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List Of 101+ Top Literary Blogs and Pages Names That You Can Use

Many people are good at literature and want to sharpen their skills more. Some want to know about literature and want to be a part of the literary world.

For all these aspirants, there are various literary blogs out there which can satisfy each one’s hunger for the literature.

Some blogs give you all the necessary insights into literature from ‘what is literature’ to the end.  Many of the blogs exhibit a writer’s literature and get comments and arguments.

Top 15 Literary Blogs of the World

The Public Domain Review –  

This literary blog is run by a team based in the United Kingdom and works as a not-for-profit platform to showcase the works of brilliant writers whose works are available online.

The blog features abandoned drafts, lyrics of soulful songs, classic works, and other forms of literature. It comes up with a post every week.

Helping Writers Become Authors by K.M. Weiland –

 This blog is authored by K.M. Weiland who is a resident of Nebraska, United States. She will coach you on how to write better stories.

Stories, she believes often have the potential to change the world. Weiland is an award-winning author herself and her tips on literature are extremely useful. The blog posts once weekly.

Literary Agents Advice –

 This blog is run by a team called The Writer’s Workshop which is a consulting service for writers who want to get their work published for the first time.

They have their own creative writing program for which one can enroll and also provide editorial services that are of professional grade. The blog posts each quarter.

Writing For Kids by Tara Lazar –

This blog was launched by Tara Lazar in October 2007. Tara is a resident of New Jersey, United States and when she is not writing or blogging, she is busy being a mother to her wonderful kids.

She has an excellent sense of humor which reflects in her writings and makes kids love her works. She posts weekly.

The Kenyon Review Blog –

Based in Gambier, Ohio, United States, The Kenyon Review is without a doubt one of the country’s most famous literary magazines.

It is an excellent source of information on literature and introduces readers to countless masterpieces. The blog run by them is the online version of the magazine. They post every once a week.

The Steve Laube Agency Blog –

This is another blog that is run by a literary agency. Run by Steve Laube and his team, based in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, this blog specifically focuses on books that are suitable for the Christian market.

All details about their agency can be found on their blog. They come up with 3 posts per week.

Fine Books Magazine Blog –

This blog is run by the blogging team of the magazine by the same name. The print magazine is published and distributed every quarter and the blog puts up new posts daily. The blog features rare books, a collection of short stories, fine art, and more.

Arabic Literature – 

This blog is a great source to learn about the Arabic language for people who know English. All the translations are present in English.

The blog also features literature news of the Arabic world and more. The blog is based in Rabat, Malta. It puts up at least one post about Arabic literature and translation once a day.

Royal Society Of Literature Blog – 

The main purpose of this blog is to provide an online platform that carries out the same duty as the society, namely celebrate, nurture, defend, and uphold Britain’s unparalleled history and tradition of writing literature.

Red Sofa Literary by Dawn Frederick –

This blog is run by a team based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States. The blog shares quirky, fun, eclectic story ideas with the online community of this blog.

It allows the readers to communicate with one another and share ideas and tips regarding writing and literature. The blog comes up with 2 posts a quarter.

The Nervous Breakdown by Brad Listi –

This blog is run by Brad Listi and his team. It operates as an online literary magazine and supports emerging writers by publishing their work.

The blog has so far featured numerous young artists, poets, and authors all around the globe. It comes up with 10 new posts per week and is a very interesting read.

Mothers Always Write Online Literary Magazine – 

This blog is run by a team based in Rhode Island, United States.  The blog calls itself a platform for the mothers, by the mothers.

They publish a host of writings including essays and poetries, the central theme of which is motherhood. The blog comes up with a unique post each week and aims to empower mothers.

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog – 

Based in Albany, Georgia, United States this blog is a must-follow for young writers who want their work to get published or simply, want to hone their craft.

It provides valuable writing advice, provides quick tips on improving grammar, and more. The blog provides a platform through which writers can collaborate with one another.

The Ravens Perch Magazine- 

This is an online magazine based in Eatontown, New Jersey, United States, and functions as an independent magazine that publishes literary reviews in an interval of two months. The blog is devoted to supporting authors to gain reorganization for their work.

It features works of fiction, poetry, essays, etc. They are known to take submissions from almost everywhere.

Incessant Scribble: An African Literary Blog – 

Run by a team based in Harlingen, Texas, United States, this literary blog’s mission is to create awareness about African literature and make sure that young Africans connect to their roots.

It features multiple book reviews, has inspiring interviews with famous African writers. It also posts various intriguing short stories from the African sub-continent. 

A blog is a webpage created to exhibit one’s hobby or a talent on a particular subject. Also, blogs allow readers to communicate with the bloggers.

The blogs have to be updated regularly and hence one can get the latest updates on a particular subject through blogs.

Many people use blogs to earn an extra income, some to advertise their business and some use it as a hobby.

The content written on a blog is important to get more traffic to the blog. In the same way, a blog name is also important in attracting more readers to it.

Are you thinking about opening a book club business, but struggling to come up with a suitable name for it? So check out the best book club business names ideas.

Great literary blog names ideas for your Inspiration

Literary gossip

Literature forum


Incisive magazine

Web literature

Online publicashion

Exemplary piece

Exclusively literary

Literature gravity

Contemporary literature

Literary criticism

My space for writing

A piece of art

Literary horizon

The unique pen

Silence of words

Review guide

A poet’s secret life

Online book chat

Amateur poetry

Pen and a paper

Scribbled pages

Literature art

Digital library

Unwritten Poems

Publisher’s hub

literary works

Written work

My first pen

Literary minds

News bulletins

Contemporary letters

The long-running book

Turn the page

Literary Blog Names

Literary editor

Masterpiece Literature

Best bookmarks

Literature Unfolded

literature giants

Write my mind

Pen and ink

Playful literature

Works of poetry

Learning pyramid

Life vision

Story of humans

Inspiring writes

Fine writing

Literature Lovers

Out-of-print works

The Literature describes the written and sometimes, spoken material. Literature refers to the works of the creative imagination such as poetry, drama, fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and in some instances, song.

Looking forward to start a book review blog and searching for a name? So do check out the top book review blogs and pages names.

Trending Literary Blog Names

Top Literary Pages Names

Literature is universal which affects all of us deeply on a personal level. In a literature, you have emotions, feelings, love, and many such things. It not only elevates your thoughts but your soul as well.

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