Top 10 Best Tyre Brands in the USA

Top 10 Companies Top 10 Best Tyre Brands in the USA

Top 10 Best Tyre Brands in the USA

With the growth in the construction industry in the USA, the vehicle movement has gone up considerably in the country increasing the demand for tyres in the USA.

The market is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate of 4.8% per annum. The replacement tyre market is also expected to add to the growth of tyre industry in the USA . 

Best Tyre Brands in the USA

10. Sumitomo

Popularly known as Sumitomo Rubber USA LLC, erstwhile it was known as Goodyear Dunlop tyres ltd. The corporate office is located at Buffalo New York and the plant has the capacity to produce 4 million tyres annually for trucks, buses, motorcycles and cars.

It is one of the exclusive manufacturers of motorcycle tyres of the USA backed by state of the art R & D lab. Sumitomo has a 68 acres testing ground at Alabama to check the performances of all types of tyres including Formula 1 racing cars. 

The company manufacturers Falkon tyres and Dunlop motorcycle tyres too

9. LingLong

Linglong is a subsidiary of the China based Shangdong Ling Long tyres Company  one of the top twenty tyre manufacturers of the world. The parent company is amongst the first three top tyre manufacturers of China. In 2009 LingLong America was incorporated near Ohio. The company plans to achieve a target of 20 million unit tyres by this year end.  

8. Yokohama –

Yokohama Tyre Corporation based in Mississippi is the American subsidiary of the Japanese tyre manufacturing organization Yokohama Rubber Company ltd. The US marketing wing Yokohama Tyres, manufactures high quality tyres for trucks, cars, commercial vehicles and buses along with tyres for equipments in construction industry.

A new one million square ft state of the art plant imparting the latest innovation in tyre technology has been set up by investing a massive  $300 million. 

7. Hankook –

While the US operations are situated at Clarksville Tennessee, the South Korean manufacturer will become eighty years old very soon. Hankook has been an official supplier of the famed global automobile giants Mercedes Benz and BMW. . The Tennessee plant at Clarksville is one of the major state of the art plants in the USA and its products are looked upon very high and with awe  in the country. The company is also included in the Dow Jones Index. 

Hankook is into major sponsorship as it is into baseball league, UEFA European league and has been a co sponsorer with the international soccer giant Real Madrid. 

6. Pirelli-

The Georgia based Pirelli Tyre North America LLC is the US wing of the Milan based Pirelli tyres. The company has a global marketing set up in 160 countries with 19 factories all over the world. Pirelli North America has a state of the art plant at Sialo Mexico and plush marketing offices at Los Angeles, Detroit and New York. Pirelli tyres have been in the thick and thin of motor sports for well over a century now and is now the exclusive vendor of Formala1 car racing, the Superbike world championships and many other international events. 

The US office of Pirelli also supplies replacement tyres apart from manufacturing and distribution of tyres. 

5. Goodyear –

The Ohio based company was founded in 1898 named after the inventor of vulcanised rubber and is currently one of the top tyre manufacturers of the world. It produces tyres from motorbikes, automobiles, commercial vehicles, earth moving machines farm equipments to aeroplanes. Goodyear tyres find themselves regularly in the Formula 1 car racing events. Goodyear has found itself consistently in the Fortune 500 list and is also the discoverer of the airless tyre concept.

Only this year with the help of AI , Goodyear has been able to formulate tyre treads to change as per the climate and environment.  

4.Dunlop –

The internationally famous brand , Dunlop was founded in Birmingham England during 1889. In the USA Goodyear owns the brand currently. Dunlop produces both types of tyres for commercial purposes and passenger cards and on the other hand tyres for motor sports. 


Originally a German MNC , the company was established in Germany way back in 1861 carrying an unforgettable legacy for all these years. In 1980 Continental purchased General Tyres and Rubber Company. Apart from manufacturing high end tyres for cars, trucks, motor cycles and bikes Continental also produces and markets various auto parts. Continental tyres have an excellent tyre tread life.  

Continental tyres have won accolades for Fortune magazine’s award for one of the most adorable groups. Very recently the company is doing a lot of ground activity, The company’s trucks are primarily used in cars, SUVs and trucks. 

2. Bridgestone –

Originally a Japanese transnational firm, the company is one of the largest tyre manufacturers of the world. It has multiple facilities in almost all parts of the globe. At first for the North American operations, Bridgestone purchased a Tennessee based factory from another reputed manufacturer Firestone in 1983. In 1988 Firestone was fully acquired by Bridgestone. The company has a number of subsidiaries which produce synthetic rubber, roofing materials, air springs and industrial fibres. The company has also purchased Bandag Inc a leading truck re treaded company based at Iowa. 

The company is heavily into sports events sponsorship like Formula 1 car racing, motorcycling, touring car racing, National Hockey League, National Basketball League and the Olympic Games. 


A French transnational tyre company with headquarters in Clermont Ferrand , Michelin was formed in 1889 and is the second largest tyre manufacturer in the world. The company has three subsidiaries, ViaMichelin, Euromaster Gmbh and Tigar tyres .

Apart from these the company also owns Uniroyal Goodrich tyre company, Kleber tyre company, Bookatable SASCAR etc. The company is also known for its travel guides and road maps. Michelin tyres have been used extensively in Formula 1 racing, MotoGP and American Le Mans endurance tests. 

Michelin tyres have also been used by Toyota, Audi, Citroen, Ford, Peugeot and Volkswagen cars in World Rally Championships. 

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