601+ Best Bipolar Blogs and Pages Names

The blogs for medical treatments have mentioned this disorder and guided people for the treatments. The blogs go deeper about this disorder and guide people on when to see the doctor and when to get emergency help.

A blog is a webpage created to share an individual’s opinion and get a comment from readers. Blogging has become popular these days as it emerged as a profession. Many individuals earn an income through blogs.

 Top 15 Bipolar Blogs of the World

Bird Flight – When this blog was started by the author about 2 years ago, she mentioned that it won’t be a bipolar blog strictly speaking. She has proved to be right and she has written on various subjects including her passion regarding travel and nature, diet, and also fitness. 

Pretending To Be What We Are – This blog has been authored by Steve Comer and is not absolutely dedicated to this medical ailment with which he had been diagnosed when he was 17. The writer is extremely creative in his writing and regularly drops simple analogies into his writing which conveys his thoughts, feelings, and ideas flawlessly. 

Suddenly Bipolar – The writer of this blog is Deborah Matthew who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder when she was in the mid-30s. She started to write the blog after that where she mentioned her recovery journey. She likewise writes regarding her personal life, emotional well-being, as well as treatment. 

Bipolar Hot Mess – Christina Huff describes her life before the crash as dramatic and crazed while her life after that has been a hot mess. This crash happened 6 years after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. At present, she goes on blogging in an emotive and open manner which is often sprinkled with poetry and song lyrics. 

bipolar burble – Natasha Tracy was afflicted with bipolar disorder at the age of 20, and since then, she has written for Healthline, Huffington Post, plus the Daily Mail. This blog has been written by her for more than 10 years. Natasha has written regarding her personal life, practical tips, treatment options, and also other topics.  

bpHope – This well-known and award-winning blog has been authored by lots of bloggers from across the globe sharing their own ideas on living with the medical ailment. Here you will come across various topics such as staying hopeful with the disorder, how to easily ask for assistance, and taking care of a mental health issue successfully. 

Bipolar Happens! – Julie A. Fast has written several books on bipolar disorder and how it affects life. She is likewise a regular blogger and columnist for BP Magazine. This blog includes articles on how to manage the condition. Topics consist of guidelines for healthcare experts, what should be done in case one is diagnosed, and so on. 

International Bipolar Foundation Blog – This blog happens to be a powerful resource for individuals suffering from bipolar disorder. The blog will offer you information on stuff such as life following psychosis, peer support, perfectionism, and so on. You will also come across a forum for sharing your personal stories.

Halfway2Hannah – This blog was started by Hannah Blum in the year 2016 where she has enumerated her life with bipolar disorder. Half2Hannah was written for encouraging other folks struggling with the condition such that they feel less lonely and depressed. The author writes about the ways to assist your partner with metal happiness and well-being. 

Kitt O’Malley: Love, Learn and Live with Bipolar Disorder – The author of this blog, Kitt O’Malley, refers to herself as a wife, psychological health advocate, and also a mom who wants to write by neglecting her housework. The blog is concerned about loving and living with the ailment and also how to manage the condition impeccably. It also contains creative writing and poetry.

Bipolar Barbie – Bipolar Barbie is a blog regarding living with mental illness like bipolar disorder. Here you will come across topics such as anxiety disorders, signs of a borderline personality issue, and also mental health. The blog likewise shares vlogs on YouTube and videos on Instagram.

Bipolar Supporter Blog – This blog has been written by David Oliver who likes to update you on essential info regarding bipolar disorder and how families are affected by it. Here, one will be able to talk about the risks of the condition, the effects, and one will also get some idea on how to get the best treatment. 

Be Your Own Light | A Mental Health Recovery Blog – Eleanor Segall, who spent 13 years on earth with bipolar disorder and other anxiety ailments, has authored this blog. She was diagnosed with the condition when she was 16 years of age, and at present, she is in her 20s. She has told how she was able to recover which can also help others. 

Bipolar Manifesto – Bipolar Manifesto was created by Dennis Heil who had been identified with bipolar 2 disorder in the year 2009. Since then he has been able to make a good recovery with the help of health experts. The blog helps people to build their knowledge about the ailment and how to deal with it effectively.  

