101+ Top Grief Blogs and Pages names

Blogs are done for reader engagement. They are often put up on social media since it has the ability for readers to comment about a particular subject and create a discussion with the blogger. It is important to select a creative blog name. Pick something generic which include your brand too.

Names and Slogans Blog Names 101+ Top Grief Blogs and Pages names

101+ Top Grief Blogs and Pages names

 There are many great blogs which are especially dedicated to grief. You can find some relief and solution to your grief regardless of your age, gender, type of loss, religion, and coping skills.

There are many counsellors who really want to help such people with their mental health issues. For them, it is a great way to start such blogs and find a good way to serve the society as well as get some fair income.

Top 15 Grief Blogs of the World

The Grief Healing Blog – 

This blog is developed by Marty Tousley who writes this blog to express her feelings and tries to understand everyone’s problem and give them a sound solution to it. As she has experienced loss personally it becomes easier for her to solve and empathize with common people and help them recover from depression or anxiety.

Confessions of a Funeral Director – 

This blog covers a variety of topics ranging from death to rising from the ashes and humorous posts are the main attraction of the blog. In this blog, one can get valuable information and motivational articles where he discusses real-life stories of how people have overcome depression and embraced personal growth. 

Still Standing Magazine – 

This blog is a collective effort of more than twenty people who aims to better everyone’s life who are facing problems regarding mental health. The blog captures the people who have lost their children or near and dear ones. The blog is divided categorically to make it easier for its readers to choose their topic of concern and get along with the blog.

Diary of a Widower – 

This blog is by Tim Overdiek who pen what he feels when you lose your partner and the bitter truths of life which sometimes frightens you the most. He writes an everyday journal to relieve the readers from their grief and make them understand that they are not the only ones who are suffering from pain. He also admits that expressing his feelings in words relieves him from depressing thoughts.

The Gift of Second – 

This blog was founded in late 2015, this blog mainly aims to distract people from attempting suicide or commit acts to harm themselves which emotionally and mentally drains people. He also discusses how to take oneself out of the grief of losing your loved ones. This blog is always up with encouraging and inspiring articles and posts.

Surviving After A Suicide Loss –

 This blog has been breaking the internet since it made its first post in 2019 and had past many blogs that were established before this one. The blogger makes sure you never feel left out in parties or social gatherings and reading your mind from far away and curing you from inside in the main focus of the blogger.

Letter To Brian Blog – 

In this blog the blogger writes letters to her brother whom she lost in recent years. After his death, she has been writing his feelings of love to him through his letters. These letters are evident in how she has recovered from grief and has learned to live her life without her only sibling. 

Live Through This – 

This blog takes into account all the people who have successfully survived in committing suicide. This blog shares how these people have changed over the years and now are living their lives like every other common people. Not forgetting to mention how spiritually driven these people became. Sharing real-life stories and their healing process is the best object of the blog.

Mindful Survivor – 

This blog is a go-to place whether into depression or not, this blog is a must-visit one which is filled with positive vibes and encourages you to bring happiness back into your mundane life. The blogger has achieved her degree in mental health which gives her a fair idea of the mindset and their consequences to society.

Chasing Dragonflies –

 This blog is developed by Kelly who started writing this blog after she lost her 12 years old daughter. The sudden loss was overwhelming to her and she no other better way than writing her feelings in a blog where other people would understand her pain and will sympathize with her present situation.

Debbie Augenthaler  –

 The blogger is a writer cum therapist who never fails to impress her readers through her high-quality and expressive articles. She started writing this blog soon after she lost her husband who died out of cardiac problems. She released a book to share her feelings and healings that took place over the years.

Shelby Forsythia – 

This blog is by Shelby who started this blog after her mother died and she felt alone. She found relief in writing. She often engages her readers and asks them to give their opinions on a particular topic that she discusses in her blog. She shares how her friends have embraced her and give her the home-like feeling which helped her overcome the grief easily.

Hello Grief –

 This blog is quite popular in social media as it provides online conferences to meet up new people and share your experiences and grief anonymously. This blog has a wide range of topics to discuss and the best part of the blog is that it involves people from over the world.

Alliance Of Hope – 

This blog is to help the suicide survivors to develop metal peace and concentrate on personal development and growth through meditation and mind exercises to help them heal from inside. The blog also shares inspirational articles and arranges expert interviews to motivate people to grow spiritually rather than ending their lives.

Our Side of Suicide –

 This blog was published in 2013 to support the suicide survivors and try to cure them by listening to their problems. The blog suggests them to go into social gathering rather than keeping themselves into confinement and express their feelings which can relieve them from sadness or anxiety.

A blog is a web space which is dedicated to give opinions and take opinions and is updated regularly. Blogging as a hobby has become popular these days and some have tuned to be a source of income. Blogging is also a great way to market. This means that the contents and the blog names are essential part of blogging.

Here are some good grief blog names for your next Blog

Agony Pain

Agony Sympathy

Grief Relief

Grief Heartache

Grief Tragedy

Grief Health

Modern grief

Anguish Regret

Grief Advisory

Bear Grief

Grief Records

Grieving buzz

Grow endurance

No regrets

Heart broken

Helpless moments

Dangerous depress

Disturbed minds

Deep Suffer

Badly Wounded

Mourning grief

Silent killer

Blue life

Painful Grievance

Silent thoughts

Defeated help

Tasteless life

Ease your grief

Relieved Melancholy

Mental counselling

Turn to Joy

Depression comfort

Overcome loss

Blind agony

The worst woe

Discouraged mind

Struggling life

Hard time guide

Unseen Mishaps


Dark clouds

Please your mind

Delightful pills

The third degree

Endless sufferings

Calm down blessing

Grievance care

Depression help

Confidence booster

Endured misfortunes

Grief recovers

Problem consultant

Everyone experience grief moments in their lives at least once. May be it is the death of loved ones which gives us more emotional pain. Sometimes these grief moments may turn into life hazards such as suicidal thoughts and suicides.

Top Grief Pages Names

Therefore, it is important to know how to cope with the grief to ensure that this distress don’t lead to depression or serious psychological damage. These days, suicides and mental health issues rise in numbers.

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