151+ Annoying Phrases Must Avoid Saying to Your Boy Friend

Business Communication Messages & Wishes 151+ Annoying Phrases Must Avoid Saying to Your Boy Friend

151+ Annoying Phrases Must Avoid Saying to Your Boy Friend

If you are in love with a man and wish to stay in a happy relationship with him, you must make sure not to hurt him! You don’t just need to take care of his wants and needs but also show how much you love and care about him. Just like women, men also want to feel appreciated and not hear all those annoying phrases from the girl he loves so dearly.

Here are some annoying phrases that you must avoid from saying it to your guy.

-You don’t look good. 

-I am not in love with you anymore!

-You no longer look attractive. 

-You have gained weight. 

-You overreact way too much. 

-You just over do things. 

-You are very possessive. 

-Stop acting like my father!

-I don’t trust you anymore. 

-I hate it when you are around. 

-You are taking advantage of me. 

-You are an asshole!

-Look at that guy, he looks so hot!

-I find your friend really attractive. 

-Why aren’t you as fit as your friends?

-You must follow what I say. 

-You must not do anything that I don’t want you to. 

-You are a pig!

-I am not your mother!

-You don’t need me to take care of you. 

-You have not spent enough on me. 

-I did spend a lot of my expenses on you. 

-I am hundred percent sure that you are double dating. 

-Why were you hanging out with that girl?

-Is she the one you like?

-Do you love someone else?

-I have no clue what is going on between you and your best friend? 

-Are you trying to control me? 

-Don’t act childish and stop being so protective. 

-I cannot take out time for you, today. 

-I am way too busy to meet you today. 

-I cannot come for the movie today. 

-I know you made plans for us but I have something more important. 

-Don’t act like you are my husband. 

-You have no rights to tell me what should be done and what not.

-I will always pick my best friend over you. 

-My friends are more precious to me than you are. 

-Why are you so jealous of my best friend? 

-Why can’t you come out and hang around with my friends?

-You are no longer handsome. 

-I always deserved someone better. 

-I am out of your league. 

-I should not settle for a man like you. 

-I can get a better man than you. 

-You make me cry. 

-I do not find my happiness in you.

-You are a very toxic man. 

-I just want a breakup from you. 

-You have just added insecurities and toxicities in my life. 

-We so need a break. 

-This relationship is sickening!

-We are over!

-Stop behaving as if you are a king. 

-You should  not comment on my dressing style.

-Do not touch my closet without my permission. 

-You don’t have to drop me wherever I go. 

-How could you hang out with your friends without informing me?

-Why did you go to river rafting without taking my permission?

-Do whatever you wish to. 

-I cannot be supportive of your ventures anymore. 

-Stop spending so much money. 

-I need to know where are you spending all your money. 

-I want my freedom back. 

-I feel suffocated in this relationship. 

-You never give me space. 

-I am confused if I love you anymore or not. 

-You are very dominating. 

-I don’t want to take care of you any longer. 

-You look like an absolute nerd. 

-The guy in our class is way more attractive than you are. 

-I think I love someone else. 

-Don’t you dare compare yourself with my best friend, he is different. 

-You should be minding your own business. 

-There is nothing common between us. 

-I don’t like sharing everything about my life with you. 

-I have got a higher standard that you in the society. 

-Do not take this relationship seriously. 

-I am looking for casual relationship not a serious one. 

-You are not the man I was looking for. 

-Please don’t see your future with me. That’s ridiculous. 

-I am just attracted to you, I never said I love you.

-I am not your maid. 

-I want you to keep your stuff to yourself. 

-I am not sure about you. 

-I still think about my ex. 

-I cannot come in a serious relationship with you. 

-You make me laugh but I don’t think you are the one. 

-I like you as a friend but can’t see a lover in you. 

-I don’t want to care for you because you don’t care about me. 

-All I want us to be friends with benefits. 

-Stop romanticizing our future because we have none together. 

-You are way too dependent on me. 

-I find you very clumsy and lazy. 

-You are no longer my type. 

-I cannot go around in public with you anymore. 

-You should definitely get a life for yourself. 

-You need to get your stuff done on your own. 

-Don’t sneer at me. 

-You are nothing without your friends. 

-You need to earn more money. 

-You are a crazy man!

-Forget and forgive me!

-You have a ridiculous sense of humour. 

-You deserve to be made fun of.

-There is no doubt that you are stupid. 

-I don’t know what I saw in you and came in a relationship. 

-Men are dying to come into a relationship with me. 

-I too good to be your girlfriend. 

-I am so over your stupidity. 

-I can’t tolerate your tantrums anymore. 

-You are so emotionally unstable. 

-I do not want to deal with any unnecessary crap anymore.

-You can never be right. 

-Why are you so melodramatic?

-You are an unemployed man and I don’t want to be with you. 

-I am in doubt with what your intentions are. 

-You are never honest with me.

-Do you still talk to your ex? 

-Stop looking into my mobile phone. 

-I need your Facebook password to check your chats.

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