Top 10 Best Candle Companies in the US

Top 10 Companies Top 10 Best Candle Companies in the US

Top 10 Best Candle Companies in the US

Gone are the days when candles were the only source of illumination at home. In fact, it might be the last purpose for which candles are used these days. However, that does not mean that they have lost their credibility even a bit.

Candles are mainly used for their esthetics and their wonderful aromas. They not only serve the purpose of providing light in dark places but also uplift the mood of everyone with its invigorating scent. The top 10 candles manufacturing company based in the US are as follows-

Best Candle Companies in the US

Yankee Candles- 

if you talk about the largest manufacturers of scented candles in the whole of America, the first company that comes to mind is Yankee Candles. Headquartered in Massachusetts, this company is the perfect representation of the American Dream.

They add fragrance to your home which is not only long-lasting but also has the ability to invigorate you and rekindle your joyous memories. They come up with new scents every season and have a number of village stores set up as a part of their sales strategy.

They also invest in a lot of charity and fundraising programs which indirectly act as their marketing strategy as well.

Woodwick Candles- 

this candle manufacturing company came into light in 2006 and has etched its name in the market since then. Their specialty is the unique type of wick that they use. It emanates the soothing sound of the crackle of wood, hence the name.

Woodwick mainly uses materials that are naturally obtained and combines it with amazing craftsmanship that gives the candles a touch of luxury and class. They are one of the favorite companies for scented candles of the tropical fragrance.

The best part about Woodwick Candles is that it offers discounts of varying percentages of discounts that they give year-round, which makes it pretty affordable as well.

White Barn Candles- 

the main purpose of this company is to make your home and surrounding smell amazing. Though perfumes and fragrances are the two main ways of doing so, another instrumental contribution towards the same is done by scented candles.

The foundation of the company can be traced to as far as 1991 and it has grown from strength to strength since then. If you look at any household of the US, chances are high that they will have some product from White Barn. The candles are also beautifully colored and you can match it with your room or any such setting.

One of their major marketing strategy for which they have gained a lot of popularity is the use of social media, especially Instagram, for targeting potential customers.

Gold Canyon Candles- 

although this company comes forth in the list, it is in no way inferior to its aforementioned counterparts. Gold Canyon has been in business for 2 decades now, after being established in 1991.

They specialize in luxury candles of various aromas that are capable of filling up your home with a very pleasant and amiable fragrance. Just like the name, their products are considered as gold standard as well.

Their candles have the ability to transform the lives of the people and infuse them with a newfound sense of enthusiasm and vigor. They concentrate on the use of social media like Instagram as a proper marketing strategy, which has contributed to its popularity largely.

Colonial Candles- 

a company that was established almost a hundred years ago, in 1909, it being founded by a woman was one of the most inspirational parts of it.

Even though Colonial Candles has been around for so long, they still mainly manufacture from North Carolina and have their retail outlets in different parts of the US. They are famous for the compact oval jar and the perfect blend of fragrance and colors which make the candles last really long.

Their manufacturing process is an epitome of perfection and they pride themselves in providing unique candles according to specifications to be very home. They are very active in the social media circle and mainly advertise using this means.

Circle E Candles- 

they say that wine becomes better with time and age. The same applies to Circle E Candles as well.

They set themselves apart from the rest in this particular niche by using a unique style where the candle rests on the lid of the jar while burning, which increases it’s the duration of lighting quite effectively. The heavy jars made of glass of superior quality is another aspect that contributes to its popularity.

New scents and fragrances get introduced every year which adds to its collection. Email newsletter and social media are the main mediators for advertising this brand of candle manufacturers.

Slatkin & Co.-

 even though it is a subsidiary company of White Barn candles, it has been able to carve out a name for itself in the market in the US.

Their dedication towards creating something beautiful and adding something new and unique to their collection every year has contributed largely towards taking the company to the heights that it has reached now. Featuring in the top 10 list of candle manufacturers is enough testimony of the fact that it is loved and preferred by many.

The plethora of colors that they provide as options is an added feature that makes it superior to its other counterparts. You can easily come across the company on different social media circles as they vehemently advertise in it to reach out to as many people as possible.

Village Candles- 

the candles that are produced by Village Candles are mainly known for their earthy feeling and the wide range of candles with an organic feel.

Their craftsmanship and experience are the main reasons for it’s growing popularity. They have been able to successfully infuse wonderful scents in every household that their candles have breached. The main reason why Village Candles has been able to penetrate the hearts of so many people is because of its beauty at its raw form as well as its authenticity and realness.

Based out of Maine, Village Candles has only been expanding in the right direction. Proper marketing strategies through orthodox and newer means, newspapers and social media alike, are one of the main reasons for it’s growing name.

Bridgewater Candles- 

this company has a very simple approach towards creating candles for everyday use that has the ability to fill your house with a fragrance that ranges from warm to fresh to cozy to refreshing.

The sheer popularity of Bridgewater Candles is based on its simplicity and the raw and earthy feeling that it infuses in the house. On purchasing from Bridgewater Candles, you can contribute towards charity as well.

They pledge to provide 3 meals for a hungry child for every candle bought. Thus, you can contribute towards making this place a better place to live in as well. This is a potent way of marketing as well that has resulted in its growth, one step at a time.

Better Homes and Garden- 

as the name suggests, Better Homes and Garden vows to make your life better, from the inside. One instrumental way of doing so is by using the amazingly scented candles manufactured by them.

Another company that is women-centric and headed by Edwin Meredith, a former office-bearer in the US administrative office, has gained popularity surely and steadily. Do not miss out on the opportunity of making your home feel even more homely by using products from Better Homes and Garden.

They are active on social media for their marketing but their main gain of popularity is by word of mouth itself.

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