730+ Beer Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas - (Guide + Generator)

730+ Beer Brand Name Ideas, Suggestions And Domain Ideas

Are you a beer lover and want to have your own brewery? Start a brand of beers! Yes, that’s right! Building your own brand successfully can be nothing but a proud moment for yourself.

And for having a brand, you have to take care of a lot of things and one of them is naming your beer brand. A name plays a very big role in the success of a business.

How to Choose a Name for Your Beer Brand

  • Keep it simple, unique, and catchy.
  • The name should be trademarkable.
  • It should be different from competitor brands.
  • Check the availability of the name.

Importance of Name for A Beer Brand

  • The Brand Name Gets Recognition

Naming a brand is important because of the way by which it helps your brand to get recognized and known to the target audience. The name and logo of the beer brand will be the most important and powerful thing that will give your brand the identity it deserves.

  • Names Can Increase the Value of The Brand

It is important to name your brand because it will help to generate more business in the future. A strong name can increase the value of your business by giving it more weightage in the marketplace.

  • Names Bring in More Customers

Since your brand’s name will be the first image a customer sees, you must make sure that the name is creative and unique and seems appealing to them. A good beer brand will experience no problem in creating a strong and positive image of your brand among the customers. 

  • Names Can Improve Employee Satisfaction

When a person works for a reputed brand, they will be satisfied with the job even more and work with pride. Employee satisfaction matters a lot too when it comes to the success of a brand. 

Tips to Choose the Best Beer Brand Name

Coming up with the most creative name can be a difficult process but these tips below can surely help you to get started in the right way.

  • Considering your brand

Before finalizing any name, you have to consider how your customers will perceive your brand and its name.

Your naming strategy should depend on what would feel, think or remember about your brand when you look at or hear about it. Considering all these factors will help you to determine a great name for your beer brand.

  • Trademark the brand name

This is very important for any brand. First, you have to run a trademark check to see if the brand name that you have chosen is available or not.

If it is available, you have to register it and trademark the name of the brand so that no other entrepreneur can use the same brand name. Trademark is usually done to secure the name of the brand against copying or any future legal complications.

  • Planning your online presence 

Planning your online presence is a must in today’s world of the internet. You may perform a web search to check the names of competitors that are present there. You should search the web for those suitable domain names. 

  • Don’t Pick Confusing Names

Names that have complicated spelling and pronunciation can create confusion among potential customers. Also, it won’t be easy for them to remember the name. Make sure that the name of the brand is simple and does not have a double meaning. 

Formula To Create A Perfect Beer Brand Name

There is actually no hard and fast rule for naming your beer brand. But certainly, you can take the help of these formulas given below to develop a powerful and attractive name for your beer brand.

  1. Metaphor- A metaphorical name or figure of speech would make your beer brand name sound much more attractive. 

For example- The Blue Dog

  1. Numbers- Do you have any special number that means a lot to your brand? Then why not keep it in the name of your brand? 

For example- 7th brew

  1. Personification- The name of a person who is either related to your brand directly or is famous in terms of beer can definitely become a part of the name of your brand.

For example Brianne’s Bottle

  1. Long statement- It is not compulsory to have a short name for your brand. Long names often describe your brand better. 

For example- Dancing in the Dark

  1. Short statement- You may create a statement consisting of two words and you may try to create short punch lines to see if they can become the name of your beer brand.

For example- Wicked Ways

  1. Alliteration- Alliterative names can sound pleasant and interesting at the same time. Alliteration is combining two words that have the same number of letters. 

For example- Bottle Barrel

  1. Rhyming- Two rhyming words can make your beer brand name sound quite amusing. 

For example- Cedar Cider

  1. Location- The origin or geographical location of your brewery can be used to create a great name. 

For example- American Barrel

  1. Humor- Try to generate your brand using funny words or phrases. These names are a lot more attractive and people can remember them easily too. 