Jigsaw Parenting – This blog is run by Emma White who happens to be a mother of 6 children. She wants to support other moms with their emotional health and offers a platform for other parents to blog anonymously. The blog contains real-life topics plus daily debates apart from confessions too.

Even businesses create blogs as their online marketing tool. A blog is similar to a website but with few differences. A blog can get comments from readers and also it should be updated regularly. As it is updated regularly we always can get the latest news from the blogs. A blog name is an essential part of the blog. A blog name has the power to attract more readers to it.

Bipolar blog names

Mental Haven

Manic Alley

Autistic Door

Suicidal Air

Suicidal Ray

Epileptic Sys

Bipartite File

Schizo Face

Neurotic Game

Dysphoric Pages

Schizo Pixel

Autistic Programs

Polarized Mash

Suicidal Maps

Schizoid By

Unipolar Consult

Gap Field

Epileptic Game

Psychotic Hall

Bipartite Mill

Dysthymic Spaces

Unipolar Consult

Mental Concept

Suicidal Analytics

Psychotic Ticket

Schizoid Clip

Suicidal Meeting

Schizoid Clip

Gap Portal

Mental Photo

Manic Alarm

Epileptic Club

Polarized Class

Neurotic Clubs

Suicidal Chain

Neurotic Pedia

Polarized Market

Autistic Good

Dysphoric Tastic

Unipolar Success

Suicidal Log

Unipolar Sight

Manic Ok

Manic Mania

Neurotic Think

Bipartite Outlet

Psychotic Contact

Schizoid Hour

Psychotic Station

Schizoid Food

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness which has extreme mood changes. This mood changing symptom is called ‘mania’. The person with bipolar disorder is more depressive and hence this disorder is also called manic depression.

Persons with this disorder have trouble in daily life to manage at work, school and also in relationships.

Bipolar Pages Names

As per medical science, there is no cure for this disorder but it can be treated temporarily with a certain type of treatments which can help them manage the symptoms. This disorder is not a rare one and hence anyone can get the symptoms.

