54+ Great Baptism Invitation Wordings Ideas

In Christianity, Baptism is mainly a ceremony or a Christian rite in which a person becomes a permanent member of the Christian Church.

In most churches Baptism is considered to be a sacrament while ordinance in many other. Baptism is sometimes defined as christening which is during the baptism of infants.

The general form of baptism includes the candidate’s immersion in underwater for a short time or having droplets of water put into the candidate’s head.

It is widely said that when a certain Christian is baptized, it serves as testimony to God and the people that the Christian by faith will live a new life as an over-comer. 

Baptism Invitation Wordings Ideas

  • As our son/daughter is taking all his/her first steps, we have decided that it is the perfect time for our prodigy to get baptized. So you are cordially invited to witness this precious occasion.
  • Without the blessings of our lord it is impossible to achieve anything in life and hence our son/daughter is going to be baptized in the presence of your wonderful company. I hope you can make it
  • Our joy will be at its peak if you and family are gathered around in the presence of God to witness the baptism of our only child. Hope to see you on this auspicious occasion.
  • We not only request the honor of your presence but also the blessings which you can bestow upon of our child on the day of his/her baptism.
  • With love and joy in our hearts we are thrilled to bring our son/daughter into the love and grace of Jesus Christ’s family. We invite you to celebrate the baptism of our only child.
  • It seems like our child was born just yesterday and now we are heading towards the day when he/she will get baptized. Your blessings along with your presence are very much requested on this occasion.

_The day is finally when our lovely little dumpling is going to be baptized and will start his/her new life in the presence of God. Please be our guest as we celebrate this joyous occasion.

_Please be present on the holy eve of our only child’s baptism ceremony. Your support and present will mean a lot to us.

_When our child will complete the holy ceremony of baptism, we want you there by our side as God has mentioned that true joy shall always be shared with our loved ones.

_Our precious gift from above will be welcomed into God’s family so we would love it if you can be present at the holy ceremony. A luncheon will follow at (location)

_Please celebrate our son’s/daughter’s baptism ceremony along with the holy family of God’s child. We would be expecting you on this beloved ceremonial day.

_On this day we will be placing our child in Jesus Christ’s care forever and it would be our absolute pleasure if you can make it to this holy ceremony.

_Our baby is going to take his/her first step towards God on the holy ceremony of Baptism. You and your family are welcome to join us on the celebration.

_As our son/daughter is going to be baptized, we want you and family to help us and welcome him/her into the family of Christ. Do come at the ceremony and bless our only baby.

_We are taking a very auspicious step of introducing our child to the greatness of our Lord on this upcoming ceremony of our child’s baptism. I hope you can grace the event with your presence.

_Our lovely children is a blessing as beautiful as one can be, so please be with us on the auspicious day our child’s baptism. Together we will welcome him/her into Christ’s family.

_Our beautiful little angel is nothing short of a perfect blessing so we want her baptism to ge perfectly as well, for which your presence in the ceremony is greatly requested.

_We invite you to share our joy and witness the joyous event as our child receives the sacrament of Holy Baptism. Your presence will surely be appreciated.

_She/he came into our lifelike a blessing and on the day of our child’s baptism ceremony, we want to share the blessing with everyone. Do join us as we want to celebrate the occasion with you by our side.

_From the bottom of our heart we invite you and your family to be an integral part at the sacrament of Baptism for the blessed child of ours. Here’s hoping you can make it.

_Our child hates to bath so we have decide the priest to do it on the holy affair of our child’s baptism ceremony. We ask you to join in this auspicious ceremony.

_Just like you have been a support for us throughout the good phases of our life, we want you be there for our son’s/daughter’s holy baptism ceremony as well.

_Lord has said that life’s greater joy comes from sharing the happiness with your loved ones, hence with joy in our hearts we request your presence at our son’s/daughter’s baptism ceremony.

_We have been blessed with a baby boy/girl in our life so it is only fitting that we will place our child in Jesus Christ’s care on the day of our child’s baptism ceremony. I hope you join us in this holy affair.

_It takes a village to celebrate the holy affair of baptism. Even though it is impossible to invite everyone but we do request your presence at the ceremony as we love from the depth from our hearts.

_Since our child doesn’t have the best table manners so we thought you could help us on our son’s/daughter’s baptism ceremony. Our heart will fill with joy if you can make it.

_ (Name) and (Name) cordially invites you to share the love and joy at the baptism ceremony of their child. Do come and pour your blessings.

_You along with your family are cordially invited to attend the holy ceremony of our child’s baptism at (location). We wish to see you at this auspicious affair.

_Our happiness lies in the name of Lord and so does our child’s. So we want your presence to be felt by our child as we celebrate the joyous occasion of our child’s baptism ceremony.

_We want you to help and welcome our lovely child into God’s family on the beautiful occasion of our angel’s baptism ceremony. 

_No matter what has happen before in our life, the baptism ceremony of our only child will definitely top the list and we very much want you to be an integral part of it.

_We can’t deny the fact that a child is a precious gift from heaven, and the ceremony of baptism is God’s gift wrapping. So on this day while we place our child into God’s arms, we want you by our side.

_It is with happiness and pleasure that we invite you to be with us on the occasion of our child’s baptism ceremony, as on this day we are joyfully bringing our son/daughter into the love of Christ’s family.

_Through the holy affair of Baptism our child will be graced with God’s counsel and love he posses for us. I hope you would be able to join us in this auspicious occasion.

_Praise the Lord as he is going to cleanse our baby from all the bad things in this world on the eve of the baptism ceremony of our child. Your presence is requested to witness another miracle from the God.

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What to write in a Baptism invitation?

  • Tell them that you really want them to witness the christening of your child
  • Mention how important it is for you to get their blessings
  • Make them feel a part of the auspicious day
  • Mention how happy you would be to see them there

How to respond to a Baptism invitation?

  • Tell them you would be present to witness the ceremony
  • Congratulate them on getting their child baptized 
  • Let them know you will be happy to give your blessings to their child
  • Thank them for inviting you 

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