132+ Best Basketball Puns and Funny Quotes

Business Communication Funny Puns 132+ Best Basketball Puns and Funny Quotes

132+ Best Basketball Puns and Funny Quotes

Basketball, already what we know is a game which is again played between the two teams, where each team must have total of five members, in this game the inflated ball has to thrown in to the netted hoop which are fixed at both the ends of the court. Mentioned below are some best basketball puns and quotes. 

Basketball Puns and Funny Quotes

  • In winters I just use BASKETS 
  • Please just tell me that what you wrote in those BASKETS 
  • Have you bought that BASKET for me which I told you yesterday 
  • Cow slaughtering is BASKET banned in some states of India 
  • Every one must stop GAMING me for all what happened 

_ She changed BASKETALLY 

_ I just saw a BASKET change in her attitude, when I met her after five years 

_ Lets go and get the playing COURTS

_ Do you know how to play these playing COURTS 

_ It is so SHOT outside 

_ You must SHOT all your doors as well as windows 

_ Can you see that Red SHOT right there, that is your target 

_ Today this weather is so SHOT 

_ I got some fresh as well as SHOT food to eat 

_ You are my GOAL – MATE

_ India has huge reserves of GOAL 

_ All of us must try to reduce the burning of GOALS if we really want to protect our environment 

_ Could you get me a GOAL of soup 

_ Please tell me the GOAL matter 

_ Explain me this GOAL topic from the scratch 

_ Why you are so SCORED today 

_ You must carry out some recreational activities to just get rid of you SCOREDOM 

_ Stop GAMING me for all this, as it wasn’t my mistake anyways 

_ Who GAMED you for all this 

_ Stop TEAMING at me 

_ Who was TEAMING so loudly out there 

_ Are you NETS 

_ I can NET you that he will wear yellow t – shirt today 

_ NETTING is actually a crime 

_ Don’t you know that NETTING as well as Match fixing is the crime 

_ Get me some BASKET along with tea 

_ Could you please buy me come Chocolate chip BASKETS 

_ NETTING can be done in this matter 

_ I really can do NETTING in this matter for you 

_ You must put all these items in your shopping COURT 

_ How many items you have till now added in your shopping COURT 

_ The burning candle has a GAME 

_ Have you ever learnt about the FIELD mountains 

_ Just FIELD all those clothes which are lying in your room 

_ Your job is to do SPORTING of all these mixed clothes 

_ Any SPORT of misbehaviour will not be tolerated 

_ Have you ever heard that song HALL OF GAME 

_ HALL OF GAME is one of my favourite song which is sung by The Script 

_ She GAME to me and took away all my chocolates 

_ When did she GAME to you, to see you. 

_ How come both of you are wearing exactly GAME dresses in the party 

_ I and my boyfriend had decided to wear GAME t – shirts today in the party 

_ I am at the Air -SPORT, could you come to pick me up 

_ I will be waiting for you at the Air – SPORT 

_ I guess there is some SPORT of confusion 

_ You are so SPORT in height if we actually compare your height with him 

_ These tough BASES of your life will also soon pass and you should not be concerned about it 

_ Have you ever been to that BASE 

_ Just ring that BALL on his door

_ I just saw that the BALL of your phone was ringing when I was coming down

_ Jingle BALL, Jingle BALL, Jingle all the way 

_ How BALL he is, did you see him

_ How come you are so BALL amongst all your family members

_ Do you know that he is even BALLER than you are

_ He is so BALL in size 

_ Take just a BALL portion of that sauce as it is already too spicy

_ Break that BALL 

_ We must build that BALL 

_ The Great BALL of China 

_ One day I would definitely go and see the Great BALL of China 

_ BALL of them who were there; just left the room all together 

_ BALL of you must go and meet the head master 

_ BALL of you have to be there for the Assembly on the ground 

Do you know what the TEAM is right now

_ Why can’t you be on TEAM, why you have to be late each as well as every single time

_ The government launched that TEAM for the upliftment of the poor

_ What if your TEAM comes true

_ This is to me just like my TEAM come true

_ I want to eat some butter scotch ICE TEAM

_ Could you buy me an ICE TEAM

_ I have taken TEAM bath

_ All of us must take a TEAM bath at least once in fifteen days

_ This is not my TEAM

_ The TEAMING partner for that movie was Amazon Prime

_ Always have your GAME clear

_ All the models want GAME

_ Money and GAME actually takes a person to the wrong path

_ Do not ask for SCORE as we have only this much of cake left with us

_ Do you want to have some thing SCORE for dinner

_ Stop GAMING over that house

_ Can you please tell me how can you GAME over that house

_ What are your GAMES regarding her car

_ She is my GOAL – MATE and I just love her the most 

_ Can you see that Black SHOT there on my top, I just want to remove it any how 

_ It was such a matter GAME – FULLNESS for all of us

_ You should be GAME – FULL of what all you just did

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