-Bipolar Buzz 

-Disorder Decency

-Mental Muscle 

-Autistic Apex

-Suicide Solutions

-Epileptic Examiner

-Depression Details 

-Neurotic Nerd 

-Endorphin Exhibit

-Dysphoric Discussion

-Akathisia Ally 

-Psychotic Publication

-Bipartite Bytes

-Unipolar Unicorn

-Schizoid Shrine

-Catatonia Concepts

-Hypomania Healing

-Glutamate Guru 

-Epigenetics Era 

-Dopamine Design

-Anxiety Assembly 

-Spectrum Specialist

-Biology Brigade

-Brain Bargain 

-Hallucinations Haven

-Cyclothymia Classroom

-Psychosis Platform 

-Oxytocin On You 

-Serotonin Social

-Comorbid Crew

-Bipolar Blog 

-Disorder Display

-Mental Mirage 

-Autistic Appeal 

-Sucide Helpline

-Epileptic Exhibit

-Depression Development 

-Neurotic Nexus

-Endorphin Expert

-Dysphoric Dimension

-Akathisia Asset 

-Psychotic Paradigm

-Bipartite Browser

-Unipolar Atlas 

-Schizoid Shelter

-Catatonia Concerns

-Hypomania Honour

-Glutamate Guidance

-Epigenetics Experience

-Dopamine Drive 

-All About Anxiety

-Spectrum Scale 

-Biology Bliss 

-Brain Buzz 

-Hallucination Hints

-Cyclothymia Clarification

-Psychosis Scenes

-Oxytocin Outlook

-Serotonin Society

-Comorbid Conspiracy

-Bipolar Page 

-Disorder Daze 

-Mental Mobile

-Autistic Agent

-Suicide Solves Nothing

-Epileptic Exclusivity

-Depression Department

-Neurotic Notion

-Endorphin Ecstasy

-Dysphoric Data 

-Akathisia Article

-Psychotic Paradox

-Bipartite Bonsai 

-Unipolar Artic 

-Schizoid Society

-Catatonia Council

-Hypomania Hangover

-Glutamate Guide

-Epigenetics Execution

-Dopamine Daily

-Anxiety Assistance

-Spectrum Scholar

-Biology Buds 

-Brainy Bros 

-Hallucination Harmony

-Cyclothymia Clarity

-Psychosis Program

-Oxytocin Objective

-Serotonin Soup 

-Comorbid Conquest

-Bipolar Bee 

-Disorder Data 

-Mental Means 

-Autistic Accent

-Suicide Survey

-Epileptic Equity

-Depression Defense

-Neurotic Nest 

-Endorphin Expedition

-Dysphoric Days 

-About Akathisia

-Psychotic Preference 

-Bipartite Buzz 

-Unipolar Unity

-Schizoid Social 

-Catatonia Carousel

-Hypomania Hangout

-Glutamate Goals 

-Epigenetics Elements

-Dopamine Desire

-Anxiety Advice

-Spectrum Survival

-Biology Board 

-Brain Buds 

-Hallucination Healing

-Cyclothymia City

-Psychosis Progress

-Oxytocin Offset

-Serotonin Showtime

-Comorbid Community

-Bipolar Bubbles

-Disorder Digital

-Mostly About Mental

-Autistic Aura 

-Suicide Survival

-Epileptic Essence

-Depression Dynamics

-Neurotic Nature

-Endorphin Empire

-Dysphoric Domain 

-Akathisia Artist

-Psychotic Page 

-Bipartite Bling 

-Unipolar Utopia 

-Schizoid Survey

-Catatonia Charm

-Hypomania Hue

-Glutamate Gleam 

-Epigenetics Edition

-Dreamy Dopamine

-Act On Anxiety

-Spectrum Sustainability

-Biology Blueprint

-Brain Bytes 

-Hallucination Helps 

-Cyclothymia Coordinator

-Psychosis Parade

-Oxytocin Origins 

-Comorbid Chronicles

-Serotonin Specials

-Being Bipolar

-Disorder Dashboard

-Mental Maze 

-About Autism

-Social About Suicide

-Epileptic Experts

-Depression Dashboard

-Neurotic Niche

-Employees Of Endorphin

-Dysphoric Divinity

-Akathisia Access 

-Psychotic Pathway

-Bipartite Bricks 

-Unipolar Unit 

-Schizoid Survival

-Catatonia Challenge

-Hypomania Harmony

-Glutamate Grace 

-Epigenetics Expedition

-Doses Of Dopamine

-Anxiety Attorney

-Spectrum Studio

-Biology Bytes

-Brain Bulletin

-Hallucination Horizon

-Cyclothymia Center 

-Psychosis Pattern

-Oxytocin Oasis 

-Serotonin Solutions

-Bipolar Blueprint

-Disorder Diversity

-Mental Muse 

-Mostly Autistic

-Suicide Care

-Epileptic Experience

-Depression Domain 

-Neurotic Novel 

-Endorphin Echo 

-Dysphoric Destiny

-Akathisia Academy

-Psychotic Professional

-Bipartite Boss 

-Unipolar Ungrade

-Schizoid Shade

-Catatonia Chatter 

-Glutamate Grace 

-Hypomania Hustle

-Epigenetics Expression

-Digi Dopamine

-About Anxiety

-Spectrum Sights

-Biology Bulletin

-Brain Blueprint

-Hallucination Hype 

-Cyclothymia Community

-Psychosis Problems

-Oxytocin Option

-Serotonin Studio

-Bipolar Bytes 

-Disorder Destination

-Mental Matters

-Autistic Association

-Suicide Prevention

-Epileptic Encore

-Depression Direction

-Neurotic Notch

-Endorphin Extraction

-Dysphoric Devotion

-Akathisia Answers

-Psychotic Pixel

-Bipartite Basics

-Unipolar Unison

-Schizoid Smith 

-Catatonia Centre

-Glutamate Groomers

-Hypomania Hush 

-Everything Epigenetics

-Dopamine Dashboard

-Anxiety Antidote

-Spectrum System

-Biology Boo

-Brainy Blues 

-Hallucination Hook 

-Cyclothymic Comforter

-Psychosis Phoenix

-Oxytocin Opportunity

-Some Serotonin

-Browse The Bipolar 

-Destroy The Disorder

-Mental Merger

-Autistic Assistance

-Suicide Shelter

-Epileptic Environment

-Depression Design

-Neurotic Navigation

-Dysphoric Dock 

-Akathisia Assistance

-Psychotic Precision

-Epigenetics Episodes

-Psychosis Professional

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