50+ Best Baby Shower Invitation Wordings Ideas

Baby shower is a very memorable moment as we witness the arrival of a new member of a family, and celebrate the arrival, wishing a very prosperous life ahead.

New born always brings joy in a family’s life just like a lamp brightens a dark room, the innocent smile of the child is more than just priceless.

We forget all our practicality when we play with a child and we become that child we were once before. As we get lost  in its innocence.

Best Baby Shower Invitation wordings

  • A new member joins the family, and celebration  and your presence will indeed make it lovely
  • Come and watch the arrival of our new baby. We invite you to celebrate  the baby shower, it’ll surely bring a smile on both the baby and you.
  • Witness the joy  of the (name of family)’s first new born boy, we invite you to  the. Baby shower of (name)
  • Let the child in you awake, visit us, since its the baby shower of the (family name)’s family’s new member.
  • Hurry up don’t miss the chance to enjoy an occasion like none, its the baby shower of (name) so lets celebrate  together

_people are busy so are you. So let’s  get a bit rest from this busy world and celebrate the baby shower  of (family name)’ s first baby boy (name)

_We invite you to celebrate the baby shower of (name)  who’s the new member of (family name) family

_Children are the angels disguised as humans, so is proved by his/her smile. Come on be a part of the baby shower of (name) 

_just like many memorable moments in life, having a new born child is one of them.  So lets celebrate the baby shower of (name)

_A smile filled joy, with children we always do enjoy  so come be a part of the baby shower of (name), the new born boy  of (family name) family

_when a child is born, the parents are reborn as well, be a part of this beautiful moment by your presence on baby shower of (name)

_little feet little hands, but when we see , our hearts fill with joy, you are invited to the baby shower of (name) and your presence will make it more lovely 

_Family is like roots , and new born is like another, which makes family tree stronger.  Lets join together and celebrate the baby shower of (name)

_Many say angels live only in fairy  tale. But we see them as children. Hence we invite you to the auspicious occasion of baby shower of (name)

_Witness the joy of the parents and the smile of the new born child, be a part of the baby shower of (family name) family’s first boy ,(name)

_No one can match the joy we get when a member is added to the family, we please your presence as we celebrate the baby shower  of (name)

_ lets give our contribution to one of the happiest moments for (family name) family as its the baby shower of their  child. (Name)

_Happiness can be found everywhere, but a child’s eyes have the purest of it. Lets celebrate  the baby shower of (name) and we invite you as well

_we all had crossed our childhood, lets travel back and relive those memories as we celebrate  the baby shower of (name)

_A child tender hands, its touch makes us happier than anything, so, come and celebrate this little angel’s baby shower together

_ the moment every family waits for is their first child. Lets enjoy with them as we celebrate  the baby shower of (name)

_none can break the bond of a mother and child, lets witness the starting of such bond by celebrating  the baby shower of (name) 

_lets give  our love from deepest core of our heart and celebrate  the baby shower of (name)

_ Know what its like to be with a child and feel it touch your hands with his, lets celebrate the baby shower of (name)

_Celebrate the moment a new member joins the family. Be a part of the occasion of baby shower as  (family name) family gets its new member

_Join us on the grand celebration  of the baby shower of (name) and lend us tour time  and presence to make it more special

_Welcome the new member of (family name) family and wish  prosperity for their life, so join us on the baby shower of (name)

_feel the charming smile of the child, and come  celebrate with all the joy, the baby shower of (name)

_hurry up and get ready to wish the welcome of the new member of the (family name)’s family as we celebrate the baby shower of (name)

_we invite you to be a part of our  celebration for the baby shower of (name)

_ come join us, it won’t be a vain, as we welcome the first member of (family name)’s family And wish them with all our hearts

_a celebration like none is the celebration  for a new born child, so enjoy with us as we celebrate the baby shower  of (name)

_just say hi rather than  feeling shy, meet the new born (name), and celebrate together

_Come and watch what’s pure love does look like, lets celebrate  the baby shower of (name) and feel how being loved is like

_Cute and calm , charming as well, its the baby shower  of (name) and we require your presence as well

_Never feel alone as a child’s holding your hands, lets all wish them their baby shower, joining hand to hand

_Don’t miss the chance of becoming  a part of something as good as the welcome of a new born child, lets al wish our little (name) their baby shower 

_A moment you won’t forget, feelings that you can’t  regret, be a part of the baby shower of (name) and make the occasion as special as it can get

_ Never will you forget  this special day, as we welcome our little (name) in this world, and wish them happiness for everyday

_With a child, you won’t  feel sad, celebrating his/her baby shower  won’t make you feel bad, so join us on the baby shower  of our little (name)

_Make memories that shall remain in your heart, and lets give our love to our new little member, welcome at the baby shower of (name)

_On this auspicious day make yourself  relaxed and celebrate the baby shower of (name) and wish them together

_A day so lovely  and a warm, having a child so charming and calm, wish our little (name) its baby shower, holding it in your arms

_Once in a. Lifetime does it come, the arrival of a new soul, lets celebrate  the baby shower of (name) with our mind and soul 

_Lets make a better world for our new generation by celebrating the baby shower of (name) and bless them with  prosperity 

_just like flowers beautify nature, so does a child to a family. Witness and take part in this lovely act and celebrate the. Baby shower of (name) together 

_come enjoy, its the baby shower  of (name) and make sure to be present to make it a bit more special

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What to write in a Baby shower Invitation?

  • Mention how important it is for you to have their blessings
  • Tell them that you would be glad to share your special day with them 
  • Mention how excited you are to be a host for them 
  • Mention that you want them to stay back for dinner/lunch together

How to respond to a Baby Shower invitation?

  • Congratulate the mother to be on her new experience
  • Write that you will be present there to offer your blessings
  • Thank them for including you on their special day 
  • Write how happy you are for them 

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