish your presence on the 6th birthday of (dog’s name)

_We will be glad if you spend some valuable moments  of yours celebrating the birthday of our beloved cat (cats name)

_Can you unsee the how lovely  the animals are? Who deserves to be loved, so let’s wish our (dogs name) happy birthday with  lots of love

_There is no happiness greater  than sharing happiness. So we kindly wish that you show love to our (animals name) by celebrating  its birthday with us

_Spend a few moments celebrating the birthday of our (animal name) we’re sure those few moments  will be memorable

_Lend a hand to a good deed, come  to celebrate our pet’s(any name with apostrophe s) birthday, It will be lovely indeed

_Our (dog’s name) turning  12 today, we request your presence on this auspicious day

_ Animals are a part of our nature, lets ne part of the fun of their  happiness, come celebrate the birthday of our beloved (dogs name)

_its a nice day and we’re sure it will be  lot nicer if u visit us at our (pet’s name) birthday  who’s turning 12 today

_Visit us at the wild fun of the 12th birthday of Jessie(dog’s name) and make it special for both your and for her

_Celebration of our beloved (pets name) isn’t  complete without your presence, wish to see you as a part of the celebration

_A lot of enjoyment awaits, bring as much fun as u can get, for its the birthday of our (pet name) so don’t just watch and wait

_Just Once in every year, we celebrate our birthday to make it special, lets make  sure to join the party for the birthday of (pet name) for all who is lovely and dear

_Is your mood off today? Why dont come and celebrate the birthday of (pet name) and just throw the boredom away

_sharing money makes you poor, sharing love makes  others love you more, so just like every year, lets celebrate  (pet name with apostrophe s) birthday, we assure that you won’t  be bored

_Few hours of yours is just required, to celebrate the birthday of (pets name) as we aspire,You’re welcome and just visit us once as you’ll feel desired

_Animals are man’s  best friends, if you love them they’ll love you more, so come celebrate our (pet name)’s birthday for lots of fun and more

_With humans we spend most of the time, give animals a try as well, we’re  celebrating our (pets name)’s birthday today , we require your presence as well 

_For few hours get lost in the fun rather than going out in the scorching, we’ll make sure to make your day, as we celebrate our dear (pets name)’s birthday

_Humans are everywhere, but still we feel alone, Don’t feel so sad, come and celebrate  (pet name)’s birthday at our home

_Neither they can speak nor talk, still animals do complete us, So will be our celebration for (pet name)’s birthday if you are with us

_A friend in need a friend indeed is proved by man’s best friend we call  dogs, we wish your auspicious presence on the birthday of (pet name), our pet dog

_Animals do so much for us every time we need, so why don’t we give them  the love they all need, come at the birthday party of our pet (pet name) you will have all the fun you ever need

_ lovely and pure, love we get from our pet, they deserve love as much as they  get, let’s celebrate our (pet name)’s birthday, your presence will make it as good as it can get

Animal Birthday Invitation Card Canva Templates

Animal Birthday Invitation Card Canva Templates

What to write in an animal birthday party invitation?

  • Write about your precious pet and how important they are for you
  • Invite people making their presence important
  • Mention the theme for the party 
  • Ask them to stay back for food

How to respond to an animal birthday party invitation?

  • Tell them how much you love their pet 
  • Thank them for inviting you 
  • Let them know you will be present there 
  • Mention how good their pet is and how lucky it is to be a part of the family 

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