Top 10 Best Bakeries in the USA

Top 10 Best Bakeries in the USA

Bakery products like biscuits, cookies, pastries, cakes, pies, cake rolls, are a craze worldwide. Not only do children but adults too crave for them.

Of late one can see a slight downward trend in consumption as people are avoiding junk food and becoming health conscious. The annual market growth rate is expected to be around 1.5% only.  

Best Bakeries in the USA

10. Sam’s Bakery

Based in Massachusetts, the speciality of this joint is that apart from the usual preparations of bread, cakes, spinach pie and  mutton pies, the Lebanese and Middle East preparations are of exotic quality and it is their speciality.

Vegetarian food is also available which is quite news for the vegan people. One can get breakfast and lunch also over here. 

The USP of Sam’s Bakery is that they are one of the best places to have Lebanese and Middle East stuff. The food is non greasy and the quality of their flat bread is awesome. Although there is no place to sit down and it’s primarily a pick up joint, the queue is worth waiting for.    

9. Fillings and Emulsions

The Salt Lake City Utah based bakery was formed in 2013 August and the founder himself is a master Chef in his own right having won accolades from the American Culinary Federation. He is also a host to a number of Television food and cooking shows.

Apart from pastries and cakes it also serves gourmet pastries, breads, desserts, and expresso hot beverages. Cuban pies of this bakery are a delicacy. Orders can be placed online too one of them being the bakery’s own portal. 

The bakery has online order bookings for both Salt Lake City and another one at Provo. Assorted boxes can be ordered for the benefit of the consumers. The bakery also has e gift card system and conducts cooking classes too. 

8. Nathaniel Reid bakery

This ST. Louis based bakery started operation in 2016 serving greater St. Louis area and its neighbourhood. The owner also is a distinguished Chef and won many prizes amongst them Pastry Chef of the year from US pastry competitions.

The main line up of the delicacies includes pastries, cakes, sandwiches, quiches etc. Orders can also be placed online too.

 The ambience inside the outlet is very homely and comfortable make the customer at ease which is a great plus point.

The menu consists of breakfast pastries, salads, macarons, pound cakes, hot beverages right up to afternoon pick – me ups. Cooking classes are also conducted and catering requirements are met with full expertise.

7. Barrio Bread

Headquartered in Arizona, the founder owner is also one of the finest bakers of the USA. The USDA allocated grants for his business to grow. He has been taking baking classes in a number of workshops and conferences and the Desert Professional magazine ranked him amongst the first ten in the country.

Last year he was the semi-finalist of the Outstanding Baker award. Famed for their speciality ARTisan bread, the bakery also produces Pizza, cookies, Pita bread, cookies doughnuts etc.

The bakery makes the finest grain and wheat about which the customers are crazy of.  The brand salience is so good that lot of high end food chains market Barrio’s bread.

The owner because of his reputation will be a guest speaker at the University of Arizona in March this year.  

6. Dottie Audrey’s Bakery Kitchen

The speciality of this joint is that it was started by two ladies of British descent and both of them had things in common like love for family, culinary skills, penchant for clean kitchen and homeliness and as a mark of respect to them the bakery till now prohibits use of plastics.

The aura inside the place reminds one of good old times with antique furniture and simple food. The specialities are freshly baked bread, scones, pastries and hot beverages.

The success story of this bakery is the success story of the two grandma’s cooking skills. The variety of menu right from varieties of tea, hot chocolate, streamers, to Belgian and Spanish spreads make it a perfect blend.  

5. The Office Cake

Based at Miami, Florida the bakery is one of the most favourite joints because of the personalised touch given by the owner family. The bakery is actively involved in fulfilling its social responsibility also.

The satisfied customers are all praise for this bakery because of the taste, delivery schedule and price. Orders can be placed online. 

As a marketing strategy the cakes come in very handy sizes of 5, 10, 12 and 14 inches and in multiple flavours. Orders at very short notices with minimum time are accepted and delivery guarantee is 100%.

The cakes are all right up to two days of delivery provided one keeps the same in AC. 

4. The Sweet Life Bakeshop

The bakery specialises in cup cakes, cup puddings, pies, cookies and compact dessert unique in all respects with the office in Philadelphia. Other delicacies include strawberry banana pudding, peach cobbler and vanilla cupcake.

Gourmet chocolates and some desserts are simply adored by the children. 

An important speciality of the bakery is the homemade pies and chocolates that are a rare treat for the kids. The place offers walk in welcome gifts and is an ideal place for children takeaways.

3. Artistic Cakes

The bakery is California based and the cake designer is an alumnus of National Institute of Design Cuba and one of the best cake designers. The bakery specialises in cakes for weddings, baby and bridal shower, anniversary, cup cakes.

The items are all customized according to the pocket, flavours and customer preferences. Prices vary as per the icing, fillings, and tiers. A candy or a dessert bar buffet is also offered for special occasions.   

2. Sweet Delight Key Lime Pies

One of the finest bakeries in Florida, the key lime pies are any day favourites of the customers. Entirely made from natural ingredients they come in several mouth watering flavours to suit every taste bud.

The ingredients are prepared personally by the owners which are 100% authentic. 

The uniqueness of this place is that one can book tables in advance and reservations are possible.

One can bring in physically impaired guests at the bakery for eating; Takeouts are also available at the bakery. 

1. B J Cinnamon

Operating from Folsom California, undoubtedly B J Cinnamon is one of the best named bakeries nationwide. The hottest selling products are breakfast croissant, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and doughnuts. Another all time favourites are the sandwiches and the lovely pastries. To cap it all the Vietnamese coffee which is served is just out of the world.

The location of the place is very convenient with adequate car parking facilities. The atmosphere inside the outlet is also very relaxed and homely.

No doubt why the people are so very fond of the place and the outlet is very fittingly called as the donut people.     

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