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Architecture Company: 6 About us Page Templates

When visitors go to your website, the first place they go is your landing page. If they have an interest past your landing page, they will probably go to your “About Us” page to learn more.

What to Write in the About Us page of your architecture company?

  • The page must enlighten the readers about the establishment of the company in detail.
  •  The different range of services provided by your company must be highlighted briefly for easy finding of the service required.
  • The details about contact with the company such as address or email ID must be mentioned clearly avoiding any convolution.
  • The availability or the contact timing must have a precise mention so that customers trying to contact your company have no difficulty in getting entertained.
  • The qualifications of the architects in your company and their experience should be there on the page.
  • The page should have reviews of the clients who are happy with your services so that new customers develop trust in the services you provide.

When a website visitor decides to go to the “About Us” page fo your Architecture business, he or she is on a fact-finding mission, as well as looking for the “story” of your Architecture business. It’s crucial that your “About Us” page says what goods or services your Architecture business provides.

About us Page Templates for Architecture Company

Template: 1

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ was established in 1981 by Richard Fe Tom. We have given arranging and building administrations to the southwest for more than 30 years. Our office is the rebuilt notable 1920’s adobe clubhouse in the first fella farm situated at the Silverbell Guest Ranch, where stars

Our present staff of 10 incorporates six (6) enlisted engineers. We are an ensured Woman Owned Minority Business Enterprise whose principals are Kegan Tom, AIA, and Richard Fe Tom, AIA. Richard was the first author of the firm and girl Kegan is a second era engineer.

The firm has constantly used driving edge innovation and proceeds with this favorable position with 3-D Building Information Modeling (BIM) in plan and documentation.

While we grasp innovation, we likewise grasp enhancing our locale’s social, monetary and ecological issues through plan. We trust it is basic to safeguard our legacy and our future. Our job as creators and engineers is to encourage the catch of the Vitality, Cultural Identity and Spirit of the general population.

Our different arrangement of ventures incorporates business and friendliness, metropolitan and government, mechanical, instructive, notable, social and multi-family lodging offices.

Administrations incorporate ace arranging, site investigation, possibility thinks about, due industriousness and memorable overviews.

Template: 2

‘Organization Name’

To those needing to have an effect with configuration, ‘Organization Name’ is where centered individuals reliably convey the remarkable.

We are energetic, realizing that individuals live, work, play and occupy the spaces and places we envision and imagine for our customers. We are responsive, understanding that we are in an administration business and the vision is that of our customers – never of our own alone.

We are worldwide, making extraordinary spaces over the globe through our associated system of workplaces and individuals.

We are one, with huge ability over a wide range of mastery, trusting that the estimation of ability, experience and information is duplicated when shared. We are careful, offsetting exceptional plan with specialized ability and development organization foundations for streamlined, on-time, inside spending ventures.

We are ‘Organization Name’. We make puts that improve the human experience. Every single day.

Template: 3

‘Organization Name’

To have the best beneficial outcome on our general surroundings, ‘Organization Name’ is sorted out as a solitary strong network that is associated over the globe, working with shared qualities and shared reason.

This year, we reshaped our system as One Community that is ready to present to ‘Organization Name’s’ extraordinary qualities to the commercial center and drive change for our customers anyplace on the planet.

By making a dynamic system of pioneers who can quicken methodology, disentangle correspondence, and guarantee network, there’s no restriction to what we can achieve.

Energized by bits of knowledge from the ‘Organization Name’ Research Institute, we are focused on opening new arrangements and techniques that will characterize the eventual fate of structure. We welcome you to utilize these bits of knowledge as a stage for considering what’s straightaway.

This yearly report features four key territories that go deeply of our identity. Taken together, these accounts catch the embodiment of our One Community approach, which is about the worldwide reach and assorted variety of our firm.

Template: 4

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ is an accumulation of expert, normal sounding business names – each with an ideal com area. So you should simply pick one that you like and that feels appropriate for your business and get it. It’s as simple as that.

Thinking of a name without anyone else can be a tedious and disappointing business – particularly on the off chance that you need an ideal, no-trade off .com area name. You before long find that most .com spaces are as of now taken.

What’s more, despite the fact that it’s extraordinary to work with a marking or naming authority to build up a bespoke name to an explicit brief, some of the time the time and spending plan simply isn’t there.

That is the reason we created ‘Organization Name’: a quick, sober-minded path for individuals to name their business adventure.

What’s more, to make it much less demanding and quicker to go live, ‘Organization Name’ additionally offers you a decision of three expertly planned logos as a major aspect of the package.With ‘Organization Name’s’ help, you could go from an extraordinary thought with no name, to a live marked business in merely days.

‘Organization Name’ is for any individual who needs to locate an extraordinary new business name, and who needs to possess the ideal .com area for their site and messages.

Our clients originate from the four corners of the world and from each segment you can envision. The organizations go from little new companies to financed adventures and expansive corporate re-brands.

Be that as it may, our clients make them thing in like manner; they thought that it was difficult to name their business themselves – and they perceive the significance of an ideal .com area for building a brand.

Template: 5

‘Organization Name’

‘Organization Name’ is a main structural and inside firm that plans spaces for business, retail and different customers. Conceptualized and established in 1992 by Ashwin Aryamane, an engineer from Rachana Sansad, the organization has developed from solidarity to quality with a direction of amazing work and a portfolio that represents itself with no issue.

Today, with a PAN America nearness and working from five workplaces the nation over, Concept is a precursor in the Workspace Interiors portion.

Having said that, our undertaking is to imagine, make and create tasteful and practically powerful spaces that connect with individuals, assist organizations with performing and which lift human experience.

Since our commencement, we have worked with an extensive variety of customers the country over and we are pleased to convey results that surpass the desires for our customers.

Our portfolio incorporates structuring of office insides, corporate grounds, engineering, R&D offices, Corporates, Banking and Finance, Retail, IT – ITES and that’s just the beginning.

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