199+ Fantastic Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Blog

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to share with you some beauty blog post ideas that will hopefully help you out if you ever happen to hit a creative block. I think that it's only natural to feel a lack of inspiration from time to time, especially if you've been blogging for a while.

Marketing and sales Digital Marketing 199+ Fantastic Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Blog

199+ Fantastic Blog Post Ideas For Beauty Blog

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to share with you some beauty blog post ideas that will hopefully help you out if you ever happen to hit a creative block. I think that it's only natural to feel a lack of inspiration from time to time, especially if you've been blogging for a while.

Beauty bloggers mainly love sharing their insights on everything from skin care to makeup product reviews. But aside from passion, the best beauty bloggers are those who produce well-thought-out and engaging content. We curated this list of blog post ideas from many of the most popular beauty bloggers on the web to get you started.

Here are top beauty blog ideas and tips to boost your blogging career:

1. Have a Professional-Looking Website

Before you can impress your readers with your amazing content, you need to earn their trust with a professional website. Begin by having your own domain name for your blog and a reliable web host that will keep your blog always online. Not only does this ensure that your blog is easy to remember, it also helps build you a more recognizable brand. 

2. Provide an Easy Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are popular among readers who don’t know where to start. Beauty bloggers take the opportunity to create fun and engaging videos to embed on their blog post to make explanations easier to understand. This 

3. Address Your Reader’s Struggles

Using your blog to answer your readers’ struggles will surely get the attention your blog needs. Think of beauty emergencies like super-hot weather or having to attend a wedding after a night of heavy drinking and the like.

4. Offer Personalized Style Guides

This article idea is very popular, especially when it goes along with a recent trend. Readers are always looking for more personalized guides, like what haircut goes well for the shape of your face, or what shades of lipstick go with your tan. 

5. Always Hire an Expert to Market Your Blog on Facebook

It’s not easy to constantly come up with beauty blog content, so don’t hesitate to cross-market your post on social media. As a full-service digital solutions provider, they also offer website design, search engine marketing and optimization, display advertising, digital listings management, and other services that will boost your online presence.

6. Talk About Skin Problems

Talking about common skin problems can attract even reluctant readers to follow your blog. Skin care is a major concern of beauty enthusiasts regardless of age, and having information available for all age demographics can boost your blog’s following. 

7. Create a Beauty Product Roundup

No beauty blog can always be complete without beauty product reviews. Readers appreciate an honest insight on popular brands and being introduced to less popular products that can give the same quality of skin care for less. 

8. Provide Themed Shopping Guides

Shopping guides are popular for readers, especially during the holidays. Offer a shopping guide that lists where to best find discounted, high-profile products. This article gives its readers the opportunity to get their hands on huge beauty brands for the fraction of a cost.

9. Target Niche Audiences

Writing about special topics can increase your blog’s popularity, so don’t be afraid to post ideas for a specific niche. She’s In the Glow’s audience includes a special niche for pregnant women who would like to take extra care of themselves. 

11. Write a Product Comparison of Popular Beauty Products

Aside from reviews, writing product comparisons can make your blog popular with smart shoppers. You can also include a list of alternative brands to show your audience that you take the extra mile to give them valuable information. 

12. Share Makeup Hacks & Time-Saving Techniques

While tutorials give you a step-by-step makeup routine for beginners, makeup hacks and tips can include unique ideas that even professional makeup aficionados will be interested in. 

13. Start a Product Diary

There’s more than one way to promote a product on your blog. Make it interesting for your readers by trying the product out on yourself and share your experience. Instead of a one-off post, Dizzy Brunette started a short series in a form of a diary, logging her experience on the use of a skin care product to share with her readers.

14. Feature Homemade Beauty Treatments

All natural and organic products are very popular with health and wellness fans. This is why organic beauty treatment ideas get so much attention. Readers of Dreaming in Blush can’t get enough of the blog’s homemade beauty treatment posted just in time for Valentine’s Day.

15. Offer More Than Just Beauty Tips

What’s really important when launching a beauty blog is to figure out your niche. The beauty world is heavily saturated with blogs, so it’s really important to have focus. As we gained a strong following, we expanded to include more lifestyle and travel articles and have been sent on sponsored trips all around the world.

16. Offer Gift Guides

Readers are looking for the best gift guides around the holidays. If you can write a blog post that shows where to get discounts for beauty, hair, and skin care products, you’re likely to notice an increased number of visitors to your blog. 

19. Feature Makeup Mistakes & How to Fix Them

We all have those days where a 15-minute makeup routine turns to an hour because of one simple mistake. Readers will love to read beauty blog posts that show how to make quick fixes for unexpected makeup emergencies. 

20. Share a Facial Kit Unboxing

There’s no rule that says unboxing is only meant for videos, but you can embed one on your blog to introduce the article. Be descriptive and write with the aim of sharing the experience with your readers. 

21. Reveal What Is in Your Makeup Bag

You might have come across this type of content before. What people have in their bags reveal a lot about their personality. The key is to have influencers invite your readers to a quick look into their personal life. 

