669+ Best Backpacking Blogs and Pages Names

The modern world offers a lot of space for traveling a hobby. People always look for the best and budget traveling around the world with all the tips and tricks.

There are travelers who know traveling ideas, share their experiences and ideas with people through their blogs. These blogs offer the necessary preparation tips for traveling.


The Backpacker by Audrey Bergner –  This blog is run by Audrey Bergner who lives in Toronto, Canada. If you want inspiration and travel tips then That Backpacker is a must follow. The blog navigates around the backpacking trips of Audrey and takes you into her world of adventures. The blog first started in May 2015.

The Trek –  This blog provides you with all the information that you need to know before embarking on a backpacking trekking trip. With stories, multiple resources, news and advice about how to trek along the Appalachian Trail and the likes of it, this blog is a perfect destination for beginners who are about to plan their first backpacking trek.

Journey Era –  This blog is run by Jackson Groves and takes you through the adventures of his solo backpacking trail. Jackson is a seasoned backpacker and has been travelling and exploring for over two years now, and claims to have never spent more than $12 for a single night’s accommodation.

Hostelworld –  This blog is a powerhouse of resources, news, and ideas about the best ways you can travel on a budget.  Providing its readers with immense knowledge about the top cities that one needs to cover and advice on popular tourist destinations, this blog is the holy grail of cheap travel. 

The Broke Backpacker –  This blog is run by Will Hatton, an online entrepreneur who is also an adventure junkie. Providing the readers with some serious insight about how to become a digital nomad, this blog is the hub of information about some serious adventure that too on a very tight budget. This blog was started in 2013.

Hiking Lady –  This blog is solely dedicated to women who love being outdoors. The blog started in 2009 and since then has been publishing quality articles once a quarter, providing women with the necessary guidelines on camping, hiking and backpacking. This blog will definitely keep every women abreast with all the information about backpacking.

Nomad Revelations – This famous blog is run by Jaoa Leitao since 2014. With 30 posts a quarter, this blog will surely keep all the independent backpackers up to date with exotic travel destinations, inspiring and audacious adrenaline-pumping adventures.

The Savvy Backpacker – This blog is devoted to the idea of making students familiar with the idea of backpacking.  The blog provides some very useful tips about planning a budget trip across Europe, the packing list, Eurail passes, and much more. The blog was started in 2010 and publishes one post a week.

 The Pinay Solo Backpacker – This marvelous travel blog is run by Gael Hilton. It mostly concentrates on backpacking trips across the Philippines and encourages her readers around the world to consider it as a backpacking destination. She also has intriguing travel stories to share with her readers. 

Adventure Alan – This blog began in 1999 and aims to provide its readers with all the necessary information regarding the technicalities involved in backpacking. This blog will familiarize you with all that you need to know about gear technique and lightweight backpacking and hiking tricks. Follow this blog to keep yourself updated about everything backpacking.

Backpack and Explore – This blog basically serves as the travel journal of an analyst based in Kolkata, India and the main purpose of this blog is to make the idea of traveling inspirational for people with full-time desk jobs. The blog contains compelling articles about travel stories and more.

The Hiking Life – This blog is the one-stop shop for all tips, tricks, and advice on hiking and backpacking. Starting from trip planning to improving one’s survival skills so as to survive in the wilderness, this blog guides its readers step by step on everything, including how to pack ultra-lightweight.  The blog started in 2010.

Tales of a Backpacker – This super-informative blog was started in September 2013 and provides its readers with the ultimate information about backpacking through South America. Originating in Columbia, this blog will take you through myriad destinations across different cities and guide you about how to enjoy the local cuisines and travel on a tight budget.

I Heart Pacific Northwest – The mind behind this fantastic travel blog is  Lisa Holmes, a graphic designer based in Portland, Oregon. When she is not working in her company, the Yulan Studio, she is writing detailed and fascinating reports about her trips to the various places she has visited ever since moving to Oregon./

Little Wonderlust Stories – The blog started in 2015 and is run by a super enthusiastic hiker named Janey.   It will interest you irrespective of whether you are a newbie or an experienced traveler. Posting adventure stories and travel tips, this blog hopes to inspire us all to ditch the indoors and set out on our own travel journey. 

These blogs also explain the activities and the adventure you can take up while on travel. It gives ideas on what to carry and what not while you are on a certain adventure.

These blogs also might post pictures and videos of the hiking, waterfall journey, or any other adventure. Most people love to go on adventures and hence these blogs have heavy traffic all the time.

