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Top 10 Best Hardware Companies in the USA

Hardware in a computer will connote all those physical components, tools and other durable equipments that are required to make the machine. Examples of computer hardware are the keyboard, the mouse, the monitor, the CPU, the wires required etc.

The four main parts of any computer hardware are the mother board, the CPU, the RAM, the hard drives and the cases. USA being one of the most digitally driven nations globally  there are hundreds of hardware firms but the top ten are elucidated below –

Best Hardware Companies of the USA

10. NCR Corporation –

Based at Atlanta and serving globally for the last 136 years, NCR is one of the most important hardware developers specially for hotel and restaurant chains, banks and the retail trade. The ATM hardware is mostly done  by NCR in a very large extent.

The company looks further beyond the days of cash registers and credit card strips to the latest hardware and soft ware .The items that NCR produces are PCs, Point of sales for retail and food services / restaurants, POS displays, printers and touch screen and self service hardware mainly used in ATMs.  

9. EMC Corporation –

Owned by Dell Technologies now, and renamed Dell EMC, the company is based at Massachusetts. Dell acquired EMC in 2016. The company markets data storage, analytics, virtualisation,   information security and other such products like cloud computing.

Other products that are marketed by Dell EMC include back up, recovery, archive items, storage and content management items and data computing

8. Qualcomm Incorporated –

Established in 1985 and based at San Diego California, with a huge work strength of 41000, the US transnational markets wireless telecommunication products, semi conductors, chips etc. The bulk profit comes from patent licensing businesses. The company has numerous subsidiaries like Qualcomm Technology Licensing, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies and Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

The company can bask in the glory of inventing CDMA technology widely used in mobile networks and the dual band mobile handset. Other items that the company produces are semiconductors, server processors, tracking devices, sat phones and a host of other items. 

7. Xerox Corporation-

The 120 year old company formed in Rochester but now based at Connecticut, Xerox is a Fortune 500 company famed globally for office printers, wide format printers, digital presses, scanners and multi function printers.

The research centre of Xerox located at Palo Alto is globally famous for executing and originating many hardware elements like computer mouse, desktop computing and other aspects of personal computing. Xerox has many firsts to its credit like digital and laser printer, scanners and Inkjet printers. The company is also one of the most coveted organizations to work with. 

6. IBM Corporation –

Based at New York and founded in 1911, The International Business Machine Corporation more popularly known as IBM is present in 170 countries of the globe. 

IBM according to Dow Jones Industrial index is one of the largest employers globally and is lovingly called Big Blue; It produces and markets computer hardware, middleware and soft ware. It is a magnificent achievement for the company that some of the ex employees have been Nobel Prize winners.

Inventions like ATM, hard disc drive, magnetic stripe card, relational database, SQL , IBM Mainframe, UPC barcode are all credit of IBM. The brand has been prominently featured in reputed magazines Newsweek and Fortune and has won the 2nd position for the most valued worldwide brand.   

5. Intel-

The 1968 established company formerly known as N M Electronics is based at Santa Clara California popularly known as Silicon Valley.  Intel is currently the largest manufacturer worldwide of semi conductor chips and inventor of the X86 series of micro processors found in almost all personal computers worldwide.

Intel has been in the Fortune 500 list  consistently and is the main processor supplier to Dell, Lenovo, HP and Apple . Some of the finest micro processors like 486M Pentium and Itanium are all from the stable of Intel. The biggest clients of Intel have been Dell, Lenovo and HP. 

4. Cisco –

Headquartered at San Jose Silicon Valley and established in 1984, Cisco is a transnational conglomerate marketing networking hardware, software and telecommunication equipments. The company targets three main audiences for its business growth namely the enterprise, the service provider and the small and medium business.

The products that Cisco provides are networking including Ethernet optical wireless and mobility, Security, VoIP services, hosted Collaboration solutions and Network Emergency Response. 

Cisco has been included earlier in the Fortune 100 list of best companies to work with and is also a previous recipient of the Ron Brown award conferred by the US President’s Office. 

3. Dell Inc

Established in 1984 and headquartered in Texas, Dell Inc, is owned by Dell Technologies with a gigantic man force of nearly 160000 heads globally.  It produces peripherals, servers, data storage devices, network switches and personal computers as far as hardware is concerned .

Dell has acquired EMC Corporation in 2015 and has been in the top list of Fortune 500 companies. The popular brands OptiPlex, Dimension, Vostro , PowerAge, Power Connect, Dell Compellent are all serviced and marketed by Dell. 

As a part of its marketing campaign, Dell spends a considerable amount in   several types of media. 

2. Hewlett Packard –

Hewlett Packard or HP as it is more commonly known was established 82 years ago in Palo Alto California. Industry leader in computer hardware and software,  it split into two companies and again split into Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc in 2015.

Some of the more important products from its vast arcade of items are inkjet and laser jet printers, Office jet all in one multi function printer, indigo Digital Press, Light scribe , HP Photosmart, HP Spam and Snapfish. 

The company has done a lot of sponsorship in sports namely soccer, hockey and Formula 1 car racing apart from the famous Australian and North American Football league. 

1. Apple Inc-

One of the giants in computer industry worldwide, Apple was formed in 1976 at California and one of the founders of this giant organization has been the legendary Steve Jobs. The company is into computer hardware and software, cloud computing, digital distribution.

Semiconductors and Artificial Intelligence. Some of the globally famous hot selling items the company markets are Apple Macintosh series of desktop computers which are a must for modern offices, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Apple Watch, Home Pod and Apple TV.

The Apple logo of half bitten apple is one of the most popular advertising brands globally and till date the advertising honchos are awestruck with the theme. 

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