110+ Best Baseball Puns and Funny Quotes

Business Communication Funny Puns 110+ Best Baseball Puns and Funny Quotes

110+ Best Baseball Puns and Funny Quotes

Baseball as well all know is the game, which is usually played between the two teams where each team must have total of nine members. Ball as well as bats are used in this sport. This is primarily the warm weather sport for the countries like USA and Canada. Mentioned below are some best baseball puns and quotes. 

Baseball Puns and Funny Quotes

  • United States has its air BASEBALLS at several locations 
  • Stop playing with BASEBALLS 
  • We play cricket with BASEBALLS 
  • Receive your BALLS 

_ Pick up your BALL 

_ Why you aren’t receiving your BALLS 

_ In BASE some one catch holds of you then call me in the very next moment 

_ I have a BASE 

_ My playing cards have BASE 

_ Why are you trying to BASE me

_ Police is trying to BASE him from so many years 

_ I need some more S – BASE for my own self 

_ I need some Personal S – BASE 

_ Every one must have there personal S – BASE 

_ Noun is the name of any person, BASE, animal or any thing 

_ These speakers do not have much BASE in their voice 

_ You actually DIS – BASED me with your attitude towards me in your party 

_ It was actually the matter of DIS – BASE for me in front of all my family members 

_ Do you want to BASE with me 

_ I have decided to run in the BASE 

_ Fill in all the blank S – BASES 

_ Fill all the empty S – BASES with different different colours 

_ You must BASE him 

_ I BASED him right around the street 

_ I think you should maintain your BASE 

_ Your BASE is very necessary for you, so maintain that speed 

_ I BAT you with that 

_ I can actually BAT you that he won’t join us for party tonight 

_ Lets have a BAT and then see that who wins 

_ I just want to tell you that you are going to loose this BAT 

_ BAT I just wanted to tell her that how I loved her always 

_ All that happened years back BAT she is still angry at you, this is wrong on her part 

_ You should be A -GAMED of what you just did to her 

_ Aren’t you A – GAMED of what you actually did to him because of your own selfishness 

_ This joke of yours was such GAME 

_ Why do you always crack such GAME jokes, I really hate to hear them

_ All of them BASETENED the process of clearance after you, yourself arrived there 

_ This tough BASE will also soon pass and you should not be much concerned about it 

_ Have you ever been to that BASE 

_ Just ring that BALL 

_I saw the BALL of your phone was ringing 

_ Jingle BALL, Jingle BALL, Jingle all the way 

_ How BALL he is 

_ How come you are so BALL in your family 

_ He is BALLER than you 

_ He is so BALL in size 

_ Take a BALL portion of that medicine 

_ Break the BALL 

_ We must build that BALL 

_ The Great BALL of China 

_ Have you ever seen the Great BALL of China 

_ BALL of them just left the room all together 

_ BALL of you must go and meet the principal 

_ BALL of you have to be there for the Assembly on the ground 

_ Do you have a CATCH stick 

_ We both are the Tinder CATCHES 

_ These black sandals are CATCHING with my red dress 

_ He CATCHED all the money from me 

_ Why are you just CATCHING it from me as it already belongs to me 

_ We all must now start from the CATCH 

_ I also started from the CATCH 

_ How much do you GLOVE me 

_ Do you really GLOVE me 

_ I GLOVE you! Do you GLOVE me 

_ I want some GLOVE to eat 

_ GLOVE oil is good for curing your tooth ache 

_ GLOVE is actually very good for health too, it has some medicinal properties 

_ What a CATCH you both had 

_ How come both of you are wearing CATCHING Dresses 

_ I just want to tell you one SWING 

_ We have some or the other SWINGS attached to each other 

_ It was a SWING operation 

_ All of them were actually exposed because of that SWING operation done by that media channel 

_ Birds have SWINGS 

_ Red bull gives you SWINGS 

_ He proposed me with a SWING 

_ I am wearing only two SWINGS on my fingers 

_ Can you please SWING it to me 

_ What are you SWINGING for me to eat 

_ That King had such a vast UMPIRE 

_ The UMPIRE which that king had is actually not easy to build for any one 

_ Can you tell me one SWING 

_ Noun is the name of any name, place, animal or SWING 

_ Do you know what the TEAM is right now 

_ Why can’t you be on TEAM, why you have to be late each as well as every single time 

_ The government launched that TEAM for the upliftment of the poor 

_ What if your TEAM comes true 

_ This is something just like my TEAM come true 

_ I want to eat some ICE TEAM

_ Could you buy me an ICE TEAM 

_ I have taken TEAM bath 

_ All of us must take a TEAM bath at least once in fifteen days 

_ This is not my TEAM 

_ The TEAMING partner for that movie was Amazon Prime 

_ Always have your GAME clear 

_ All the models want GAME 

_ Money and GAME actually takes a person to the wrong path 

_ Stop GAMING over that house 

_ Can you please tell me how can you GAME over that house 

_ What are your GAMES regarding her car

_ It was such a matter GAME – FULLNESS for all of us 

_ You should be GAME – FULL of what all you just did 

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