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Top 10 Best Freelance Writing websites in the USA

Freelance websites are very useful to people as they help professionals to get connected to employers or potential gigs. There are many freelancers and it’s very hard to find the best among them as all of them have their strengths. 

There are both sites for general and specified kind of work, which offers various kinds of services to the users. There are freelancing sites for graphic design, writing, photography and many more.

Best Freelance Writing websites in the USA

The freelancing sites serve as market place for both employers and employees who exchange services. 


This is one of the top freelancing sites for all kinds of freelancers and obliviously for writers. This is one of the most popular sites all over the world. It formerly used to be known as Odesk and provides market place for various types of skills. There is space for professional of all skill level.

They are one of the most popular sites all over the world and they allow professionals of all level of skills. They provide great security to all employees and employers making sure no one get cheated.


This is one of the best sites for beginners and entry level writers. They make it easier for the beginners to get potential clients. To register on this site every member needs to fill up a form with around 250 words writer prompts. They evaluate the prompts and depending on the results they let the member select clients.

They use the fact that is exclusively for beginners and this makes them attractive by the beginners. They evaluate every member and they increase the payment with the increasing performance of the member.


This is freelancing platform which serves as a marketplace for professional writer of all skill levels. The members can their potential clients and writing gigs. They are one of the most famous freelancing sites all over the world. 

Every business deal and transaction is thoroughly verified and screened before being approved. This makes it sure that no one gets cheated. They provide suggestions so that no one gets low paid. They market their websites as being one of the safest as the filter out scams and low paying gigs. 

Blogging Pro:

This one of the premiere sites for freelance writing. This site basically helps business to find required talent. They do not have any screening process which makes it harder or the members to operate freely as they need to sort out the scams themselves. The business here operates on contracts of $30 for 30 days.

The sites are mostly useful for bloggers and professional writers so this has lot of features suited to them. This makes it one of the attractive sites for writers. The site generally offers posting and editing, publishing jobs for professional freelancers.


This is one of the most used and top site for freelancing all over the world. It is a great marketplace for both employers and talents who are looking for potential gigs. Writer needs to create a profile and produce sample work so that clients can see and evaluate them. 

The site is great as they let the members to set their standard rate. They also provide suggestions to payments and rates. This makes them one of the chosen sites. They get a lot of promotion as they provide a safe environment for everyone. is a freelancing website which allows professionals to work on various projects of different fields. They allow writer to work on projects of small organizations and larger organization.

Like most other freelancing websites Freelancer allows to bid projects and share their views regarding the project. There are various kinds of projects some of which is short term and many are extended long term projects which continue for months.

This is perhaps the biggest freelancing sites all over the world. They provide excellent securities which give them lot of promotion and they keep on making their site better.


This is not that much popular site as upwork or freelancer but this site has lot of opportunity for freelance writing and will help make money. There should be patience and perseverance which will help members to achieve success in this site. They are also limited to some regions that also reduce their efficiency.

The site provides opportunities to professional but they need to be patience. The site has got good marketing which helps them to stay in business with other top sites. They also provide quite good rates which makes writers attracted to this site.

Constant Content:

This is freelancing site for the professional writer which has large number of organizations who looks for creating web content from blogs and media posts. The website has more than 100000 professional writers who have written for more than 50000 businesses. 

They help members to build long term relationships and reputation with various brands. In this site every member need to create their profile by filling up a form. They are one of the most popular sites as they let people to maintain their past experience which helps them to get more work. 

Writer Access:

This website allows organizations to commission their content. The site has huge collection of over 15000 writers, who are well experienced and had produced white papers, case studies, papers, blogs, thesis and more.  The website also provides great tools for better web development and keyword research. 

This site is basically limited to certain countries which include United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and South Africa. They provide the member with a writing test and then evaluate to set the rate of the profile. They get lot of promotion as they enable a member to set their rate and provide lots of suggestions.

Self-Publishing school:

Self-publishing School helps people to become skilled writers and self-published authors and contact clients who are willing to buy their services. The members write books on various topics and the books are sold on the site.  The books written on ones field of experience can do great wonders. The website helps people to improve their writing skills by constantly providing suggestions. 

They have lot of tools to make the website stand out in the market. They have book title generator, book royalty calculator and many others which help the freelancers a lot. They also promotes themselves by providing workshops on writing and self-publish of novel.


All the above sites are famous and they provide great opportunities to the freelancers and the organization sell their services.

The organization finds talent and the freelancers are always looking for employers to work for and get paid. The websites uses the marketing strategies of different kinds to promote their sites.

Most of them uses the privacy and security of the both sides as their strength and promotes it to make their site more loved. All the above sites are known for their efficiency and surety of their deals.

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