Catchy Backpacking blog names

Wander Ever

Tick Adventure

Planet Wanders

Wild Trot

Adventure Stroll

Wild Xplore

Uncharted Planet

Love Nomads

Fearless Faring

Intrepid Adventures

Yes Trotters

Traveling Instinct

Wander Adventure

Oasis 2 Oasis

WanderLust Zone

Explo Mate

Backpackers Budget

Backpack Sage

Traveler Echo

Intrepid Migrant

Nom Adds

Sage Wanderer

Explo Right

Lonely Explorer

Back O Pack

Travel Scaped

Wander Role

Trekking Bliss

Digital Skiing

Guide Gate

The Outdoor Traveler

Riders Max

Sys Adventure

Travel Aqua

Hey Trek

Tune Adventure

Pack Globe

Lux Learn

Thrill Adventures

Wander Pulse

Fury Free

Rider Five

Weed Tour

Pack Luxury

Adventure Zone

Expedition Out

Fit Zest Go

Wild Venture Hike

Dashing Venture

Scroll Spin

Great Guide

Travel Ignite

Wild Tours

Sport Travel

Ace Explore

Adventure Tailor

Thrill Daddy

Outdoor Tours

Extreme Venture

Action Active

Fit Fixture

Trip Xplode

Luxury Liking

Tour Dugout

High Travel

Active Arms

Park Digital

Rove Quick

Onscreen Trip

Outdoor Zest

Adventure Stories

Out Explorer

Adventure Ticks

Food Logging

Gear Boosts

Spin Rally

Rush Visor

Feel Pulse

Milestone Adventure

Discovery Booker

Trail Rustler

Best Voyages

Travel Ahead

Relax Way

Adventure Net

Peak Zest

Jump Booker

Travel Exotic

Roam Do

Zing Explore

Trek Hi

World Tour

Go Leisure

Thrill Epic

Get Aways

Click Adventure

Utmost Trip

Explore Nature

Endura Leisure

Action Away

Road Desires

Travel Rush

Pack It

Wide Rovers

Trekky Advance

Journey Head

Trip Suite

Role Travel

Luxury Alive

Fly Diary

Plan Tripper

Hostel Connection

Jig Sky

Darkroom Travel

Clever Adventure

Faster Hotel

Time Travel

Journey Spot

Voyage Page

Serene Trip

Flight Bolt

Vacation Flex

Group Activa

Trip Deal

Alert Journey

Travel Route

Tours Discover

Ticket Probe

Flex Pact

Open Trip

Regal Excursion

Picky Tour

Happy Out Back

Smart Tour

Wild Fun

Journey Culture

Food Travel

Visit Aid

Pack Show

Minty Works

Pack Ahead

Story Packing

Voyage Core

Vacation Backpack

Bag Miles

Bags Key

Travel Addict

Fly Wise

Wilder Cross

Smooth Ride

Bag Fair

A blog is a space on the internet where you can upload your information, opinion or hobby. Through a blog, a reader can have a conversation with the blogger about the uploaded topic.

This is why a blog is different from a website. An individual develops a blog for exhibiting his talent and to earn from it.

Top Backpacking Pages Names Ideas

Companies create a blog to market their business. A blog always provides fresh information to the readers as it is updated regularly. The contents of a blog should be attractive to readers to make then engaged in it.  

A blog name is also a crucial part of a blog. Therefore, it is important to select a catchy blog name.

