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101+ Top Feminist Blogs and Pages Names Ideas

Many feminists these days are taking up the movements through blog writing. They express their views on feminism and are eager to communicate with like-minded people for making the team grow.

There are various blogs that teach on how to move further with feminism and the importance of such things.

There are many feminists who are stood up to fight for feminism. These feminists with their blog contents inspire people to give women rights and to fight for them.

Top 15 Feminist Blogs of the World

MS Magazine- 

This blog is run by a team based in Arlington, Texas, United States. It is the online version of the paper magazine of the same name, which was launched in December 1971 as a subsidiary of New York magazine. The blog shares  4 posts a day and believes in telling rebellious yet true stories.

Feminist Majority Foundation Blog –

 This blog is run by the Feminist Majority Foundation which is based in Los Angeles, California, United States.

The main objective of the organization is to uphold women’s equality. It aspires to form a world that is inclusive and nonviolent towards women.

All claims and publications made in this blog are backed by extensive research. The blog posts  3 times a day.

Feminist Current- 

This blog is run by Megan Murphy,  a blogger based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Through her blog, she aims to provide a feminist perspective on everyday matters, starting from politics to pop culture.

Featuring progressive and pressing issues that need to be talked about in modern times, the blog is a must-read. 

Brown Girl Magazine – 

Originating in the United States of America, the purpose of this blog is to create awareness and empower millennial brown women.

It features brilliant interviews, funny stories, and discussions regarding pressing feminist issues. 

The blog also has managed to create a community of young individuals who support each other and help them become world leaders.

Pretty Progressive – 

This blog hopes to achieve a world where nobody is discriminated against on the basis of race, creed, religion, or sex.

The main purpose of this blog is to share ideas and exercise the freedom of speech in addressing pertinent feminist issues. It hopes to make people realize the importance of feminism and posts 5 times a week.

Angry Girl Feminist – 

The author of this blog is a young girl who is tired of facing prejudice in every aspect of her life.

The content of this blog stems from her own personal experiences. It focuses on racial issues and the concept of intersectionality. It posts at least once a day.

Fashion-forward Feminist- 

 This blog hopes to form an online community of fashionistas who are not shy of voicing their feminist opinions.

The purpose of this blog is to make sure that these women are heard. It hopes to create revolutionary changes through the intermingling of feminism and fashion. The blog posts at least once a quarter.

Women of Colour- 

The author of this blog is based in Naples, Campania, Italy. It talks about the difficulties that women of color often have to face to perform day-to-day activities.

Focusing on the need for representation, this blog truly brings you tales of what women of color have to go through on a daily basis. 

Shattering The Ceiling- 

The need for an equitable society is rising rapidly. This blog talks about the obstacles that women often have to face in their professional and personal life and how the emergence of an equitable society can reduce the disparities in their lives. It also has an online community where women help each other out.

Warm Honey Blog- 

This blog is run by a team based in Detroit, Michigan, United States. They call themselves a blog that is run by the women, for the women, and of the women.

The blog aims to inspire and educate people on the topic of feminism and bust some of the myths associated with the movement.  

The Guilty  Feminist –

This blog is authored by comedian  Deborah Frances-White who is based in London, UK. The key discussions of the blog involve all the major, pressing feminism issues that need to be addressed all around the world. 

The blog allows women to function as a big sisterhood, sharing each other’s insecurities as well as joys.  

The Shrew That Shan’t Be Tamed – 

The name of this blog is inspired by Shakespeare’s  “The Taming of The Shrew”. The blog hopes to create awareness about feminism and why it is the need of the hour.

It highlights the plight of thousands of women worldwide and how both the sexes have fallen victim to the age-old dogmatic practices of patriarchy.

D the Vegan Feminist – 

This blog chronicles the personal experiences of the author who is a feminist and a vegan. She believes in not hurting any animal for personal consumption and through her blog, she hopes to convince others of the benefits of vegan life. The blog comes up with 2 new posts per quarter.

The Fawcett Society – 

This blog is run by Fawcett Society, an organization based in the United Kingdom which is actively working towards building a society where the choices one makes in one’s life and the impact it has, are not influenced by one’s gender. The blog run by the Society proves to be an extremely interesting read.

The Ladies Finger –

 This blog is run by a team based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Set in a country where gender-based discrimination is rife, the blog hopes to educate people on the importance of an equitable society.  The blog also throws some light on the concept of how gender and culture intermingle.

As web publishing is easier compared to hard copy publishing, blogs have become more common. People create blogs with different objectives.

Some blogs are run by individuals and some by companies. Through blogs, one can express their view and get comments on it. Also, blogging is widely used to make money these days.

Blogging can be helpful in marketing the business as well. The content of the blog attracts people and makes it popular. Same way, it is important to have a catchy blog name.

So, do you need a slogan and tagline for feminists? If YES, then so check out the fantastic feminist slogans and sayings.

Good feminist blog names ideas for your Inspiration

Bio Feminist

Feminist App

Feminist Care

Perfect Feminist

Life as Feminist

Feminist People

Feminist Solutions

Blue Feminist

Feminist Training

Personal Feminist

Good Feminist

Feminist Guru

Feminist Online

Urban Feminist

Feminist One

Internet Feminist

Get Feminist

Natural Feminist

Red Feminist

City Feminist

Live Feminist

Feminist Space

Sweet Feminist

Creative Feminist

Your Feminist

Feminist Guy

Feminist Ideas

Feminist Solution

4 Feminist

Feminist Site

Feminist Pictures

Feminist Support

Feminist Search

Feminist Girls

Big Feminist

Feminist Living

Feminism Magazine

Feminist Blog Names

Pure Feminist

Feminist Doctor

Feminist Success

Elite Feminism

Feminist Help

Feminist Works

Family Feminist

Simply Feminist

Healthy Feminist

Feminist Records

Feminism Forum

Natural Feminism

Feminist Review

Feminism Records

Girl child rights

Justice for women

Current feminist

Feminism means believing that men and women are equal. It is to treat men and women as both better in everything with the same amount of respect. Feminism can be established in many fields such as political, economic, personal, and social.

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Trending Feminist Blog Names

Top Feminist Pages Names

These movements seek to establish educational and professional opportunities balanced among men and women. Feminist is one who supports equal rights for women.

If anyone who objects intensively to women being paid less than men for doing the same work, then he is a feminist.

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