51+ Loving Birthday Card Sayings for Grandma

Grandparents are the parents of the person’s father or mother i.e. paternal or maternal respectively. Usually it is said that grandparents are someone who inculcate values and emotions in their grandchildren. 

Grandmom is a step ahead of your mom. So whatever you can share with you mom, you can definitely share the same with her and at the same time, what you can’t with your mom, you can share that as well. She can be a guide, a motivator, an advisor, etc. for the betterment of your life. Now coming to some of the birthday card sayings that we can use to wish her on her birthday.A cute and decent looking grandmas can be wished using some of the sayings listed below.

Here are Best Birthday Card Sayings for Grandma

  • “We are sure that you will be tired of counting years after years. May this year be endless and bring peace and happiness in your life my sweet grandma.”
  • “My sweet grandma, I wish you a long life full of happiness and fun.”
  • “May you stay happy and healthy as always. We are so happy and lucky to have you with us all here grandma.”
  • “Happy birthday grandma. May you live for 100 years and stay with us guiding us for the rest of years.”
  • “Wishing you a happy birthday grandma. I wish one more wonderful year ahead. I am here with the whole family to celebrate your special day.”
  • “To my loving grandma, I wish you plenty of reasons to smile in the coming year. Happy birthday!”
  • “Love and happiness to my beloved grandma who took care of me for these years. Hugs for you and have a great and happy birthday.”
  • “All these years, you have stayed with me and have taught me countless lessons for life. May your birthday makes you feel like you are 18 years old. Happy birthday grandma!”
  • “Happy birthday to the best cookie maker of my life. Love you grandma and happy birthday!”
  • “When I look into your eyes, I can see a caring and loving mom in your grandma. May you live long and happy birthday.”
  • “I can see an experienced woman in you grandma who gave love and protection to us for years. Happy birthday!”

“_You are a woman whom we admire. A person who taught us the real life lessons. May you live long. Happy birthday!”

“_An oldish young creature like you needs loving birthday wishes. Happy birthday grandma!”

“_Your face and eyes shows your age. Your heart is still young grandma. Loving and caring. Wishing you a healthy and happy year ahead.”

“_A grandma is a second mother in a child’s life. But for me, you are a mother, sister and a friend! Thanks for being with me for so many years. Happy birthday.”

“_I a proud grandson my loving grandma. Your love and affection are things I would love to inherit in me and my children. Happy birthday!”

“_You are so sweet like your cookies that you made for so many years. Wishing you live more than 100 years of healthy life.”

“_You are a pillar of our family. I am sending you warm wishes for staying with us for so many years on your birthday.”

“_You raised me as a child and I learnt so many things from you like a mother of mine. Happy birthday grandma!”

“_You were someone whom I always approached for help. When I used to crey, you were always available with warm hugs. Wishing you a healthy and happy birthday grandma!”

“_Happy birthday to a superwoman! Happy birthday to a supermom! Happy birthday to a superhuman!”

“_You were always present in my hard times grandma. Happy birthday and warm hugs and greetings to you.”

“_You are an inspiration for me. You are a motivation for me. You are someone for whom I can spend my whole life. Happy birthday grandma!”

“_To my first idol, happy birthday grandma!”

“_If someone asks me to choose any grandmother in my further life, I will choose you again. Happy and warm birthday wishes to you.”

“_I hope I grow as old as you are grandma. Wishing you a very happy birthday.”

“_No gifts can ever express my love and affection for you grandma. Wishing you a happy and lovely birthday!”

“_Flowers can never gloom as beautiful as your smile is my sweet little grandmother. Wishing you a smiling and happy birthday. May you never stop smiling and keeping us positive for coming years.”

“_You may be my grandmother, but you have a soul of a sister, mother and a best friend.”

“_You have taught me to never give up. May you live long and have a happy birthday grandma.”

“_To the powerhouse of our family, wishing you a happy birthday grandma!”

“_Thanks for staying with me and feeding me with lots of love. Happy birthday grandma!”

“_Happy birthday to a person who remains professional in whichever field she is working in. Happy birthday grandma.”

“_Happy birthday to my lovely granny who helped me understand how a girl can look beautiful when she is cooking.”

“_You are a big part of my life granny. I wish we never lose you. Wishing you a happy birthday!”

Birthday Card For Grandma Sayings and Quotes

“_These wishes are for someone who took cuteness and smartness to next level in her life and set an example for our whole family. Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead. May you have millions of birthdays.”

“_I am very proud of you my lovely grandma. Your wisdom, inspiration & motivation can make life of many. I wish everyone had a granny like you. Happy birthday.”

“_I am very lucky to have a grandma like you. You have kept your shoulder and arms open for me. I wish I can be like you. Happy birthday granny!”

“_Billions of wishes are not enough to express the respect I have for you my lovely granny. You have taught me so many lessons of my life. Wishing you a blessed and healthy year. Happy birthday granny.”

“_Happy birthday to the best storyteller and cookie maker of m life. Love you granny.”

“_I wish I be able to fulfill all your wishes, as you did for me since past so many years. Warm hugs and wishes on your birthday. May god bless me with such a granny always and may god bless you with a warm heart always.”

“_Wishes of a shining birthday to a precious person in my life, granny!”

“_Each day spending with you was a lesson. You shared all your experience with me which made me a person that I am today. Wishing you a healthy and happy life ahead granny!”

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