For example- The Dancing Devil

  1. Color- Names of colors are universal and can be remembered easily too. 

For example- Blue Ocean

Top Existing Beer Brand Names In The US

  • Milwaukee’s Best Light
  • Miller Genuine Draft
  • Tecate
  • Bud light platinum
  • Guinness
  • Corona light
  • Icehouse
  • Coors banquet
  • Steel reserve
  • American Brown Ale
  • English India Pale Ale
  • Gose
  • Sahti
  • Saison
  • Irish Red Ale

Catchy Beer Brand Names

A catchy or attractive beer brand name will come with a lot of benefits in the growth of the brand. It would help if you had creative ideas to create these names.

However, you should also have prior knowledge of the names of famous beer brands. In this way, the task of choosing a name for your beer brand becomes easier.

Sputnik Brewery

Brew stillery

Microbrew Humour

Black & Brew

Muddy Creek Brewery

Phoenix Fermentary

Cyclone Bros

Kool Tap Brewing

The Gorilla Craft Ales

Dragon fire Fermentary

Bottled Froth

Hopo Mead

The Believer

Pacific Way Brewery

Artisan Brewing Co.

Bumble berry Meadery

Arctic Circle Brewing Co.

Hop, Skip, and Jump Brewery

Nomads Brewing

Ghost Moon Brewery

Dogtooth Brewery

Black Jack Brewing

Oakes Brewery

Brew Brothers

Good City Brewing

Bavarian Beer Works

Night Owl Brewery

Knight Town Brewing


The Vertex Fermentary

Hop Valley Brewery

Urban Brewery

It’s Complicated Brewery

Angry Orchard

Victory & Obedience

Gateway to Summer

Hop Garden Brewing

Rouge Brewing

The Crown Jewel Brewery

Old Havana Craft

The Iron Man Brewery

Blackjack Brewing Co.

The Brewer’s Fayre

Red Leg Brewing Co.

Nom Nomz Brewery

The Brewery Yard

Soothing River Brewery

One Night Stand

Hop Head Brewery

Ape Hanger Brewing Company

The Monk’s Brew

Brewski Brewery

The Fish House

Blizzard Craft Ales

Barley Creek Brewery

Dorky Brewing Co.

Let It Blurt Microbrewer

The Royal Brewery

The Zodiac Brewery

Birchfield Brewery Co

Fitzroy Rockery

Sophie Malt

Hop Dog Brewing Co.

Zin City Brewing

Wicked Hop

Black Diamond Brewing

Brew City

Closet Brewery

Kilkenny Irish Lager

Boulders Brewing

Thunder Brewing

Shaker’s Brewery

Bohemian Brewing Company

Cranium Crush

Dreaming Dog Brewery

Blow Out Brewery

The Brewery District

Black Lotus Brewing

Coda Brewhouse

10,000 Beers

A Couple of Wankers Brewery

Beer City Breweries

Allegory Brewing Company

Liquid Hero

Howling Mad Brewery

Brix Brewing

Great Brewing Co.

Boomerang Beer

The Indecision Brewery

Big Time Ale

Salty Dog Brewing Co.

The Little Brewery

Mutineer Brewing Co.

Truman’s Beer

Red Brick Brewing Co.

Acreage Ales

Lone Pine Brewing Company

Grandfather Brewing

Brew Dog

Cliff Jumper Brew Co.

Cool Beer Brand Names

You must choose or create names to set the perfect vibes for your beer brand. For example, a cool name will match the portfolio of your beer brand.

It will not only make your beer brand look fantastic but also make it famous. To find the perfect cool name, you can choose the following.

Great Wall Brewing

Wicked Witch Brewing

Last Barrel Brewers

Rouge Ville

Wild Goose Ale

Fortitude Brewery

Central Standard Brewing

Barley Town Brewing

Frugal Ale

Bullfrog Brewery

Crescent Fermentary

Presidential Stout

Blast Barrel Brewery

Belgian Brew Works

Boisterous Brewing Co

Boulder City Brewing

Paraphernalia Brewery

The Mad Monk

Warped Wing Brewing Co.

