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101+ Top Anxiety Blogs Names Ideas

These days anxiety is affecting everyone from a child to an aged person for various reasons. To cope with the situation, people go to their doctors for advice. Now a day, it is easy to get advice on anxiety-related disorders.

There are blogs created by medical practitioners who will explain clearly the symptoms and the cure. These practitioners create blogs for educating people about anxiety and at the same time to earn money through blogs.

Top 10 Anxiety Blogs of the World

Medical news today

This blog from the United States features the latest stress and anxiety research reports from renowned universities and journal articles from across the world. The blog posts about 30 articles every year on average and is very popular on Twitter as well as Facebook.


This blog focuses on disorders related to anxiety. The blog publishes several research articles and the latest news about anxiety. It posts several times a day. Being an Indian blog, it is extremely popular on social media with a huge fan following on Twitter as well as Instagram.

Anxiety Slayer – calm your anxiety

This is a British blog based in Kent. The blog aims to help the readers feel more tranquil and at peace with their life. It features several anxiety relief exercises and other tools to support people suffering from anxiety. The blog posts weekly and has about 20 thousand Facebook fans.

HealthyPlace – Anxiety-Schmanxiety Blog

Based in Texas, United States this log is trusted by several people for addressing their anxiety problems. The blog deals with several issues including flashbacks, phobias, worries, stress, and anxiety.

The blog articles offer useful tactics and tips for readers to manage their anxiety problems with ease. The blog has 206 thousand Facebook fans and 65 thousand followers on Twitter

Anxiety Boss

This is another blog based in the United States. It serves as a complete guide for anxiety management and is authored by a professional psychiatrist and MD Carlo Carandang. The blog has several posts that offer an effective treatment for the anxiety problems of the readers. It posts monthly and has a formidable social media presence.

The Anxiety Guy 

This Canadian blog is a highly recommended self-help podcast by Dennis Simsek. On this blog, Dennis shares his experience and knowledge of anxiety. He describes the causes of an anxiety problem and the best ways to treat it. The blog is well-known for all the accolades received. 

Beautiful Voyager

The articles of this blog feature in-depth analyses about the causes of stress, anxiety, and overthinking in people with underlying health conditions like migraines because of transitions in life. The blog posts three articles every month on average.

The Worry Games

The author of this blog aims to provide the readers with a fresh perspective to deal with an anxiety disorder. It has been a major source of inspiration for many people suffering from anxiety. The blog posts 2 articles each month on average. It has more than 14 thousand followers on Twitter and is equally popular on Facebook.

Time To Change – Anxiety

Another blog from the United Kingdom, Time to Change features articles that are generated by people who have suffered from anxiety themselves. The blog serves as a forum where people talk among each other about their problems and figure out ways to deal with them.


This is an Australian blog that focuses on anxiety problems. The author writes happy articles to make the anxiety problems of the readers vanish. The blog deals with overthinking, stress, and anxiety and offers tips on how to deal with them efficiently.

A blog is an online page where an individual can post their views and get comments from the readers. Blogging has become popular as a hobby and as a profession since through blogs people can earn a good income.

Businessmen create blogs to advertise their services online. A blog name is a major part of blogging as it drives readers to the blog.

Most soothing anxiety blog names for your blog

Pain Concern

Dread Grief

Anxiety Medic

Grief Unease

Anxiety Therapy

Disquiet Tension

Anxiety Life

Flex Health

Therapy Health

Pain Care

Pain Insurance

Scan Health

Pain Therapy

Fear Concerns

Fear Woes

Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Concerns

Troubles Anxiety

Frets Doubts

Anxiety Blogs Names

Virtual Worries

Workout Worries

Panic Care

Fear Danger

Disorder Health

Panic Fright

Fear Controllers

No Fear Outdoor Gear

Fight Fear

Fear Scale

Horror Shock

Horrible Fear

Fright Lite

Chaos Alarm

Crisis Alert

Panic Chaos

Alarm Mind

Worry Safe

Health Fear

Mind Trouble

Problem Anxiety

Trouble Headache

Lift Life

Health Feed

Cure Future

Live on Bliss

Good Hearty

Help Coacher

Healing N Harmonie

Worry-free Health

Chilled Fennel

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Anxiety is an emotion that has feelings of tension, worry, and increased blood pressure. Anxiety is our body’s natural response to daily stress. Stress such as the first day at school, attending an interview, facing an audience where people feel nervous and fearful.

Trending Anxiety Blogs Names

Top Anxiety Pages Names

If this anxiety becomes extreme, then it is called anxiety disorder which can cause physical symptoms. Anxieties may occur due to the stressful life which revolves around work, family, money, health, and other crucial issues.

anxiety blogs names

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