41 Best Bachelorette Party Invitation Wordings

invitations can be informal or formal. Although invitations have traditionally sent through the mail, informal invitations such as emails and phone invitations are becoming more acceptable.it's best to invite guests three to four weeks in advance. If you choose to invite your guests by phone, remind them again in writing two weeks before the gathering. Here are some Great Bachelorette Party invitation wording Ideas

Bachelorette Party or sometimes known as Hen Night is a party organized for a woman who is going to get married shortly. As the name suggests itself, bachelorette party has been adapted from the Stag Night which is itself a historic day where the Bridegroom enjoys a similar feast/party with his friends shortly before his wedding.

Despite carrying the reputation of using the bachelorette parties as an excuse to send “a sodden farewell to her maiden days” these parties are mostly thrown in the honor of the bride-to-be. While the term ‘Bachelorette Party’ is pretty common in the United States, countries such as Ireland, England, Australia and Canada uses terms like Hen(s) party, Hen(s) night and Hen(s) do.

So here are some bachelorette party invitation wordings listed out just for you-

_Well our friend has decided to get shackled up in the chains of marriage. So do join us in the bachelorette party as this is our last chance to make her feel the blissfulness of an unmarried woman. 

_Before the day comes when we celebrate love, there is a day called the bachelorette party as well. No prizes for guessing, that you are being invited to this legendary day.

 _What actually happens in a best friend’s bachelorette party? If you do want to know more about it then you have got to be there for it. 

_You know as friends of our best gal it is not only our duty but a responsibility to throw an epic bachelorette party for our going to be martyred friend. So see you at this monumental day.

_It is time to gulp down the sorrows of our own life and just be there for our friend by throwing her a state of the art bachelorette party in which you are cordially invited to.

_What is life without having some fun with our friends, only this time we will name the excuse of having fun as the bachelorette party. You are invited to have some of the best moments of your life.

_We are extremely thankful for the fact that our friend has found someone to get hitched for life. So the only thing that remains is you joining us to share the fun on our girl’s bachelorette party.

_ More than the wedding itself we are excited about how we can put up the grandest bachelorette party for our friend. I hope you will there with us on that day with some of your most fun ideas.

_We will be there for our friend on her wedding day to celebrate love but before that we have got to celebrate friendship as well. So keep your fun shoes ready on her bachelorette party.

_Just like our best friend may we all find love some day but until that day let’s celebrate the awesome bond of friendship on her bachelorette party. Hence, you presence is requested on this historical day.

_Nobody likes to share his/her friend with an unknown man/woman till death does them apart, so we are going to drink like crazy and call it a bachelorette party. Do join us in our journey of happy sulking.

_What can we do apart from getting sloshed and reliving happy memories on our dear friend’s bachelorette party? Do help us with your presence as we are out of ideas.

_She found her best friends before she ever found love. And it is her wish to have the grandest bachelorette party organized by her best friends and hence your presence is requested.

_As long as we friends are together, any day can be celebrated as bachelorette party. So your presence is very much requested at our friend’s last voyage to singlehood/

_She caught him and she decided to be with him forever so we have only one event to show what she is missing out on. We ask you to join us for that spectacular event otherwise known as bachelorette party.

_Nothing beats the happiness of finding love in our lives but apart from that, the most treasured thing we can posses are our friends. So don’t even dare to miss our girl’s epic bachelorette party.

_Just as we thought that our friend who would die single, she managed to find her other half and shocked us all. Please join us on our quest to give our friend a shocking and fun bachelorette party.

_The biggest day of our friend’s life is almost here, one thing that remains is throwing her the coolest bachelorette party. Hence do join us as the celebration will be incomplete without your presence.

_ As we move closer to the big day, our bride is stressing like crazy because one last hoorah is what our friend needs. So don’t forget to join us on her bachelorette part to show our friend a very good time.

_Our friend has the weirdest dream of having a grand bachelorette party for herself. So you are not only invited but needed to join the team of people who are planning to turn her dreams into reality.

_ The gals are planning to organize the most crazy fun filled bachelorette party for our friend. Without further adieu, do join us for a night of fun and festivities!

_Join the old girls and the gang for a smokin’ time as we celebrate our friend’s lovely bachelorette party. See you on the fun day girl!

_Imagine we and all of our bride’s friends are sitting in a beach having the best wine and reliving some good old memories can be one of the finest bachelorette parties ever. I hope you could join us.

_Booze have been ordered, cigars have been stocked and ‘special men’ are on their way so the only thing is missing is you. Hope you can make it at our very own best friend’s bachelorette party.

_Our very own friend is going to take a shot at marriage and let’s just hope it all goes well. So we need to give her a proper send off through a bachelorette party. Hence, your presence is requested.

_Before our best friend becomes someone else’s wife, we need to have a night out, give a final toast to her single life and of course we request the pleasure of your company for this epic bachelorette party. 

_The clock is ticking and the time for our friend’s wedding is almost near so if you could join us in the celebration of her bachelorette party we’d be extremely glad.

_Our lovely friend has found her Mr. Right so let us all honor her last days of freedom by organizing one of the best bachelorette party ever. We are hoping that you could join us on the day.

_(Name)’s wedding is just around the corner so don’t forget to grab all of your beach gear as we are going to celebrate her last days as bachelorette in the most fun way possible.

_Some good friends, loads of laughing due to mimosas and some naughty lingerie will be one of the highlights of our friend’s bachelorette party. With pride and joy we invite you to enjoy this special day.

_The dress, the church, the cake and all those planning can be quiet hectic for our bride to be. So it’s’ time for us girls to mix and mingle on our bride’s bachelorette party for which you are cordially invited.

_Now that our friend is going to tie the knot with her own Mr. Prince charming, we have got to send her off with all the exciting things one can have on a bachelorette party. So are you up for some wild times?

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