Marketing Ideas for a Beauty Salon

We have discussed various marketing tips that can help your business to increase sales. You can select any of these strategies and devise the marketing plan of your own. Given list of marketing ideas are very effective which helps you to boost sales and engagement of Customer. Check Marketing Ideas for Beauty salon Business.

Marketing and sales Marketing Tips Marketing Ideas for a Beauty Salon

Marketing Ideas for a Beauty Salon

Beauty salons are popping up in the market at a rapid pace and if you are thinking of starting one then be sure of facing fierce competition. The role of marketing is crucial in making your business stand out in the market.

How to promote your beauty salon?

  • Design an incredible logo, website, and offer a chance to book online appointments.
  •  Make sure to get your beauty salon listed on online directories like google my business and yelp.
  • Partnership with other local companies like a jewelry store, Spa, fashion boutique, Gym, and event organizers.
  • Host an event, party, and beauty contest and offer gift certificates to attract more customers at your salon.
  • Sponsor your salon services in charity events, fashion shows or other relevant shows to get popularity.

Listed Ideas will help in attracting customers to your salon. Here are a few marketing ideas for a beauty salon.

_Online Booking

Offer online booking to your customers through your website and mobile app. This allows a greater number of customers to schedule an appointment in your salon. Customers will be able to book an appointment through your website anytime they want.

_Keep a Selfie Zone in Your Salon

Set up a selfie zone in your salon where customers can take selfies after a haircut or facial and post it in their social media accounts. A board carrying the name of your salon or the logo should be placed in the selfie zone. In this digital era, you can also consider providing free Wi-Fi in your salon.  

_Sponsor Local Events

Sponsor local events like a fashion show to connect with your local community. Utilize the event to promote your salon through advertisements, distribute business cards and fliers among the visitors. You can meet popular models in such events and request them to visit your salon if they are looking for a talented makeup artist.

_Use Social Media

Promote your salon in social media. Customers, especially those belonging to the young age group visit social media websites each day and this provides you with the opportunity to connect and interact with new customers daily. Conduct a photo session in your salon and upload the best photos in social media. You can also take the help of social media consultants for advertising your salon in popular social media websites.

_Daily Deals  

Offer daily deals to your customers by entering into a partnership with any daily deal website. You can reach out to a large number of customers through daily deal websites. You can also offer daily deals in your own website and pages in social media.

_Offer Discounts to Customers on their Birthday

Request your customers to sign up on your website for receiving notifications via e-mail. The sign-up process will ask customers to provide basic details like date of birth, address etc.  Make your customers feel special on their birthday by offering them a gift, discount or a free service. Also, send warm wishes on their birthday through an e-mail. This will let your customers know how much you value them.

_Promote Your Salon in Community Events

Hire a stall at any public event and offer haircuts for free to the visitors. Take employees who are talented so that you are able to create a good impression on someone who goes for a free haircut. Don’t forget to give your business cards to visitors.

_Reward Your Loyal Customers

You can reward your loyal customers with coupons or cash vouchers which they can redeem when they visit your salon again. This will help in bringing them back to your salon again.


Ask your regular customers for referrals when they are satisfied with your services. They can recommend your salon for a haircut or makeup to their family members, friends, and relatives. Provide them with incentives like a discount on their next visit and also thank them for promoting your business for free.

_Conduct a Workshop in Your Salon

You can conduct a free workshop in your salon that allows to engage with more number of people and make them aware of your business. The workshop should be interesting and valuable to the participants. You can also invite celebrities to your salon when you are organizing workshops or other promotional events.

_Upload Professional Videos in Website and Social Media  

Let your clients know the specialty of your services before they visit your salon and you can do so by uploading professional videos in your website and in social media. This will enhance your credibility among potential clients and persuade them to visit your salon.

_Promote Your Salon on Festive Occasions

Customers are more likely to visit your salon on festive occasions or during the holiday season. They need your services to look attractive in parties, get-togethers and family functions. Make most of this opportunity to promote your salon by offering discounts and special packages.

_Offer Services that are Not Available Easily

Try to exploit the gaps in the market by offering services and products that other salons cannot. In order to attract more customers, you need to introduce services that are new in the market. Create your brand identity by offering unique styles.

_Ask for Reviews from Customers

Ask your customers for reviews and feedback. Good reviews on your website and social media can help in promoting your business. When clients visit your website for the first time, they will get impressed by going through the positive reviews. This will also let your loyal customers know that you care for their opinion.

_Promote Your Business through Your Own Appearance

None of us like to get a haircut from someone who does not take care of his/her physical appearance. You should look attractive and stylish during the working hours. Try to create a positive impression among customers through your appearance.

_Tie up with Local Magazines

You can tie up with a local magazine that writes about the background of your business, your specializations and the story of your success. Request the customers who are popular in your area to share their reviews in the magazine. Also, advertise your salon in local newspapers and set up hoardings and billboards in your locality.

_Publish Articles in Blogs Related to Salon

You can write informative articles on salon blogs that are popular. If customers find your articles to be interesting, then they are more likely to visit your website, and, in this way, you can promote your salon. You can also open a blog of your own and publish valuable content it.

How to drive sales to your beauty salon?

  • Make sure to share your salon promotions on Facebook , Instagram page, and youtube.
  • Give advertisements through radio, newspaper and fashion magazines.
  • Offer referral discounts, free massage, manicure pedicure to attract new customers.
  • Make sure to give unique services during holidays, wedding season, and festivals to increase the customers to your salon.
  • Make it easy for customers to reach you through online booking, easy appointment schedule, text messages, and email. 
  • Do not forget to share useful tips and tricks about beauty and hairstyling and makeup tutorials on your social site to grab the interest of customers.
  • Put hoardings or banners that display the name and services you provide in your beauty salon.
  • Ask clients to share pictures, reviews or feedback on your social media pages as a testimonials.

here is the Very Useful Info graphic which is about Marketing Of Beauty Salon. read and Implement same on your Business for More Success on it.

marketing of salon

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