As the concept of beauty will constantly change, beauty bloggers will never have to run out of topics to share. If you’re a beauty expert uncertain on how to start a beauty blog, try out this list of ideas to help you get started.

Whenever I feel creative, I like to write down any blog post ideas that come to mind in a little notebook, and use them later on. There is an endless amount of things that you can talk about as a beauty blogger, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my go-to ideas. This includes everything from makeup, skincare to lifestyle post ideas – I really hope that you find them useful!


Makeup is something that attracts most of the viewers so, when you write something attractive for them, they ideally get connected towards your blogs. 

1. Your favourite budget-friendly makeup picks

2. Your favourite high-end makeup picks

3. Your favourite makeup picks for travelling

4. Your favourite makeup picks from a specific brand

5. The most disappointing makeup products you’ve ever tried

6. Re-visit and show us some makeup picks that you used to love

7. Your top five – lipsticks, eyeshades, palettes, blushes etc. – of all time

8. Top high-end makeup picks that you don’t think were worth their price

9. Your makeup collection – show us what you have!

10. In-depth review of your recent makeup purchase

11. Entire look using only £1 makeup products (I did this here – it was… an experience!)

12. Celebrity-inspired makeup look

13. An easy makeup look for beginners

14. Seasonal makeup looks – for winter, summer, etc.

15. Your ‘quick’ makeup routine (under ten minutes)

16. Your daily makeup routine

17. Your makeup routine for special occasions

18. Your ‘no makeup’ makeup routine

19. Five makeup products that you will always repurchase

20. Your top tips for applying makeup

21. Your top tips for cleaning brushes

22. What’s in your makeup bag?

23. Your favourite makeup dupes

24. Makeup storage tips + how you store your makeup

25. Your current makeup wish list


Always write something related to skin care because nowadays people are become more conscious about it. 

26. Your morning skincare routine

27. Your evening skincare routine

28. Your favourite budget-friendly skincare picks

29. Your favourite high-end skincare picks

30. Your favourite skincare picks for travelling

31. The worst skincare products you’ve ever tried

32. Top five skincare products that you couldn’t live without

33. High-end skincare purchases that were not worth their price

34. Seasonal skincare routine – is yours different in summer, winter etc.?

35. Your top skincare tips for problematic skin

36. Your top skincare tips for dry winter skin

37. Your favourite face masks

38. Your favourite moisturisers

39. Your favourite lip balms

40. Your favourite picks for a specific skin type (oily, dry etc.)

41. Your favourite skincare brand

42. Your current skincare wishlist

43. Your skincare empties – would you repurchase?

44. Minimalist skincare routine (five products max)

45. In-depth review of your recent skincare purchase

46. Budget-friendly skincare routine

47. ‘Lazy’ skincare routine for a relaxing weekend

48. Your favourite pampering skincare picks

49. The best-smelling skincare products

50. Your favourite skincare picks from a specific brand


Try to pick good odour perfumes 

51. Seasonal perfume picks – for winter, summer, etc.

52. Your perfume collection – show us what you have!

53. Your top tips for applying perfume

54. Perfume storage tips + how you store your perfumes

55. Share with us the first fragrance you’ve ever had

56. Your favourite budget-friendly perfume picks

57. Your favourite high-end perfume picks

58. Your favourite perfume dupes and cheaper alternatives

59. Perfume layering ideas (when you combine more than one fragrance)

60. Your top five perfumes of all time

61. Your top perfume gift ideas for Mother’ Day, Christmas, etc.

62. Your favourite perfume picks for men

63. Your favourite perfumes from a specific brand

64. Your top celebrity perfume picks


65. Your favourite budget-friendly hair care picks

66. Your favourite high-end hair care picks

67. Your favourite hair care picks for travelling

68. Your favourite hair extensions (if you use them)

69. In-depth review of your recent haircare purchase

70. Haircare empties – would you repurchase?

71. Your top tips for maintaining healthy hair

72. Your top tips for hair colouring

73. Your must-have hair-styling tools

74. Casual hairstyle ideas

75. Hairstyle ideas for special occasions

Other / Lifestyle 

Even you can create other lifestyle blogs to attract them 

76. Nail art of the month

77. Your morning/evening routine

78. Your favourite books

79. Your favourite films and TV shows

80. Your favourite games

81. Your favourite apps

82. Your stationery collection – show us what you have!

83. Current travel wishlist

84. Tell us about the last place you’ve travelled to

85. Your lazy weekend routine

86. Your workout routine

87. Your beauty routine when travelling

88. Outfit of the day

89. ‘What I eat in a day’ post

90. The most important lessons you’ve learned as a blogger

91. Common blogging mistakes + how you’ve learned from them

92. Your top tips for starting a blog

93. Random facts about yourself

94. Your favourite smoothie recipes

95. Your favourite quick meal recipes

96. Seasonal gift ideas – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

97. Your favourite bloggers

98. Monthly/weekly Instagram roundup

99. Pinterest finds of the week/month

100. Tell us about your pet (if you have one)

And that’s about it! Hope you enjoyed these post ideas, and will find them useful. 

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