100+ Top Music Review blogs and Pages names

There are blogs that feature the thinking of independent music, upcoming musicians create blogs to get good reviews.

These days people like to hear music and search for good music. These review blogs help them in a great way.

Top 10 Music Review Blogs of the World

Little Indie Blog- They are recognized by the Hype Machine. One can submit their music to this blog if they are looking forward to building a career in the music industry.

The site is updated with new content every day. They are very strict about their guidelines; hence one must go through them before submitting the content. 

Acid Stag- If you look at their blog, you will find it neat, attractive as well as easy to browse. This Australian music site has news from all over the world and is featured by the Hype Machine. This site is mostly for electronic music and is very particular about its rules. 

Indie Music Reviews- They review all kinds of things like EPs, albums, videos, show, etc. on their blog you might also find recommendation of shows as well as interviews.

The process of submission in their blog is very simple but they do not review music that is more than 6 months old. 

SYFFAL- The blog is not very frequently updated and is most of the time visual or short form. Like other blogs, they are not restricted to any particular kind of music but they will not provide you any exposure by writing negative comments in case they do not like your music. If they do like your work, you might get featured. 

Louder than War- On this blog, you will daily find reviews about albums (that have pop-punk, rock, alternative, independent and experimental music), music news as well as interviews.

The Word Is Bond- On this blog you will find audios, videos, reviews as well as podcasts. The blog is attractive and is rich in content and has usually hip hop and jazz music. One must read their guidelines properly before submitting their content. 

This Song is Sick- Lover of the music of various kinds and genres? Allow this amazing blog to take care of all the requirements you possess. They usually take a lot of time to respond back. 

A & R Factory- They are a little different from most music review blogs. Apart from reviewing music submitted to them, they also provide artist development packages and consulting services. They do not update their blog very regularly.

A consequence of Sound- They are based in Chicago and cover a lot of things like cover film, TV, and other related news. You will find a wide range of artists and brands being covered. 

Gorilla vs. Bear- The blog is based in Texas and is not specific to any genre. They also do not have sort of guidelines, all you need to do is to mail them. 

A blog is a personal page online where people share their opinions and get comments from others.

The profession of blogging has gained much popularity these days. Many of the people started earning through blogs.

Businesses use the blogs for marketing their products online.  A blog name is as important as its contents. A catchy blog name can catch people’s attention.

Best music review blog names for your music interest

Star Voice

Music Medicine

Review Star

Star Feel

Star Select

Review Radio

Star watch

Review Play

Play Look

Sound Review

Sound Eye

Radio Check

Audio Eye

Play Score

Test Review

Pop Spy

Review Land

Sound Score

Sound Sharp

Audio Note

Audio Range

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Select Review

Band Test

Rate Review

Dance Watch

Explore music

Beat Cast

Liquid See

Dance Tier

Beat Eye

Music survey

Major Review

Bright Shows

Pick Music

Voice Note

Song Survey

Voice Audit

Stream See

Note View

Beat Choice

Tone Mark

Band Analysis

Beat Profile

Signature Dance

Stage Eye

Bass Like

Easy Music

Review Note

Tone Pick

Harmony Mark

A music blog has always had music but few have music reviews. Because of some fake reviews, the bloggers are not coming forward for such review blogs.

The music review should be genuine and that is when music people get inspired to compose more.

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Top Music Review Pages Names

Many bloggers are excited to share their new music and they do not write bad reviews. There are many blogs have reviews, interviews, features, mp3 samples and sessions. Some dedicate their blog just for music and new artists.

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