List of 101+ Best Bios for Tumblr

Business Communication Social Media Bios List of 101+ Best Bios for Tumblr

List of 101+ Best Bios for Tumblr

All accounts in Tumblr need to have a bio as it helps us to give our personal touch to our accounts. Moreover, without a bio, our profile seems to be lost in an ocean of zillion profiles on the internet. So give a read through these bios and see if you find out any that you like!

Best Bios for Tumblr

Short Bios for Tumblr

-Trying to create magic in everything that I do! #magic

-Believing that my life will take a good turn from here onwards! #mylife

-I am on my way to do something great in life! #lifegoals

-Living my life the way it suits me!

-My life is unaffected by people’s opinions unless people means my family!

-There are not many people in the world whom I care for, but all those who are there, I love them like crazy! #family

-My family is my source of strength, hope, wisdom, and every other good thing in the world!

-Life is not predictable and maybe that is why it is so enjoyable! #unpredictable

-I do not understand why everything bad has to happen on the same day!

-I really find it hilarious that some days go smooth but some days it becomes even painful to take a breath!

-Work from home is the perfect example of a wolf draped in sheep’s skin metaphorically!

-The world will never be as kind to me as it was when I was a toddler!

-I miss my toddler days!

-The love of your life will come to your life and keep you happy as long you are not spending your time looking for it!

-Love is the reward you get for having the courage to believe in somebody! #lovequote

Funny Bios for Tumblr

-My life is more active on social media, it is not so in real life! #mylife

-I am creating my love the way I want it to!

-I will make my parents proud of me someday, that is the dream I see every day and every night!

-I feel like I am running out of my time to enjoy my life and that makes me anxious as hell!

-A hundred years will not be enough to prove my love for you, I love you so much! #truelove

-My love for you can never be expressed in words, but I hope my actions prove my love for you!

-Waiting for the day my boyfriend comes out of my imagination and starts being a real person!

-Even if it takes a hundred years, I will never stop hoping to get your attention and love! #loveyou

-My mind is heavy as a rock, but my heart is as fragile as a thin glass!

-I will always want you to invade my personal space! #iloveyou

-I am tired of trying to feel alive! #deadinside

-Society has been trying to tear me up but guess what, with every attack, they attempt on me, I just grow stronger!

-Waiting and counting days to say goodbye to this cursed year and welcome the new one hoping that it is going to be better!

-I might not be able to give you everything but I do hope I will always be able to give you the love you need!

-Youth and beauty should not be the reasons to love a person!

-I do not know what this generation finds in Billie Ellish, I will always be an Avril Lavigne

-This generation is too much into looks and showing off and my concern is that they will miss out on things that matter most in life! #real

-I only open up to a handful of people and I prefer staying a closed book to the rest of the world! #introvert!

-If only everyone could look at the world through a child’s eyes, they would see different meanings of everything, and the world would have been a better place!

-I love my friends until they ask me to video call them.

-I am waiting for my friends to give me their useless advice on relationships before I head out to do the same mistake again! #friends

-If I head out to meet someone new, please slap some sense me into me first! #lovehurts

-Surprised by people’s willingness to interfere in my life!

-They do not care, they do not mind, all they want is to poke their noses into your businesses!

-I refuse to quit, because there are so many tomorrows waiting for me! #determination

-Hope that life serves you a plate full of sunshine once in a while! #sunshine

-I wait for a rainbow every time it rains! #rainbow

-I am twenty-five years old but I still am excited by rainbows! #rainbows

-Trying to love my life while I am living it! #lovemylife

-Enjoying the taste of success after a long day at the office, or was it a dream!

Cool Bios for Tumblr

-I can tell you that I will be meeting you at five in the afternoon and if you come to meet me at five, it will be your fault and mistake for assuming me to be punctual!

-Just tell me that they are giving out free pizzas, I will reach the place faster than Nike, the goddess of speed!

-Let us go start gazing someday? #stars

-If you see me acting like a lunatic someday, please blame my office for the insane amount of pressure they put on me!

-I am tired of looking for a soulmate, I will just wait for the Pizza delivery guy! #pizzalover

-Photography is my favorite thing in the world to do and I do not want to be judged in it, I just want to find joy and happiness in it! #photography

-Keeping my head as high as possible!

-My life has always been a tough ride, a bumpy ride!

-I am not afraid to shine because that is what my parents have taught me to do! #shine

-Why throw around confetti when you can throw around kindness! #kind

-Planting my own roots while thinking of a better future!

-Do not wait for the rain outside to stop, light your own candles, and keep your heart as enlightened as possible! #enlightment

-Nothing turns me off as much as dishonesty!

-This city will never know how much the people here has to struggle to live their lives!

-Loving yourself is always a priority that is not to be compromised with! #loveyourself

-College life was so much better when we had colleges to go to and not just have to stare at a screen! #college

-Saturday nights are getting wasted in this era of lockdowns and quarantine!

-Love is not the driving force of the world, kindness and compassion are way more important than love! #kind

-The only feeling in the world that cannot be replaced is compassion!

-I find humanity the biggest truth in the world and the only one that matters! #truth

-I just want to have a life filled with peace and love!

-Let us lose ourselves in the library once again, reading our favorite novels, sitting side by side! #novels

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