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Australia Day: 61+ Greetings, Messages, and Quotes

Australia day is also known as the official national day of Australia. It is mainly celebrated on behalf of the arrival of their ancestors, it is the day on which the first ever British ship to reach the shores of Australia in 1778 at Port Jackson, New South Wales.

And on this day, the people of Australia celebrate this occasion by praising and praying to the almighty for all they have and celebrate each and every element of their country like wind, water, air, and land.

Australia Day Wishes, Messages, and Quotes

Australia Day greetings-

  • May we prosper as we did till now and praise for all that is ours, for all that is a part of our home, a blessed Australia day to all
  • Wrap up your souls with the flag of our country and show the world its beautiful diversities and have faith and love for our home, and wish all a happy Australia day
  • A country is not made with only land and sea, it’s made with the blood who made it free, so let’s all celebrate the happiest Australia day
  • Let’s take an oath to save our land from harm, and never forget the fight we fought to establish our home, hence lets commemorate all by celebrating this happy Australia day
  • Do not forget what it is to have a country so heavenly as ours, and every moment here is precious, wishing everyone a prosperous Australia day
  • On this prestigious day we recollect our memories from the past and how we have got this heavenly land, and remembering our duty to prosper along this land, a happy Australia day to all
  • On this special occasion, we celebrate the birthday of our motherland, and hence wishing all a happy Australia day
  • Happy Australia day, hope we all prosper and never go far away, since this is our country, none less than heaven’s stairway
  • Bring up the flags , raise them high, happy Australia day to all my fellow countrymen, To our country, we’ll never say goodbye
  • Celebration shall begin so shall the feast as another year passes through our blessed land, happy Australia day to all
  • Have a great day ahead as this day our country was formed and happiness started as well, hence wishing everyone a happy Australia day
  • Never have you ever felt so proud and blessed as we all do today as it is the day we got our home, and hence a happy Australia day to all my fellow countrymen
  • Greetings all, be happy and be proud to call this heavenly place our home , and enjoy this happy Australia day 
  • Be happy and be proud and celebrate with all your heart’s joy as this day is ours only to be celebrated , hence a happy Australia day to all
  • May we prosper may we grow, since all the people living here do know, that the more we love our country , the more we do grow, happy Australia day
  • Have faith, have trust, and work hard, so the country doesn’t rust, wishing all my fellow country ,en a happy Australia day

Australia Day messages-

  • Wishing all a happy Australia day and hope this day fill your heart with the love for our country and you relish all of its moments
  • A warm blessing to all my fellow country men for this auspicious moment which fills our hearts with patriotism and love for our country and wishing you a happy Australia day
  • Many happy returns of this day as this day we remember the establishment of the so called place or land we call home, hence wishing everyone a very prosperous Australia day
  • Let’s show our love for our country this day, since this day is a special one for all who share this land because we all contribute to its welfare, and hence we wish you all a very happy Australia day
  • Hope your day goes well today and you feel proud to be a part of something which has provided usb all the necessities of life, that is our country, hence let’s all celebrate this Australia day together
  • Join your hands and close your eyes and pray that we prosper in the future as we did until now   everyone stays happy to the fullest and lets celebrate this Australia day with all our families
  • Lets celebrate this day like never before since this day we got a family like never before, a family whose members we call countrymen. So let’s all celebrate together this happy Australia day
  • Have no regrets for all we ve lost, but lets rejoice for all the way we have come since we became free, and enjoy this Australia day to our fullest, hence wishing you all a warm Australia day
  • Feel proud to call yourselves the citizens of a place so heavenly as ours, and let’s all join hand and spread love and love for our country by celebrating grandly in this Australia day
  • We fought, we lived , we died for our motherland, and hence now we are the consumers of its fruits, so lets light up the flame of the country’s spirit by celebrating this Australia day in a grand way
  • A place we can call ours, a place where we can feel like home, that is what our country is, lets prosper together and also show the ultimate hospitality to our guests to show our elegance, and celebrate this auspicious Australia day
  • Lets celebrate this day with fireworks to light up the sky and use our own hard work to light up the country’s future and hence celebrate this Australia day with all our families and friends

Australia Day quotes-

“I’d like to be seen as an average Australian bloke. I can’t think of… I can’t think of a nobler description of anybody than to be called an average Australian bloke.”   –John Howard

“Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today. It is already tomorrow in Australia.”   –Charles M. Schulz

“Australia is about as far away as you can get. I like that.”

Andre Benjamin

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