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41+ Best Beach Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Beach is one summertime destination that is chosen above all others because nothing beats a day spent amidst the sand and the ocean. As we all can agree that beaches are pretty great but what make them even greater are the parties.

What to Write on Beach party Invitation?

  • Let your guests know when and where the party will take place
  • Mention the enjoyments that are about to happen
  • Tell them that you are super excited about the party
  • Don’t forget to tell them to bring their beach wear
  • Mention that no one should leave until the food is served

How do you Respond to Beach party Invitation?

  • Congratulate them for hosting such a great party
  • Tell them that you were super excited about the party
  • Don’t forget to bring drinks over the party
  • Before you leave, make sure to shower them with your love and happiness

During the summertime, many people plan their beach parties and weekends at the beach so that they can enjoy great food, outdoors and sunshine. So if you want to organize a party where the summer breeze takes over then you might want to work on the wordings of the invites you may sent out. For that, 

Beach Party Invitation Wording Ideas

  • Hello boys and girls, it’s time to mark your calendars and grab the beach gear as we are throwing an impromptu beach party on (date) at (loc.). May you join us for a wonderful night under the moon.
  • Life is not a rehearsal and we have to keep enjoying it with every chance we get and that’s the general attitude of the beach party held at our beach on (date). Hope to see you there around (time).
  • For his birthday, my granddad wanted to go down on the beach. Hence, the idea was to have a beach party for him was born. So, come down to our beach house on (date) for a celebratory evening.

_The Ocean gives us the pool under the sun and all we’ve got to do is have fun. So leave your worries and beau for a change to get out of the cage and join us for all girls’ beach party on (date) at (location).

_Off to the ocean we shall go to live today and plan tomorrow. Summer is here so does this invitation to you and your family for a fun beach party held at our beach house on (date). 

_Life is too short and we have to find something that makes us happy. I’d say we all go to the beach for our 19th marriage anniversary celebration. You and your family are cordially invited to join us on (date).

_ (name) would like celebrate her College Graduation with a beach party held at (loc.). It would be an absolute pleasure for her and her family if you could join them on (date & time).

_Summer are beautiful it lets us live in the sunshine and swim the sea while drinking the wild air. All that could be done at our beach party held on (date & loc.) and I hope you’re up for it.

_The vibe of our anniversary party will be beach because we’re celebrating on it. So if you’re ready to be under the sun then bring all your summer gears because we’ll be having some fun on (date, loc. & time).

_Oh there will be cocktails and sumptuous meals but most importantly we’ll have dinners at the shore. I hope you’re excited coz I am just excited to have you at my beach party held on (date).

_Even though, the sea is full of storms and tides but at the depth it has its pearls too. This quote was to entice you with the beauty of sea because you’re being invited to my beach party at (loc) on (date).

_I have been to the sea once and it has cast in its spell and held me forever in its net of wonder. As you know already that a beach party is what I live for. I am having on (date) at (loc.) and you’re invited.

_Being barefoot on the beach can make us can get in touch with ourselves. I am going for the Zen mantra so as to calmly invite you to a beach party on (date) at (loc). May you calmly accept my invitation

_My wife and I have planned a little beach party for all our close friends and as you are one of our closest, we’d surely be expecting you. So see you on the evening of (date) at (loc. & time).

_Life might not be the party we’ve hoped for but we can certainly make the party whatever we want it to be. So my family and I want it to be a beach party with our friends on (date) at (loc.). See you then.

_Our reunion is due for 20 years and I planned to meet you all where the sky touches the sea. Simply put, the party is at the beach over my beach house on (date) where all of us are coming and so are you.

_Boys, we’re going to plunge ourselves into the ocean water and while sipping the margaritas we’re going to enjoy the summer sun. Please, bring your own towels to the beach party on (date) at (loc.).

_It’s time we open up to one wonder of the world called ocean and let the sun shine in into our core. I hope you still fit into your beach suit because we’re going to have a beach party on (date) at (loc.)

_At the beach, time doesn’t move from hour to hour but from mood to moment. So, please if you can spare us some of your precious moments on (date) for a beach party at (loc.) then that’d be great.

_There’s a beach party on (date) at (loc.) and you’re being invited. Oh why beach? Because when the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline even though it’s being sent away, it surely looks beautiful.

_ Beach party is an idea of paradise where you can sit down to escape the noises of reality. If that isn’t compelling enough for you to come at my beach party on (date) then I doesn’t know what is.

_Oh no! My little Boy is going to be 13 soon. Well, the 13 number is certainly lucky for him because he is about to have a beach birthday party on (date). You and the family are invited to join us at (loc. & time).

_I am not going to start this invitation message with a “SPLASH” but yeah this is a beach party invitation as you already know. The date’s been fixed on (date) and you’re all invited to attend at (loc. & time).

_After a bit of dancing, you can leave your shoes to the door because there’s going be finale dinner at the shore. That is one of the things we will do at this year’s (surname)’s beach party held on (date).

_For our daughter’s 8th birthday party, we let her choose the theme and she led us to the beach. So there you go, you are being invited to (girl)’s 8th birthday celebration at the beach on (date, time & loc.).

_Swim into the ocean and let it whisper you to find the little joys in nature’s simple treasures. On (date) at (loc.), you can say goodbye to your work stress and say hello to the weekends of beach serenity.  

_Let’s get this summer started off right with the beach party organized by (company name) for all its employees. We hope to see you and your family for a fun outing on (date) at (loc. & time).

_Where in the world can you live in bliss? Yes my friend, it’s the beach! So I hope you’re ready for a blissful beach party on (date) at (loc.) because you’re being to it right now.

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