149+ Top Author Blogs and Pages Names

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger. It is important to select a creative blog name. Pick something generic which include your brand too.

Names and Slogans Blog Names 149+ Top Author Blogs and Pages Names

149+ Top Author Blogs and Pages Names

For authors, it is most important to publish their book and get p[ublicity accordingly. Many of the authors have many books published but gone unnoticed for several reasons. Now every author has the option of media to publicize their books.

Top 15 Author Blogs of the World

Helping Writers Become Authors –  This blog is written by an award-winning and internationally acclaimed author of the book, Outlining Your Novel and Structuring Your Novel. If you are a fan of historic and speculative fiction, then you must follow this blog.

The Write Practice – This blog is perfect for those budding authors who need to hone their craft with a little bit of practice. It has writing slots for you 6 times a week, each starting from 15 minutes and helps you study the style of writing of various published authors.

Live Write Thrive – This blog is run by C.S Lakin and puts up a new post every once a week. This is also an award-winning blog are dedicated to writers who want to learn more about the techniques of heavy novel writing and guides on every step of their journey.

The Creative Penn- This blog is run by Joanna Penn, best-selling author as voted by USA Today, the New York Times, and The Guardian UK. This blog has abundant resources that will guide you through writing, publishing, and also marketing. The blog has featured in the list of Top 10 Blogs for Writers numerous times.

Writers in the Storm – This blog aims to help writers gain that unique perspective which will make their work stand out and believes that the only way one can be a successful writer is one rise above self-doubt.

The Reedsy Blog –  This blog is the go-to blog for all news regarding writing, publishing as well as marketing. The blog lets you connect with some of the best publishers and reach out to them. It started in 2014 and has been coming up with a new post every day since then.

Daily Writing Tips Blog – This writing blog caters to a large group of professionals and not just writers. There are a lot of other professions too, like law, management, etc., which need exceptional writing skills as well. This blog makes sure that everybody who needs to write a lot, has access to grammar tips, punctuation tips to vocabulary resources.

Now Novel – Do you want to be a novelist, but keep giving yourself excuses for not doing so? Then this blog is the best for you. This blog puts up a new post every week with only one primary agenda, that is, to get you to sit down and write your novel. It helps you with all the necessary tips and tools that a writer needs.

Being A Thinkaholic – This blog is more of a personal writing journal where the writer chronicles her life incidents and shares it with her readers. The blog has a frequency of one post per week and has some really emotional articles about the joys and struggles of motherhood and more.

The Tina Edit – This blog is written by Tina Sequera, who is one of Hyderabad’s most famous bloggers and influencers.  She herself is an award-winning author and writes about a vast range of topics. In addition to that, she is also a marketing professional and a mentor. 

Writing for Kids –  This blog, as the name suggests, is dedicated to helping writers in the children’s fiction category. The writer of this blog is herself a published author of several children’s books and provides insightful details about the technicalities of writing for  younger readers,

About Freelance Writing By Anne Wayman –  If you are looking for ways to earn some extra cash by writing, then the blog is your go-to place. This bog, run by Anne Wayman to guide writers on how to freelance and brush up their writing skills so that they can cater to a maximum number of clients.

All About Romance –  The blog is run by a team of writers all across the globe who share one common interest, that is, love for romance novels.  Posting about four articles a week, this blog is very well-loved by its readers who originate from different parts of the world. If romance novels are your favorite, then you must follow this blog!

Janice Hardy’s Fiction University – This blog prepares young writers into being professional, seasoned writers. Posting a new post every day, this blog provides numerous tips and techniques about how to write, plan, edit, publish and market your work.

Productive Writers by John Soares – This blog is run by John Soares who has been a freelance author since 1994. It has been his full-time profession and he now runs this blog to help other freelance writers get more work and make the right connections. It also has a network of people who are looking for freelancers and ghostwriters to carry out their orders.

A blog is the right idea for the authors to show-up their work and gets comments from the readers of their book. Many of the authors get noticed with their blogs which can even fetch some handsome income for them. Moreover, these blogs are helping readers to choose their favorite publications. This modern world is giving a great opportunity for authors to become famous for their writings.

Catchy author blog names for you which surely can attract more

First Write

Secret Diary

Reader Addict

Post Write

Daily Author

Giddy Play

Read Rag

Over Heels

Shining Armour

Lively Writes

Read People

Writing Fire

Book Spark

Well Read

Finger Move

Wall Writes

Fiction Book

Creative Pen

Literature Storm

Book Design

Mind Thrive

Author World

The Writer

Creative Author

Author Zone

Draw up Literature

Reviewer Paper

Modify Literature

Publication Root

Liberal Studies

Reading Matter

Print Origin

Science Forge

Study Frame

Script Culture

Notice Framer

Print Planner

Poem Maker

Essay Builder

Novel Patron

Book Frame

Find Publication

Thesis Wing

Composer Work

Letter Compile

Article Leader

Writer Ode

Prime Signature

Editorial Source

Play Architect

Drama Folk

Paper Center

Book Head

Story Maker                                   

Theme Motivator

Poetry Spring

Novel Base

Writer Plug

Poster Expert

Narrator Study

Pencil Print

Print Draft

Pen Note

Research Note

Drop Note

Pencil Push

Ink Wisdom

Print Editor

Letter Script

Rewrite Story

Draft Training

Poet Book

Fiction Report

Reprint Script

Poet Work

Play Critic

Unique Editor

Writer Score

ManuScript Chart

Paper Coonection

Exotic Rise

Tune Maker

My Author

Text Origin

Paper Pen

Essay Scribbler


Offprint Composer

Unique Columnist

Print Sign

Paper Note

Reader Draft

Rare Novelist

Ink Work

Strange Poet

Author Handbook

Comp Primer

Color Chalk

Text Volume

Novel Codex

Fresh Reporter

Funky Novelist

Stringer Reader

Preprint Note

Critic Speller

Unique Edition

Ink Album

Rare Ghost

Fresh Poet

Odd Novelist

Print Volume

Script Manual

Pencil Copy

Softcover Note

Work Record

Article Maker

Reader Impulse

Reader Source

Essay Motive

Mastermind Roll

Recent Producer

Reader Seed

Reader Center

Creator Piece

Reader Motivator

Original Book

Essay Dean

Writer Tales

Song Generator

Music Mover

Story Promoter

Novel Publisher

Fiction Motor

Poetry Sponsor

Drama Writer

Rare Roots

Story Drive

Creative Tune

Weird Mover

Master Ruler

Essay Paper

Copy Edition

Theme Form

Chart Work

Reader Agent

Novel Study

Mystic Novel

Print Theme

Spring Play

Romance Author

Fresh Study

A blog is a webpage where an author can post their publication information and get comments from the readers worldwide. Blogging has become a household matter as many of the individuals earn money through blogs sitting at home. Many of the companies have their own blogs to market their products and services.

Top Author Pages Names

Individuals show-up their talents through blogs and help others to get information on it. Unlike websites, blogs are updated regularly to give out fresh information.  The contents of the blog should be catchy to get reader engagement. In the same way, a blog name also plays a vital role to attract traffic on the internet.

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