Black Moon Brewing

Hops of Wrath

Tiny Cup Brewing Co

3 Monks Brewery

Double Barley Brewing

Big Brewery

Oakey Brothers

The Smiling Moose

Red Barley Brewing Company

Brew Coast Brewing

Five Long Johns

Brewing X

Bell and Booth Brewing

Papa Doc’s Brewing

Friends of Max

Otto Brewing

Compass Brewing Company

Grand Strain Brewing

Fireside Brewery

Dark Horse Brewery

L’Empire Brewery

Tiny Tap Brewery

Cider Wench Brewery

Giant Tiger Brewery

I Can’t Even Brewery

Big Black Barrel

Four Peaks Brewery

Hop frog Brewing Co.

Out of the Box Brewing

Iron Thorn Brewing

Perseverance Beer Co.

Vice Counts Brewery

Little Brewery

Brass Devil

Nirvana Fermentary

Beerhaus Brewery

Pilz Brewing Co.

Goldrush Brewing Co.

The Brew Crew

Sun River Brewing

Barnstormers Brewing Co.

Abita Brewing Company

Apocalyptic Brew Works

Phantom Brewery

Flying Brewery

The Entertainers’ Lounge

Pint House Brewery

The Barrel House

Wooden Crown Brewery

The Owl’s Wagon

Unik Brewing

Old Bricks Brewing

Empire Brewing Co.

Summit Craft Ales

Good Doctor Brewing

Alchemist V

Lake Mead Brewery

Breweries United

The Redacted Brewery

Nautilus Brewery

Allusion Brewing Co.

Savage Brewing

Scale Brewing Co.

Mountain Skull Beer

Cobblestones Brewery

Apple Blossom Brewing

Big Mug Brew Co.

Arcadia Brewing Company

Mini Brewery

Glasgow Bulldog

Dunkeller Brewing Co.

The Hops and Robbers

Fizzy Brews

Barley Beer Co.

Blue Tree Brew

Gristle Brewing

The Brown Beer

Big Mack Brew

Famous Hops Brewing

Flying Dog Brewery

Props to Hops

Best Beer Brand Names

Do you know that you can make your beer brand look like the best kind of brand with the help of the name? You need to choose the best kind of words available to make your beer brand look amazing.

First, have a look at these given names that can be used for your beer brand. It will eventually make your beer brand look famous in the business field.

Chillaxing Microbrewery

Black Angus Brewery

Langford & Bullen

Red Ale Hills

Sly Fox Brewery

Big Sky Brewing Company

The Alesmith Brewery

Mountain Climber Brewery

Crafty Ladies Brewery

Tuff Shed Brewing

Kingston Brothers

Fluid Arts Taproom

Bite Me Bitter India

Hungry Monk Brewery

Old Oaken Brewery

Bud Light Brewing

Anchor Craft Ales

Blizzard Brewing Company

Brewer’s Hill Brewing Company

Aloha Brewing Company

Brewers Laboratory

Honey Pot Creek

Black Ice Brewing

Cinder Block Brewery

Cog Hof

Allied Craft Beer

The Tap Room Brewing

Dilly, Dilly!

Gold Rush Brewing

The Mad Brew

Bavarian Brewery

Malt Brothers

Malt of War

The Hop Story

Bottle yards

Buckbrush Brewery

Angel Wing works

Crazy Brew

The Stout Bridge

Dale Beer Co.

