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15 Pro Tips To Boost Your Retail Store Sales

If you are a retailer, sales are inevitably going to be a challenging aspect of the business. 

Even if you are content with sales you are achieving, there’s always scope to increase the sales of your retailer store. 

You can improve the foot traffic to your retail store, or improve your online business performance or various strategies to boost sales. 

But amongst tons of sales strategies out there, here we lined up 13 simplest yet pro tips to increase sales in your retail store. 

tips to boost retail store sales

Tips To Boost Your Retail Store Sales

Make Sure Your Retail Store Show Up In Online Search Pages 

Everyone is looking up on Google to find stores or products they need. And it is becoming more predominant in target consumers. 

So, you need to ensure that you are leveraging the maximum consumer flow from web search results. 

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Well, for that you need to see whether your store is showing up on Google search results or not. 

For Example, if you sell sportswear, you would want if anyone nearby searches “ best sportswear store near me” on Google, your business profile should show up. 

For that, you need to set up your retail store on all the business listing platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp etc. 

Try to put as many details of your retail store or business as possible. 

Pro Tips for entering details for your business 

  • Try to put the category in your business name such as  “Ultra fit Sportswear & Gymwear store”.  
  • Contact details are essential to mention. 
  • Enter your precise location
  • Enter the exact business hours for your retail store or business 
  • Make sure you put a lot of store images, product images and other related media.
  •  If possible, add a virtual tour of your store. 
  • Encourage your customers to review your store and products on business listings, preferably positive. 

Offering Relevant Upsell To Your Online Customers 

Upselling is about convincing, persuading or influencing customers to upgrade their product. 

The product can be even what they bought sometime earlier from your store only. 

Upselling does not only help in increasing average cart value but also customer lifetime value as well. 

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It promotes customer retention for a longer time increasing the probability of their potential purchases with your store in future. 

Here are some quick tips for upselling to your customers : 

  • Select the right upsell product depending upon what potential customer might need or be relevant to buy.
  • Focus on providing multiple upselling products such as extended service period, version upgrade,  product protection, extended warranty, customization etc.
  • You can also upsell bundle products as well where it will be also a cross-selling of the products, increase average cart value and overall sales.
  • Offer your upselling products where it makes more sense, and customers are more likely to buy.  For e.g place it on the cart page as a suggestion.
  • Don’t be pushy or “saley-sy” about it. Make it like an offer that profits customers, or offer discounts or some other benefit. 

Pro Tip :  You can use “free shipping” as an upselling strategy. Suggest them more relevant products to add so they can qualify for free shipping.  

Offering Free Shipping To Your Online Retail Customers 

 90% of consumers mentioned free shipping as their primary motivation for the purchase.

It is amongst the most powerful sales or marketing strategies to boost online retail sales. 

Free shipping makes people save a lot of money on products, especially the medium-priced items.  

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Lot of products where one has to charge heavy transportation or shipping charges makes the customer reluctant to buy. 

Free shipping will be simply saving a lot of bucks on the product they are inclined to buy, so makes a great offer for them. 

You can also offer free shipping on multiple items sold as a set, which will further increase your average cart value. 

Make Your Salespeople To Upsell and Cross sell At The Store 

Who is afterall responsible for all the sales at your store? 

Definitely, your salespeople at the store convince potential customers to buy products at your store. 

The better they will be at their job, the more you will sell! 

So, it becomes necessary to encourage, train and motivate your salespeople to upsell and cross-sell products. 

The idea is to increase the sales per transaction per customer,, boosting the overall sales for the store as well. 

You need to educate your salespeople to – 

  1. Understand the needs and wants of the customer 
  2. Don’t encourage them to be ‘pushy’ 
  3. Make sure they focus on providing value to customer rather than focusing earning more money for store ( it’s more sustainable) 
  4. They must suggest to customers the right and relevant products for them. 
  5. The goal here is to make happy, loyal and long-term customers. 

There are indeed ethical ways to upsell and cross-sell products to your customers. 

For example :  Your salespeople can suggest a customer upgrade their television with a new one by laying out all the benefits customers get out of it. 

They can tell the customer how upgrading is better than buying a new one, so instead of buying a new one sometime in the future, they can save some bucks and upgrade now. 

With cross-selling, they are supposed to do the same by suggesting more relevant products that might suit the customer preference or benefit them. 

Putting Your Local Inventory At Google Maps 

This is the second best thing you can do after putting your retail store in the business listing. 

Make sure your local inventory gets displayed in Google searches and Google Maps as well. 

Image Source: Search Engine Land

When you list your local inventory, your in-store products will automatically show up Google business listing and Maps. 

You don’t have to manually include your products, it just gets displayed in the business listing attracting customers to dig right in. 

Your products will be getting more exposure as getting displayed right on the search page results of the business listing. 

If you have an e-commerce website for direct buying, this will also get your more website traffic generating into sales. 

Engage With Your Customers 

The key to successful, and great brands is how much they engage with their customers.  

Look at customer experience with Apple stores where they greet every single visitor and give plenty of time dedicated to listening to their customers. 

And, it’s even not about how you treat them before sales, it is about how you do them after sales. 

Image Source: Mention

The difference between successful businesses and great brands is right there! You need to engage with your customers, listen to them, resolve their issues. 

It is very important for small businesses to guide and train their employees how to interact and engage with customers. 

This is what retains and gives the reputation to the brand that precedes it giving them long-term benefit. 

Hiring Staff Who Can Promise Exceptional Customer Experience 

Not just the sales people but everyone staff member accounts for the exceptional customer experience that every customer expects. 

So they are the reason for the sales for your product at the retail store. So, it becomes essential to invest in hiring the right people. 