-Backpacker Botany

-Treasures Of Trekking


-Outdoor Outlook

-Camp Calibre 

-An Exotic Elixir

-Adventure Analytics

-Lightweight Leisure

-Just Jungle Jive

-Nomad News 

-Hiking Hustle

-Travel Topic 

-Rider Retreat


-Explore Essence 

-Skiing Social

-Trendy Thrills 

-Expedition Utopia

-About Active Urge 

-Green Guide 

-Trails Tacts 

-Wild Wisdom

-Leisure Lush 

-Nature Nerd

-Global Gateway

-Vacation Vogue 

-Excursion Info

-Trip Techie

-Wanderlust Woo 

-Tourist Truth

-Backpack Bubble

-The Trek Tea 

-Journey Junction 

-Outdoor Orbit

-Camp Connection

-Exotic Engine

-Adventure Agent

-Lightweight Lessons

-Jungle Tempt 

-Nomad Nest 

-Hike Hack 

-Travel Today

-Tales O’ Tours 

-Explore Everyday

-Sunny Skiing

-Thrill Tonic

-Expedition Expert

-Active N Aware 

-Good Guide

-Trails Tonight

-Wild Wick 

-Lots Of Leisure

-Nature Notion

-Go Global

-Vacation Vortex


-Wanderlust Act

-Trip Tactics

-Backpacking Basics

-True Trekking

-Journey Jungle

-Officially Outdoor

-Camp Cubicle 

-Exotic Essence

-Anytime Adventure

-Lightweight Lab 

-Jungle Energy

-Noble Nomad 

-Hike Haven 

-Tele Travel Tales

-Your Tour 

-Wander Wonder 

-Explorer Element

-Skiing Stuff

-Thrill Core

-Expedition Assessment

-Anyday Active 

-Global Guide

-Trails Of Today

-Wild Wonder 

-Leisure Lesson

-Nonstop Nature

-Glam Globe

-Vacation Virtue

-Excursion Anyday

-Wanderlust Wiz

-Trip Hippie

-Backpacking Buzz

-Trek Tacts

-Journey Joint 

-Outdoor Opportunity

-Camp Capsule

-Exotic Effect

-All Adventure

-Lightweight Livin’

-Jungle Visionary

-Nomad Nectar

-Hike Harmony

-Travel Tutor

-Tour Today 


-Explorer Eye 

-Skiing Share

-Thrill Tribe 

-Expedition Energy

-Aspire Active 

-Guide Glossary 

-Talkin’ Trails 

-Wild Wander 

-Like A Leisure

-Nature Notice 

-Globe Gains 

-Vacation Values

-Life In Excursion

-Tourist Terrain

-Us Wanderlust

-Trippy Tones 

-Backpack Bros 

-Trekking Trio

-Journey Junkie 

-Outdoor Only


-The Exotic Edition

-About Adventure

-Lightweight Lux 

-Jungle Signal

-Native Nomad 

-Hike Hope 

-Travel Tricks 

-Tour Times 

-Wander Wagon 

-Explorin’ Info 

-Skiing Script

-Thrill Hill

-Expedition Squad 

-Active Algorithm

-Guide Stream 

-Trails Talkline 


-Leisure Lane 

-Nature Talk

-Global Glory 

-Vocal Vacation

-Excursion Effect

-Tourist Tab

-Wanderlust Want

-Ticket To Goodtimes

-Backpack Buds

-Trek Twilight

-Journey Jive

-Outdoor Oasis 

-Camp Cast 

-Exotic Explorer

-Active Adventure

-Lightweight Lookout

-Jungle Jack 

-Next Nomad 

-High Hike

-Travel Talent

-Tele Tours 

-We The Wanderer

-Eco Explore

-Skiing Spirit

-Thrill Team 

-Essential Expedition

-Active Advice

-Guide Session

-Trails Topic

-Wild Words

-Lucid Leisure

-Nature Nest

-Global Grace 

-Vacation Visions

-Excursion Excel

-Tourist Topics

-WanderLand Wisdom

-Trip Currency

-Backpack N Beyond

-Trekking Today

-Journey Jolly

-Outdoor Overview

-Camp Clarity

-Exotic Echo

-Adventure Article

-Lightweight Lane

-Jungle Juice 

-Nomad Nirvana

-Hike Habitat

-Total Travel 

-Tour Tailor

-Wander Wellness 

-Effective Explore

-Skiing Seat 

-Thrill Target

-Expedition Essence 

-Active Aim

-Guide Gem

-Trails Telegram

-Wild Worth 

-Leisure Lodge

-Nature Node

-Global Grid

-Visible Vacation

-Excursion Endgame

-The Tourist Takeover

-Wise Wanderlust


-Backpacker Boo

-Trek Tales

-Journey Jive

-On Outdoor

-Cozy Camp 

-Exotic Experts

-Adventure Antidote 

-Lightweight Liberty

-Jungle Joyride

-Nomad Nerd

-Hike Hubble 

-Travel Theme

-Tour Thrill 

-Wander Wisdom

-Easy Explorin’ 

-Skiing Session

-Techie Thrill 

-Expedition Sense

-All Active

-Guide Growth 

-Trails Solution

-Leisure Logic 

-Nature Ninja 

-Gaint Globe 

-Vacation Vibes

-Evolve Excursion

-Tourist Treats 

-Wanderlust Weekly

-Trip Thor 

-Backpacking Bonsai

-Trek Talks

-Just Journey

-Outdoor Oracle 

-Camp Consult 

-Exotic Experience

-Adventure Ambition

-Leisure List

-Jungle Journal

-Nomad Nation 

-Hike Herbs 

-Travel Tribe 

-Onscreen Tour 

-Wander Wire

-Camp Convo 

-Adventure Approach

-Explorer Ease 

-Skiing Stories

-Timeless Thrill

-Expedition Era

-Active Alliance

-Aiming For Adventure

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