The Beer Yard

Craft Brew Works

Fount & Tilsby

Iron Will Brewing

7 Seas Brewery

Big Hops Brewery

Brew Ranch

Ace Brewing Company

Fountain Brewing

Holly brew Brewing

Twin Barrel Brewing

Monumental Brewery

Barbarian Brewing Company

The Brewhouse

Rough Draft Brewery

Lakeside Brewery

Alpine Dog Brewing

Harmony Of Kings

Black Mountain Brewery

By the Glass

Beaver Flats Brewing

Dominion Brewing

Dilly Dally Brewing Company

Sun Moon Brewery

Boston Beer Company

Blacksmith beer works

Alchemy Brewing

Firebird Brewery

Fat Head Brewing

Anchor point Brewing Co.

The All-American

Frosty’s Winter Ale

Little Bear Brew

Beer smith Bros.

3 Sheep Brewing Co.

Molten frost Brewery

Beer Nouveau

East Brother Beer Company

Blue Devil Brewing

Brew Master’s Brewery

Beer On Fire

Brewer’s Table

Camping Brewery

The IPA Brewery

Wise bencher Brewery

Brew Craft

Spirits of Balance

Midnight Brewers

Tap house

Red Eye Brewery

Aurora Brewing

Almanac Beer Co.

The Sticky Wicket Brewery

Memoir Brewing Co.

Small Tent Brewery

Bad Wolf Brewing

Brick house Brewery &

Angry Dog Brewery

Minotaur Brewery

Hellhound Brewery

Funny Beer Brand Names

If you have a meaningful and unique name, then you can claim a secured position for your venture. It would help if you were careful while you are choosing a funny name for your beer brand.

The name should look funny, but it should be meaningful to match the services of your great beer brand.

Beard Ale Brewing

Stone hall Brewery

Pint Glass Brewery

Oak leaf Meadery

The Royal Pine

Canyon Creek Brewing Co

Formidable Brewing Co.

Cascade Brewing

Nano Brews

Treble Brewing Company

Brew Happy

Loophole Brewing Company

Alehouse Brewery

Chaos Brewery

Brew polish Pub

Buzz Beer Brewing

Crafty Ales

Allagash Brewing Company

Heavenly Ruin

Imperial Breweries

Where the Beers Are!

Beer mouse

Big Willie Brewing Co.

The Nimble Monk

The Imperial Brewing Co.

Goose Island Beer Co

Audacity Craft Ales

All the Good Beer

Queen Bee Brewing

Brewin’ USA

Iron City Brewing

Mad Malts Brewers

Twin Barrel Craft Ales

River Brewing Company

Peacock Brewing

Gold Nugget Brew

Cellar Rock Brewery

Beer house Brewery

Rough miller Brewery

Man cave Beer

The Lone Wolf Brewery

Big Rock Brewing

Groove Built

Hop Notch Brewing

Ghost Rider Beer

Tilted Kilt Brewing

Beehive Brewery

The Equinox Brewery

Crows Nest Brewery

The Mad Bard Barrel

Beards Brewery

Dog House Brewing Company

Fighting Trout Brewery

Beer On The Prairie

Bogart Bros

Blank Label Brewing

Horse Heading Brewery

Crowfoot Brewing

Big Bopper Stout

Elevation Craft Beer

Endless Bummer Brewing

Cultured Brewing

New Berlin Brewery

Seven Oaks Brewery

Aslan Brewing Co.

Twisted Brewery

Vitality Brew

Flying Pig Brewing

The Haunted Brew

Axe of Ale

Pronto Craft Brew

Fire Wolf Brewery

Anchor Brewing Company

Hooch & Wacker

Micro Hoppy

Tall Tales Brewing Co.

Celts & Sons

Crafty Beer Barn

Last Whistle Brewing

Brouhaha Brewing

Cascade Brewing

Crafty Brew

Enigma Brewing Company

Dye & Brew

Ironwood Beer

Barley O Porter

The Hurricane Brewers

Howling Wolf Brewers

Alcoholic Love Child

Awesome Blonde Ale

2O F

Grain heads

Bands in town

Alt Brewing

Craft Rock Brewing

Ape Hanger

Brewer’s Cove

Harvest Moon Brewing

Bow Valley Brewing Co.

