174+ Best Instagram Bio to Make Your Own

Instagram accounts are meaningless without bios, so undoubtedly, netizens want the best bios for their accounts so that the bios can create a good impression on the minds of the visitors.

We have a collection of bios for you; maybe you will come across a few that you would like for yourself.

Cool Bios for Instagram

-If you want to be happy, you have to try to be a simple person, because all complexities in life just lead to trouble and pain! #simplelife

-Trying to be a happier person! 

-Trying my best to get rid of the expectations I have from life! #life

-I am always well dressed even when my word seems to be tearing apart!

-I am floating in my dreams of you! #loveyou

-My love for you is the strength that I count on to go forward in life! #truelove

-There was a time when I did not have the energy to even get up from my bed, but I tried and tried until I could get over my natural instinct! #energy

-I could never be the type of girl that will live off her boyfriend’s money! 

-I am a woman who does not need a man to open the doors of a car for her! 

-I am a woman who opens the doors of her own car, who does not need to wait for her man to do so! 

-I am a man who teaches his brothers to be respectful to women and also to men, and above everything, who teaches his brothers to be kind and compassionate to all!

-Hope is a precious thing in life, do not lose it! #hope

-I know that I am a star that is shining brightly! #starshine

-I know I preach a lot, but I take pains to practice what I preach as well!

-Loving your pets comes so easily that you do not even have to think about it! #pets

-My pets are my world; without them, there is no me! 

-There is no reason why I should do anything else other than things that make me happy! #selflove

-We should love ourselves first and we can think about loving other people later!

-There is no limit that I cannot cross when I am studying! #studious

-I love books, and I am not a nerd! 

-My parents mean the world to me! #parents

Instagram Bio Ideas

-I am here to study, but my phone seems to have other opinions! #phone

-I am a slave to my phone!

-Addiction to pizza has taken over me irrevocably! #pizza

-Nature is my first love!

-I want to go to the Himalayas and get married there!

-Love me if only you think that you deserve to be loved back by me! #lovetales

-Tell me a story, and I will always be your friend!

-I was never scared of ghosts as a child, and now, as a grown-up, I see that I was right all along; it is humans that are to be feared!

-Love in the time of the Coronavirus pandemic is hard, so let us give love to each other by reacting to Instagram posts and sharing them! #Instamood

-If I was a zombie, I would probably be a sleeping one!

-Even a zombie feels more alive than me! #zombie

-My life is ruled by me, not my parents, and definitely not by my super annoying relatives!

-I will consider myself a grown-up the day random strangers stop addressing me as if I am some school student!

-I am living my life on the couch, eating chips and watching television all day long! #thuglife

-I am a very unstable person when it comes to emotions and feelings!

-I really feel that childhood was the best period of our lives! #misschildhood

-Once in a while, you meet someone who makes you feel at ease but only once do you meet someone and you feel an instant connection, and you know that this is the person you have been looking for all your life!

-I want to feel drunk all the time I am with you! #lovingyou

-I am high on my love for you, and I do not need anything else! #you

-Success is not achieved easily; it has to come from hard work.

-The best plans in life come to you when you are drunk or in no position to act on them! 

-Living my life in my way! #life

-The summer never felt more desirable! #missingsummer

-I have paused my life this whole year!

-Instagram is a never-ending maze! #instamood

Funny Bios for Instagram

-There is no better way to show love for me other than surprising me with food!

-I hate the way I cannot stop yawning during online classes! #sleepy

-I had a dream when I was young, and even now, I am working towards fulfilling that dream!

-Respect does not come back to you if you do not know who to respect! 

-Who termed it laziness and ignored the greatness of the mind of the so-called lazy people to make decisions that saves them many efforts?

-I support lazy people, but I find it too much work to protest on their behalf! #laziness

-There comes a time when everyone needs a person who will be able to understand them and love them in their own way! 

-I have seen so much crap from people that I feel like I have seen enough! #isolation

-Quarantine has not been so bad for introverts like me after all. #introvert

-My life has so far been a mess, and no matter how much I try, I am unable to steer it to a different direction!

-I may be messed up, but I am still respectful and kind, and I do my duties properly! #respectful

-There will always be someone who will see luckier to you than you are, but never forget that even that person is fighting battles that you do not know about, and hence we should just be kind to all! 

-Honesty and compassion are the only two things that turn me on! #honesty

-My home is not homely without the presence of my cats! #cats

-I try to love myself, but at times, I get disappointed, and then I begin to wonder why anyone would love me! #selflove

-The worst scheme in the world is the one life plays on us with all the surprises and unpredictability! 

-Kind words are the best thing that we can get from other human beings! #kindness

-I am not any regular person that you meet anywhere; only people with great luck get to meet me!

-Making my way to the castle of my dreams without any Prince Charming by my side! #queen

-Flying high was never an option; it has always been a mandatory thing for me! 

-I am in love with my life and with all the people in my life as well! #happylife 

-Love might make a lot of people’s day, but the only thing that makes my day is a well-baked cake! #cake

-Why do you have to fake when all you can do is eat cake! #cakelove

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