101+ Catchy Prayer Blogs And Pages Names

There are many prayer-related blogs that are filled with Scripture and small observations on how we pray effectively. The blogs show the way to pray with humility, faith, and hope.

If you are a pastor or a prayerful person and want to help people with your miraculous prayers, blogs are the right venture for you. You can create a blog for explaining the prayerful life which can do wonders with life trials.

Top 15 Prayer Blogs of the World

Community Bible Study Prayer – 

This blog aims to educate common people about the bible’s divine knowledge to help them live their happiest and healthiest life. It also offers a wide variety of courses and one can become a disciple with in-depth knowledge of the bible.

Moms in Prayer International

This blog invites every mother to engage themselves in praying for children worldwide. It is done to better their children’s lives and reduce their suffering to the least. The blog aims to improve the quality of life in the next generation who will know the essence of life and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Prayer & Possibilities With Kathryn Shirey –

 This blogger teaches her readers to read the bible thoroughly and implement the good vibes in their lives to optimize their potential to survive in the tough world. Overall this tries to make the world a better place to live through the teachings she offers in the blog.

The Blog of Apostle Tonya – 

This blogger was born to wise parents who always encouraged her to get better every single day. She praises almighty for all that she has got to deal with mentioning the difficulties that come in her life and explaining how courageously she had overcome those with the help of God is the best thing about the blog.

A Daily Prayer – 

This blog is developed to encourage and motivate people to help common people and thrive to succeed as a community without finding solutions to their individual needs. Serving the world should be the main motive. The blogger shares all new ideas of prayers and inspires readers through his daily posts.

The Whole Body Life Coach – 

This blog is by a spiritual master, Tierra Tate who has devoted her life to guiding people to enlighten themselves by making prayers to God and seeking salvation, and uncovering Bible concepts that one can put to everyday life. The blogger continues to explore deep into prayer and its positive effects on life.

International House Of Prayer – 

This blog shares the detailed story of Lord Jesus and how he returned to common people late after his death. It tries to glorify life and Christianity as a whole and arranges Church prayers for years. This blog has achieved its place in the top lists with wise knowledge and facts that remained unrevealed for years.

A Collection of Prayers – 

This blog shares different prayers irrespective of whether they were discovered in the past or present. The articles are informative as they explain the meaning of every prayer thoroughly and how one can implement those teaching in their life and help others to get out of difficult situations.

Prayer A To Z – 

The blogger encourages her readers to improve their life by devoting their life to the teachings of the bible and delivering their lives to God who takes care of all his children in the world. He suggests purifying the sins that one had done in their lives by devoting his energy to improving the society that is by helping others.

Praying in Color – 

This blogger has a different view from others, his thinking patterns are out of the box. He motivates readers to meditate which energizes the mind, he also arranges Church meetings for both men and women and travels around the world to share his knowledge of what he has gained over the years by reading and practicing meditation.

Christ The King Priory – 

This is the right place for people who wants to grow mentally and spiritually. This blog arranges conferences where interested people can join and share their stories of spiritual growth. With frequent posts, this blog never fails to convince people how personal growth is important to one’s life.

Daily Prayer Give Him 15 – 

The blogger suggests his readers spend fifteen minutes in prayers and visualize his life in its best possible way without compromising the wellness of the society which is equally important. He describes how prayer can help one get a better life with much ease and satisfaction. 

One Prayer A Day – 

This blog makes sincere efforts to retain the originality of life and suggest its readers accept the bitter truth and make good out of the worst situations by making prayer to God who takes care of all sufferings. With regular posts, this blog has got thousands of followers on social media.

Gladys Malachi Blog – 

In this blog, the blogger shares short prayers every day to bring a sense of fulfillment to their lives. She mentions hoe morning prayer is important and can bring happiness in life.

She also interviews and takes opinions from spiritually enlightened people who sometimes pen down their knowledge and experiences in her blog.

A Blog On Prayer –

This blogger explains how he had benefitted from prayers he makes to God, how he talks to him and how close he has become to God. He teaches his readers to seek goodness in basic things in life which goes unnoticed in most cases. Visit the blog to enhance your knowledge and experience divinity.

Blogging is a hobby but can be converted into a professional venture. A blog is a webpage where you can exhibit your hobby or can share your opinions with people worldwide.

A blog is updated regularly in order to cater to the latest information on a particular subject. It is not just for sharing opinions but through that one can earn handsome money on hands too.

Also, a blog is a great tool to market your business online. The contents of the blog and the blog name both are essential parts of it. A blog name attracts more readers to your blog.

Collection of some prayers that you can say in the Good Morning Prayer Sayings one so they have a wonderful day ahead of them.

Some Ingenius prayer blog names for your Next Blog

Request for help

Communicate with God

Prayer Power

The prayer hand

Intercession with God

Graceful petition

Heaven’s blessing

Powerful Supplication

Prayer time

Prayer organiser

The Armor of God

God’s promises

Woman of prayer

Prayerful life

Prayer bookmarks

Kneel before God

Focus on God

Prayer practice

Spiritual Resistance

Passionate Prayer

God Answers

In Jesus Name

Peace Preparatory

New hope

Listen to God

Faithful prayers

Loyalty to Christ

Open-Hearted Prayer

Generous God

Power of Mother Prayer

Our Daily Bread

Prayer Can Help

Teach Us to Pray

Jesus’s rhythms

God’s Workers

God’s harvest

Before You Sleep

Spiritual DNA

Concerns to God

Unseen Connections

Intercessory Prayer

Prayer an Adventure

Overarching Vision

Concrete Connection


Grace Prayer

Sight of Blind

God’s Peace

Godly Men

Transform lives

Are you thinking about starting a faith blog? Great! Have you chosen a name yet? So check out the Top Faith Blogs and Pages Names.

Let’s Pray

Pray Glory

We Pray It

Prays For All


Church Grace

Prayers Worship

Church Service

Ritual Worship

Prayer is the key to making your stay in the Christian faith and listening to God’s voice. Christians are commanded to pray throughout. In today’s day, prayer seems to be a difficult task. There are many things to do and we don’t get much time for prayer.

Top Prayer Pages Names

Prayer offers a personal relationship with God which is a great benefit for the believer. Sometimes, even if we pray, our prayers go unanswered. We must understand that our way of prayer is not proper. We should learn how to pray.

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