Here are few tips on hiring the best staff to ensure more sales : 

  • Hire passionate employees who want to be there and know about the products.
  • Make sure hired staff is passionate and knowledgeable about their product, so they have more conviction in their selling.
  • Train your staff to deliver a great customer experience.
  • Make them understand the significance of communication, behavior, store and shelf cleanliness and management.
  • Train them to identify what customers want and need, and provide accordingly. 

You need to keep educating and train your employees, staff and salespeople to sharpen their skills. 

Establishing the Practical Sales Target 

There is nothing wrong being optimistic and ambitious, but with your sales target, you need to be more practical and smart. 

Unreasonable sales targets might overwhelm you and your team, also discourage them as well. 

Whereas the right target helps in improving the overall sales strategy, team-work and other aspects of your business as well. 

You need to set goals that could be achieved at least in the 70% of the time you mark. Otherwise, it has potential to demotivate your staff. 

So, your sales targets shouldn’t be too high and must not be too low.  Choose in a way that your team completes the target in the 90% of the given time. 

This will encourage them, give them space to grow and motivate them to do even better next time.  

There is no point in creating sales pressure on your staff where it can be exhausting and over-bearing. It also affect the happy quotient of your store

So, it is essential to communicate with your staff regarding the goals you set. Get feedback and work in a team to meet the target. 

You can also assign daily sales targets for your salespeople and other staff members as well. 

Make Your In-Store Visuals Captivating & Engaging 

People tend to be attracted to things which have more visual appeal to them. The same goes for products and stores as well. 

Customers want to buy visually captivating and appealing products. And that’s why you need to make sure your store is visually engaging and has an appeal to it. 

People can identify your products depending upon its relevance. Also, it should be branded to be recognized. 

Image Source: Insider

Here are few tips on making your retail store visually appealing : 

  • Add various visual elements to your store, make your display more multi-dimensional. Try to add more color, height, depth and variation to your store in different ways possible.
  • Keep your store clean, neat and tidy.
  • Utilize the visual elements for certain purposes. Make it more than just a visual element. For example :  Create additional creative branded racks or shelves to present the products.
  • Make sure everything in your store is well-organized. All patterns and order in your store. It helps customers to find things easily and faster.
  • Create focus points in your store where a particular section will be highlighted, may be with your best products or a certain new item. 

Utilize Cross-Selling To Increase Average Cart Value & Overall Sales 

Cross-selling is about when you recommend or suggest your potential customers or customers with more products in addition to their original purchase. 

To apply the best cross-selling strategies, you need to know the inventory very well. It is all about what products align together perfectly. 

Also, if a customer buys a certain product, what possibly more he/she needs or might want to have. 

upselling vs cross selling

Cross-selling is about understanding your inventory, the products and the customer as well. 

It is also about the timing. Your sales person should only start cross-selling when a customer has committed to buy a particular product. 

After their buying decision which subtly or non-subtly includes : 

  • What kind of product are they interested in? 
  • Were they negotiating the price or just bought it? 
  • Are they still looking around ? 
  • How much time did they spend buying that product? 
  • What ideas they are giving out in their conversation about their needs and wants? 
  • Have they inquired about more products or any related products?
  • How much do they know about the product or aware of their purchasing decision? 

and , so much more. 

Now, these you or the salesperson can just interpret in their head easily with some keen observation, and then cross-selling accordingly. 

Remember, for cross-selling, they do have to buy something first or make their mind to buy one, then only you can recommend more add-on items. 

Everytime you cross-sell, increase the average cart value or sales per transaction per customer. 

Consistency in cross-selling can easily boost your daily average sales in significant percentage. 

Always Have Quick Access To Your  Inventory 

One of the most common reasons for losing a customer for a retail store, is not having the product the customer intends to buy. 

Not just at the moment, but you also lose a potential customer, probably be loyal for a long time. 

You need to manage your inventory to maximize your sales. It is essential to ensure that you always have access to your inventory to pull any product when needed. 

More than that, you need an robust and efficient inventory management system in place to implement practises like regular stock count. 

There are different metrics you need to track to ensure accuracy in inventory management. 

The idea is to track, monitor, manage and regulate, and even automate the inventory management system to save time and energy. 

You get various data metrics which will tell you which products are selling the most, which are not. 

It also helps you develop your marketing and pricing strategy for your retail store as well. 

Taking Customer Appreciating Into The Account 

Lot of small businesses, and large enterprises either ignore or undermine the importance of customer appreciation

One of the best ways to stand out in the sales-driven market, is to become more customer-centric. 

Focus on the customer experience, that’s all matters when it comes to increasing sales for your business.  

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It’s the customer after all who buys from you. So why not serve them well, so they keep coming back and spread good about it as well. 

And, customer experience isn’t just limited to the end of the transaction. 

Apart from listening to your customers, providing them what they need or want, and elevating their buying experience, you can still do more. 

The idea is to develop a bond, a relationship with customers, so they become loyal to you. 

It can be done by showing their appreciation for their transaction with you. 

Further for all the loyal customers, may be even from your customer loyalty program, send them a “thank you” note for their support. 

Image Source: Shoplo

You can send handwritten branded notes to your loyal customers or even people who regularly purchase from you.  

Make sure it is personalized and very-well detailed, so it felt like given to them, and genuinely appreciated. 

Redirecting The Positioning Of Your Brand 

Customers are a lot more aware today, they know about your competitors as their alternatives, product and a lot more. 

So, it’s not marketing gimmicks that take you very much further in this journey but what kind of stance, the position you are taking as a brand. 

People connect to brands through what they represent. Potential customers are going to trust more to those brands who are providing value or resolving an issue. 

If something is not working, it might be the position of your brand that doesn’t really give much trust and reliability to your customers. 

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