Twisted Pine Brewing Co.

Clever Beer Brand Names

One of the best ways to make your beer brand popular is by having a proper name. You will come across a lot of names that will make your task easier in choosing the name.

You should always target the perfect kind of name for your beer brand. The name of your beer brand should be decided cleverly.

Moustache Brewing Co.

Wittenberg Brewery

Bearded Ear Brewing

Midnight Meteor Brewery

Black Brew Lager

Perennial Artisanal

Brew Life

Harvest Moon Brewing

Brain Freeze Brewery

Hop House

Angels Brewhouse


Burial Beer Co.

The Brewer’s Wit

Flying Skull Brewing

Just This Once Brewery

22nd Island Brewing

Fox Park

Black woods Brewery

Brava Brewery

The Old Mill Brewing

Beard and Barrel Brewing

Flat Earth Brewing

The Mighty Micro

Brewer’s Choice

Starting Line Brewery

Happy Brews

Backcountry Brewery

Blood Alley Porter

White Goat Brewery

The Scottish Ale Brewery

Black Heart Brewery

Good Beer

7 Mile Brewing

Pile 28

Long Oak Brewery

Hop works Taproom

Bakers Dozen Brewery

Avalanche Brewing Company

Beer Work

Hopsan Brewing

Short Order Brewing

Peak Season Brews!

Badlands Brewing Co.

Craft Brew Tavern & Grill

Beer Studio

The Flying Dutchman

Okanagan Cider Company

All Ryed Up Brewery

Framboise Brewery

Brew Country

The Hop smith

Black Smoke IPA

Black Crow Brewers

Modesty Brewing

Rough Draftery

Hop Valley Brewing

Kirin Beer Company

Big Hat Brewery

Periodic Brewing Company

Gastonia Beer

Tidal Wave Brewery

Heavy Hitter

Barley Brewing Company

Cigar City Brewing Company

Red Mountain Beer

Hopped Up Brewing

Little Beer Works

Flowing Beer

Hops & Barrel

Polygamy Porter Brewery

Refined Angels

Ferment and Destroy

Super Grace Brewery

The Malt man Brewery

Hop Haus Brewery

Southsiders Brewing

Fall-Line Brewing Co.

Golden Gate Ale

Draught House Pub

Evil Speed

Leather man Brothers

Bitter End Brewery

Butler Brew Works

Magnitude Craft Ales

Red Lion Brewery

Pineapple Express Brewery

Wanderlust Brewing

Miss Ray Brewing

Wild Ale Works

Rockwood Brewery

Brass Arm Brewery

High Mark Brewery

Full Sail Brewing

Red Mango Brewery

Brewer’s Barrel Co

Brew life Brewery

Cold Stoned

Einbecker Brewery

Beer Brewery Incorporated

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check if my beer brand name is copyrighted?

You can look for the federally registered trademarks by using a trademark database that is available for free. There you can if your brand name is copyrighted or not.

How do I trademark my brand name?

You can trademark the name of your beer brand by filing a trademark application before the trademark registry or you may visit a trademark attorney with the representation of the mark that you want to use for your brand that you want to register.

A brand name is chosen already- how to understand? 

There are online tools for checking. There you can search for the brand names and find out if any other entrepreneur is using the name for that you have chosen for your brand.

What is difference between trademark and copyright?

Trademarks are mainly issued on the basis of either you use it or lose it. But on the other hand, copyright will remain as it is and enforceable for the entire duration.

How long can a trademark last?

A trademark can last forever but you have to renew it every ten years. If the trademark is being used between the fifth and the sixth year after the registration of the brand name, then your registered has to be renewed.

Final Thoughts

You have to remember that your beer brand will have a lot of competitors. Standing out is imperative. That can be done by your brand name which will help to differentiate your brand from the others.

Hence, you have to dedicate quite a lot of time in creating the best name for your beer brand. The suggestions given above will surely help you to a great extent.

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